A Werewolf Ate My Shoes

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Chapter 11

I walked in the alley behind the town as Darksville came to life. The moon rose big over us. A howl rang in the hills. I stopped my prowling, remembering April. But if anyone could take care of herself, she could. I had to find a way to rid myself of my own curse and the library had the key.

April had survived here even without her parents. She knew all about the vampires and their ways. If she couldn’t protect herself, I sure couldn’t. What I needed now was information. I needed to learn something about what I had become to save myself and maybe others around me.

Stepping into the streets, I watched the people milling about breathing life into the town. But something felt strange. People moved differently here. They almost weren’t real.

I dashed across the street. A few people stared. A woman moved in my path.

“Where are you going?” She stared coldly at me, anger in her voice. I moved away, puzzled. She hated me and I never had seen her before.

“We don’t like your kind here.” Her nose wrinkled and her teeth crawled out from her lips. I swore she had fangs. “You belong in the hills.” Just then we heard a howl and it hung above us in the moonlight. She turned, annoyed, “You all belong in a zoo!” Before she could say another word, I was gone.

Being a... uh... a you know what... has its advantages. I had superhuman speed. I was like a cheetah. Wind flew past me as I zipped into an alley. I needed to join a track team. Too bad I ate my shoes.

I made my way down another alley. A familiar building appeared. I could see books in the windows. Standing on a garbage can, I could look inside. Slow moving folks, rather pale looking, gathered books and flipped through them. No one noticed me. I carefully pushed on the window and it came open. I slipped inside.

I sneaked over to where I read the wolf book. The shelves were standing again but the wolf book was gone.

“Drat,” I growled. Then someone appeared. He towered over me and stared down with a long, whitish face. His eyes were dreamy and blank. They were also as white as his skin.

He moaned, “Can I help you?”

I froze, then nodded. “I was... a... wondering if you have a book on wolves.”

His head bobbed up and down. He motioned me to follow. “Walk this way.” I did and we soon stood before a whole section on wolves. I could be here all night looking through them.

“We have a special collection,” he said, proudly. “But not many people here use it. And most wolves don’t read.” He made a funny creaking noise and his mouth twitched oddly. I think he was laughing. I tried to smile.


“Let me know if you need any help.” He left. I didn’t know where to start. None of the books looked right, but some could maybe help. If only I could remember the title of that book I was reading before.

I learned a lot about wolves that night. They are shy animals that keep to themselves. Many people fear wolves, but they have no reason too. Wolves would rather avoid humans than hurt them. They hunt in packs and have a strict order of leadership. Only the lead wolves (called alpha wolves) have pups and they mate for life.

Finally, just before dawn, Whitey appeared again with an old, worn, leathery book. It had golden letters that read, “A Handbook on Werewolves.”

“Maybe this will help.” I grabbed it excitedly. “Library will close in five minutes.” He left. That wasn’t much time.

I sat on the floor and read the table of contents. It listed the chapters.

Meeting Werewolves 7

First Contact 13

The First Three Days 20

The Beginning 34

The Life 51

The End 100

I flipped to page 20. The bitten have three days to develop into a werewolf. In that time, the body adjusts to the changes. Blah, blah, blah…

I flipped to “The End.”

“The werewolf is immortal... It is a common misconception that the only way to end a werewolf’s life is by the traditional silver bullet, but this cure is final. The lesser known treatment is to drink the medicine known as Pigious Tres Lupis or by it’s common name: The Three Pigs Potion. The formula is as follows: cook three strips of bacon. Pour bacon grease into cup. Mix hot grease with three leaves of wolf’s bane and three hairs from the tail of a fully matured werewolf. This cure is immediate, but the advantages gained by the bitten are lost.”

Big deal. I can live without the advantages. I’d rather be free than a werewolf. But where am I going to get three hairs from the tail of a full werewolf? Then the lights flicked.

“Closing time,” Whitey moaned over the loudspeaker.

I decided to go to the only two people who might help me do this, and my dad wasn’t one of them.

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