A Werewolf Ate My Shoes

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Chapter 13

The History of Darksville

“This place wasn’t always like this. It was like any other Idaho town... until they came.” He paused. His eyes narrowed. Yellow teeth bit a chapped lower lip.

“They who?”

“The bat people.” He moved closer. I could smell garlic on his breath. “The vampires.”

I shivered. He knew.

“Many years back we had a big problem around here. It was mosquitoes. We had way too many. And I don’t mean a few. They was so many you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. It got so bad, people started to move out. All the businesses got together to find a way to stop the bugs.

“We tried chemicals, but that made people sick. More people left. Then someone in the city down the road said we should try bats. Said bats can eat tons of mosquitoes if you gots enough of ’em. So we checked around for ways to get bats. One day this guy waltzed into town. Called himself the bat man. He spoke funny, like he was from some other country. Said he’d bring all the bats we’d need for a price.”

“What was the price?”

“He wanted free run of the town. A total welcome by the community into our lives. He could have the freedom to come into any of our stores and even our homes. But he promised to ask for nothing more than food and shelter.

“We were desperate. We agreed. We signed on the dotted line and he came to stay. At first he did nothing but eat our food. Then strange things started happening. People he stayed with began acting weird. They’d sleep all day and only come out at night.

“Soon we had all the bats we needed. All the bugs were gone. But he turned the whole town into vampires to do it.”

“How’d you escape?” I asked, hoping he did, hoping he wasn’t tricking me.

“There was one man who wouldn’t sign. And that man was me. I wanted proof before I signed anything. I flat out told him he wasn’t welcome in my house until I saw some results. And you see, a vampire can’t enter your home unless you invite him in.”

I wanted to know more about the vampires but another creepy-crawly monster was on my mind.

“So how do the werewolves work into this?”

“Vampires and werewolves are natural enemies. They somehow are a package deal. Where one goes, the other will follow. Rumor has it, this rivalry goes way back. It started with the King Vampire and the Granddaddy Werewolf. They had this contest back in Europe on who could turn the most people in the village to their kind in one night. Problem was, no one won. It ended in a tie. So their bizarre contest has been going on for all time. `til history ends’ is when they’ll do their final count.” He fell silent. I had no more to ask. And I really didn’t want to know any more.

“I wonder who’s winning?” I mumbled, trying to joke. I didn’t really want an answer but he gave me one any way.

“They say it’s the vampires, but who’s counting.”

Just then we heard a howl... it was close.

“There’s our werewolf,” Gramps said picking up his gun.

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