The Magical Secret of the Crystal Kingdom

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United Again

Sunny and Eden were in the middle of the council chamber with all of the other animals when they heard a rumbling in the distance followed by a bright beam of light that shot straight through the roof of the chamber. Everyone froze, fearing the worst when they quickly realised that they had nothing to fear at all.

In front of them was quite honestly the greatest sight they could have wished for. Their rightful King and Queen had returned. They were right there before their very eyes, radiant and regal and they had brought with them Rose, Alex and some new visitors.

“Your majesties” said Sunny, bowing before them. “We have all prayed for this day and for your safe return. This truly is the greatest moment that we could have wished for. I never doubted that you would come back. Not for one second and now here you are.”

“Oh your majesties it is so amazing to see you” called out Eden. “So much has been happening but we felt your presence stronger and stronger in this last day. We’re so proud of Rose and Alex and the other children for being brave and strong enough to allow you to come this far. Who else is this with you?”

“This is Alice and Anthony, Rose’s adoptive parents who as you can see are now horses. Also, Kel and Christophe are Callum, Violet, Ruby and Alex’s parents. Kel has become a lion and Christophe an eagle too just like Violet. Lucy is Issy’s Mum and she has become a deer too and Mrs Johnson is a very important lady who has been helping us ever since we left Velaro Fore and she has also become a deer” said Abner pointing them out one by one.

“Nerrez and Maura will know straight away that we have arrived” added Alva looking at Abner as if to remind him of the pressing nature of things.

“Alva is right” said Abner. “Everyone please listen to me very carefully. There are many things that we both want to say to you but right now there is no time. We will just have to limit all we have to say to a massive thank you for everything you’ve all done and how you have stood firm while waiting for us to return. We have one more battle ahead of us. One which we cannot lose. We will leave immediately and we will no doubt meet Nerrez head on on the battlefield. There won’t be much time and we will be outnumbered severely. Nevertheless we have Rose with us and she will provide us with the key to victory. We have waited all of this time for her to be ready for the task ahead. When the time comes, we know she will not let us down.” Abner looked at Rose and everyone was staring at her. She was quite sure that she didn’t know what to do but had a growing confidence that when the time was right something would happen and she would receive some guidance somehow. She nodded at Abner, her father and he turned back to the crowd.

“Our loyal friends, tonight we will face our greatest enemy of all. Our Fears. We will stare it right in the face in the form of Nerrez, Maura and all of their hordes. Remember, they all once loved us and we once loved them. Let us have the strength to rid our land of this darkness. Together we stand, together we shall prevail. Let us go, we have no time to waste!”

“Everyone, let’s go!” shouted Sunny.

“We all stand together” shouted Eden and they all turned and poured out of the council building and off into the night, towards the dark palace to face Nerrez once again.

Nerrez of course had been waiting. He hadn’t expected them to return so fast but he had known that something was happening ever since Alex had slipped out through the portal crystal earlier that evening. He had felt the portal activate and knew that it was Abner and Alva’s doing. As soon as he felt it he went into Maura’s chambers and told her that they were to prepare the army once more and that they were to bring the prisoners with them onto the battlefield.

They had been laying in wait for them now for several hours. He was determined to make swift work of this. There were so many of them that he knew that when those pathetic loyalists saw them they would start shaking with fear and the victory would be his. It was just a question of taking care of Abner, Alva, Rose, Sunny and Eden once and for all. Even if they didn’t turn he would take them captive and they would have to live out their days serving him. Either that or he would banish them again to another dimension, this time to one not so pleasant. Whatever happened he was ready.

Any moment now they would come into sight at the top of the mountain. They would see him down below with all of his power and all of his army and they would tremble, he just knew it. Yes, there they were. He could see them now coming into view. There were even less than he thought and he just laughed again to himself.

“This is going to be too easy” he muttered as he looked across at Maura. She looked like she was still not speaking to him but he couldn’t have cared less. She’d come around soon enough once they’d taken over every last one of them. Once he had rid them all from this place she would have no choice but to worship him, just as everyone else did and she knew it.

Nerrez watched them coming down the mountain, gradually getting closer. They didn’t seem to be slowing down in any way. Surely they weren’t going to just keep on going. They didn’t stand a chance. But that is exactly what they did and eventually they marched right up to Nerrez and faced him head on.

