The Magical Secret of the Crystal Kingdom

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The Crystal Towers

Rose had been following the horses for some time when she saw in the distance a magnificent kingdom towering up before her. There was a long winding pathway that led up to majestic gates that were guarded heavily by armoured horses. As she looked from side to side she could see that the walls stretched as far as the eye could see in both directions and that they spread out across a vast mountain range. Wherever they were taking her was a place that was very well guarded. As they galloped up to the gates the guards lowered their weapons and allowed them to pass through into the main castle grounds. They had slowed their pace now and all of the horses seemed to be looking at them as they made their way through towards the centre of the castle. Surely she must just be imagining things, why would they be staring at her?

“Eden, what is this place?” Rose asked.

“This is our home, The Central Palace. This is where our ancestors have ruled from since time began. Until that is things changed and our beloved King and Queen had to flee the land.” Eden stood still for a moment as though she were lost in her thoughts then continued, “Until now I had almost given up hope that our land could once again be united but seeing you here means that there is still a chance that we can be victorious”.

“What do you mean?” asked Rose.

“When we saw you earlier by the river we knew that you were not from this land that you were from somewhere else. We knew that you had come here through the actions of our beloved King and Queen. Somehow they have sent you to us and we must find out why. You and your friends must each have a role to play. We must try to find them before the Evil Queen discovers that you are here. If there is a message that you carry we will be able to find this from the Crystal Towers. It is not much further north from here. We must gather support as quickly as possible and then we shall set off.” Eden started to call out to the crowd around them that they needed volunteers to go with them to the Crystal Tower and a number of the horses said that they would go with them and before long they had a large crowd of support.

“Rose, we are ready to go. Follow us to the Crystal Tower. Once we are there we will find out exactly why you have come here and where your friends are. Let’s go.”

With that Eden galloped off along with the rest of the crowd and once again Rose galloped after them, eager to find out what the Crystal Tower would be like and what it could possibly tell them about why she was in this land. Something told her that it wouldn’t be long before she found out.

They stayed on the same road and galloped at the same pace for over an hour and Rose was really starting to feel weary at the pace when up in the distance they could see a group of animals standing on some rather large rocks. At first Rose couldn’t make out what they were but as they started to get closer Rose could see that in front of them was a large group of lions and they were heading straight towards them. At first panic raced through her mind and body and she started to slow down her pace. There was no way that she was going to become the dinner for another animal and she ground to a complete stop. Noticing that Rose had stopped the other horses also stopped galloping and turned towards her.

“Do not be afraid Rose,” said Eden. “The lions are our friends. They will not harm you or us under any circumstances. Stay close to us and we will go over and speak to their leader. He will no doubt decide to ride with us to the Crystal Tower once he sees you.” The horses picked up their pace again and Rose followed them, a little bit slower than before and they gradually came closer to the lions.

As they approached them Rose could see just how magnificent they all looked and one in particular was almost luminous as it shone golden yellow in the sunlight. Rose, still slightly nervous stood at the back as she watched Eden approach the golden lion and start to whisper something. She couldn’t hear what was being said but it didn’t take long before the lion called out to her.

“Rose, please step forward. Eden has spoken of you as being from another world and that you have come here through one of the hidden portal crystals laid down by our glorious King and Queen.”

There was nowhere to hide as the other horses parted in front of Rose and so, swallowing hard, Rose stepped forward and approached the lion who told her that his name was Sunny.

Actually, Sunny was very friendly and Rose needn’t have worried at all. He was excited to meet her and told her that based on the fact that she had come into their land there was a strong chance that the return of the King and Queen would happen sometime soon.

“We will ride with you and the horses Rose until you reach the Crystal Tower. Once we have received your message and the purpose of you being here becomes clear we will know what to do next.”

“Then it is agreed,” said Eden “you will ride with us. Let’s continue our journey. We must find out what Rose is doing here and why King Abner has sent her to us.”

If only they knew just how special Rose was at this point they would never have been able to contain their excitement. They had no idea at all just how important she was and that she had come to save them all. Rose of course, had no idea at this point either. She just thought they were going to be very disappointed that she didn’t have any message or special powers and that once they realised this, then maybe they wouldn’t help her find George and the others. That was of course, until they arrived at the Crystal Towers where they were all in for the biggest surprise of their lives!

The Crystal Towers were nothing like Rose had ever seen or could have imagined. First of all they were the most beautiful sight she had ever seen glowing brightly and changing colour every few seconds. They were also enormous and stretched high up into the sky further than her eyes could see. There were seven of them in total, wider than two houses at the bottom and as they stretched up they joined with the other towers and twisted around each other forming one gigantic column wider than a small town. Just in front of the middle column was a long staircase that led right up into the centre of the tower, where Rose could just about make out a doorway. Rose just stared at it in amazement while Eden and Sunny both stood in front of Rose and walked slowly towards the bottom of the staircase.

“Rose, you must walk up the steps of the Crystal Tower and enter the chamber at the top” said Eden. “Once you are inside you will receive a message of what to do next. This message will come directly from Abner and Alva. This will be the first message that we have heard from them for many years. No matter what the message is you must carry out the instructions and no matter how difficult the task, we will help you to complete it.”

“What if there is no message?” asked Rose.

“There has to be” replied Sunny, “you would simply not be here if there was not a message. Go straight up the stairs now and into the chamber. We will all wait for you down here.”

Rose looked up at the grand tower in front of her. There seemed to be little else that she could do other than follow their instructions. She slowly started to walk up the stairs. There was a kind of humming noise coming off of the tower. As she climbed up further it grew louder and louder and she stopped for a moment and looked down at the others. She had already gone more than halfway and she could see into the chamber. There was a faint glow coming from inside and she felt a tingling running through her body as she got nearer. Normally she would have put this down to excitement or fear but no, this was something else. It was almost like an electrical charge or some kind of power running through her body. Not far now and she would be inside. There was light pouring out and as she got to the last few steps this light seemed to lift her up and carry her inside. Yes it was definitely carrying her. There was no going back now even if she wanted to. She tried to stay focused on the light that surrounded her but it was too bright, she closed her eyes and waited for it to pass. The only thing was, it didn’t pass and with her eyes firmly closed and light covering her completely she drifted off inside where everything gradually faded to blackness.

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