A Werewolf Ate My Shoes

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Chapter 10

I was pulled back into the gully behind the house, too scared to fight. Then a voice greeted me, “You gotta watch yerself better. Vampires can see most anything at night.” It was April done up in army pants and a black t-shirt. She even had a camouflage hair thing holding her black hair back.

“You scared me,” I whispered harshly.

“She woulda scared you worse.” April peeked around me to see if Nellie saw us.

“Will you stop with his vampire stuff?”

“This ain’t no game.” April’s eyes burned into me. “They got my parents. You don’t want them gettin’ your daddy too, do ya’?”

“You said your parents were dead.”

“Living dead. They’z vampires too. There used to be a hippie commune around here ’til the vampires came. They took care of them all.”

“So your parents are here?”

“I don’t know.” April looked away, thoughtful, sad, and angry. “I don’t care. I want them all dead.”

“What can we do?” I asked. April didn’t answer at first. Then she pulled out a wooden stake.

“We gotta use these.”

I backed away. “I’m not killing anyone.”

“You gotta, ’fore they git yer dad!” She had a point, but what if she was lying.

“Maybe it isn’t as bad as you think it is,” I said trying to be peace-maker.

“Oh, it’s great if you’s one of them. But I ain’t and I plan on staying among the living.”

A twig snapped behind us.

“It’s her!” April screamed. Nellie’s eyes burned in the darkness. She rose up before us.

“Who’s your little friend?” Nellie voice sounded hollow, distant.

“Uh... uh... this is... April.” I backed away. April stood her ground.

“Hi, April. Out late, aren’t we? Do your parents know where you are?”

“No, and I ain’t tellin’ ’em either.” April yelped. “RUN!” April fled into the night. Nellie’s eyes followed her. Nellie rose up. A wind suddenly blew past me. Nellie and April were gone. I didn’t know what to do. Then I heard a scream. Was it April?

I stepped into the night. I walked toward the sound.

“April?” I barely could speak. “You okay?” My foot hit something. It was... a body.

I kneeled. I saw blood. The body moaned. But it wasn’t April. It was Nellie’s grandpa. He looked like a truck ran over him.

I helped him back to his porch chair back to the house. He fell into the chair. He had a handkerchief on his head wound.

“Goll-dernit! People should watch where they’s goin’.”

“Who got you?”

“Some little girl. Imagine sneakin’ up on an old guy like that.”

Concerned for April, I asked, “Did you see what happened to her?”

“Oh, she screamed somethin’ terrible at me and ran into the bushes. Then some other big kid knocked me down again. She was a strong one.”

Poor April. I had to find her. But what would I do if I did. I turned to go.

“Where you goin’ kid?”

“I have to find somebody.”

Another voice stopped me, “And who might that be?” It was Dad.

“Just somebody,” was all I could say. What was I supposed to say: Dad, I have to rescue a girl from a vampire. Get real.

“What happened to you?” Dad said to Gramps.

“I’m okay. Your kid helped me out.”

“Nasty cut.” Dad took a look.

“I’ll be okay. Gotta a scar on my side worse than this.” He pointed at his side proudly. I hoped he wouldn’t show us.

“Do you need a bandage or anything?” Dad asked.

“I might.”

“Liam? Will you go ask the doctor if he has something for cuts?”

I wanted to make another visit to the library, so I was happy for a reason to be out. “Sure, Dad.”

“Don’t be too long,” Dad said.

“And watch out for werewolves,” warned the old man. Dad laughed but I don’t think it was a joke.

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