It was Nerrez who made the first move sending in his first wave of attack. There must have been ten thousand troops who immediately sped forwards from his army towards them.

Abner and Alva stepped forward along with Rose, followed by Alice, Anthony, Sunny, Eden, Morgan and the other remaining horses, all of whom were now unicorns. As Nerrez’s troops came closer Abner started chanting and they all drummed their hooves into the ground.

“You are the masters of your fate. Change is within you.” Abner chanted over and over again again as they drew closer and closer before suddenly stopping right in front of them.

Rose looked around amazed and suddenly she knew what to do. A strong glow came from Rose and all of the other horses, their enormous graceful wings stretching out on either side of them. Rose was the first to step forward and as she stretched out her wings and wrapped them around one of Nerrez’s troops. The effect was instantaneous on all of them. They all changed right before their eyes. No longer were they dark, grey, dangerous and gripped with fear. They had turned back into their true nature and true form and were bathed in love and grace. It was though they had woken up from a deep sleep but in just a few seconds they realised where they were and that they were being led by their true king and queen.

Nerrez was enraged and immediately called upon another wave of attack this time with a much larger group, close to one hundred thousand. Again they ran at full speed with their heads down snarling, looking dark and scary. Once again Abner began the chanting and started to drum his hooves on the ground and this time all of the loyal ones joined in and the noise was terrific.

“You are the masters of your own fate. Change is within you” he chanted and the others all joined in. They chanted over and over again and once again the same thing happened, as the troops drew closer they stopped right in front of them.

Her confidence rising Rose stepped forward along with all of the others and they each spread their wings around one of the dark troops. Instantly they changed back into their true form and again now fell into alignment with Abner and Alva’s troops.

With almost half of his army out of action within the first couple of minutes of the battle, Nerrez suddenly became desperate. Those remaining of the dark troops remained glued to his every word and awaited their orders to attack but Nerrez had other ideas.

“Bring me the prisoners one by one” he screamed at Maura who had been standing with them. “Maura, bring the dragon first. We’ll make an example out of him.” Maura was in a state of shock but managed to order her guards that surrounded the cage that the children were inside to open it and pull George out. He stood there looking at Maura wondering exactly what was going to happen next as she reached down to him. That was when he noticed the hesitation in her eyes and he took his chance.

“You are the master of your own fate. Change is within you” he whispered. Maura looked at him stunned.

“Have you lost your mind” she spat back at him. “He will kill us both.”

“You are the master of your own fate. Change is within you” he repeated. “I’m not scared of him. You needn’t be either. It’s ok.”

“Maura, bring him to me now” screamed Nerrez. “RIGHT NOW!!”

“I am the master of my own fate” whispered Maura.

“Look!” said Rose to Abner and Alva. “Something is happening.”

What happened next really became a bit of a blur as it happened so fast but George lurched forward to Maura and wrapped his wings around her as Nerrez struck out using his crystals. A dark beam shot out with George taking the full impact and falling to the ground. Everyone held their breath as George remained motionless on the floor with Maura inside his wings. A few seconds passed which seemed like an eternity and then gradually Maura began to emerge. She was no longer twisted and grey and hideous though. She was beautiful, graceful and radiant with love. She leant down and put her hand out to George’s heart, a soft light enveloped him completely and then quickly faded. George opened his eyes and stood up.

“You saved me” said George looking at Maura and seeing how she had transformed before his eyes. Maura turned and walked towards Nerrez who had fallen completely still.

“You are the master of your fate. Change is within you” she called out to him as he stood rooted to the spot. Everyone started chanting the same words and stamping their hooves into the ground as Maura walked closer and closer. One by one all of the dark army were changing back into their true form until Nerrez was the only one left. He looked at Maura and at all of the troops surrounding him and shook his head throwing the portal crystal to the ground.

“Never!” he cried at the top of his voice as a portal opened up in front of him and he jumped straight into it, taking the portal crystal with him. He was gone.

Maura looked around in shock and started to cry. Abner and Alva ran to her to offer some comfort. Rose ran straight over to George and the other children who all just stood together in a massive group hug and before long they were all laughing tears of joy. They had done it, they had won. The crystal kingdom had been saved.

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