A Werewolf Ate My Shoes

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Chapter 14

I burst through the door and into the howling night. Wind ripped past me. I about ran on all fours toward the sound. Gramps called after me but I didn’t stop. I was desperate to find some werewolf hairs and fast. I drew closer to the howling. As I ran, I felt stranger and stranger. I wanted to howl, but I forced myself to be quiet. I wanted to sneak up on this dude and let him have it.

And there it was, standing alone on a hill. Well he more half-sat, half-stood. A dark shadow of a creature, raising his head to... then he stopped. I moved closer. He began to sniff the air. He could smell me. I knew I should have taken a bath.

His red eyes flashed as they turned toward me. I walked into the clearing he stood in. “You wouldn’t happen to have a few extra hairs I could borrow?” I said nervously. The werewolf sniffed at me and must have realized I was becoming one of his kind. Deciding I was taken care of he turned his attention at Gramps.

The werewolf leaped at the old man who struggled to aim his gun. I dove at the passing werewolf and grabbed him by the tail. He yelped and leaped high into the air. I flew along with him, holding on for dear life. This is what it must be like in a rodeo.

Running into the bush, the werewolf dragged me through the forest, trying to shake me off. I refused to let go, needing those hairs. Gramps yelled, “Yee Haw!” It was some ride.

Finally, the werewolf banged me into a tree and I tumbled free. The werewolf was gone. Gramps jogged up to me, out of breath, “You… you… got some…?” I opened my hand with my eyes closed, too afraid to look. Gramps smiled. “You got some.”

We made our way to April’s house as quickly as possible in order to avoid any more creatures that lurked around. April saw us coming and quickly let us inside. We couldn’t believe what we saw.

Gramps cried out, “Nellie!” Sure enough, there was Nellie, tied up to a chair.

April stood protectively by with her gun. “Don’t you untie her!” she warned Gramps.

“What have you done to her?” Gramps clutched his gun.

“She’s a vampire and she tried to bite me. You’re lucky I didn’t do her in,” April and Gramps faced off, guns ready.

I stepped in and motioned them to lower their guns. “Look. We’re on the same side here.”

“You look like you’re turning to the other side to me,” April observed.

“But I have a cure,” I said taking out my bacon and werewolf hairs. “I just need some wolf’s bane.”

April still had her eyes on Gramps, “In the kitchen.”

I ran to the cupboard and anxiously pulled out a bag labelled wolf’s bane. Getting a frying pan, cooked the bacon and excited watched the grease forming. I took out a cup and poured the grease in and mixed it with the wolf’s bane and hairs. For a moment, I had second thoughts, looking at the floating hairs in the grease. Then I closed my eyes and drank.

The grease burned my mouth something horrible but I forced it down, burning my throat as well. I tried to cry in pain and choked instead. Gramps and April ran to me worriedly and I fell to the floor shaking.

“He okay?” Gramps asked. April just shrugged.

Finally, after I lay still a moment. I opened my eyes. I suddenly felt tired, but good. My stomach growled. I had a strange craving for a salad. I was human again. Gramps smiled, “Your eyes. They’s back to normal.”

April reached down and pulled me up, “It worked!” She gave me a hug. It felt nice.

Examining the cup, Gramps wondered, “Didn’t that hot grease hurt you?”

“I hurt the werewolf, but not me, thank goodness. Any normal person drinking hot grease would have been burnt bad.”

Nellie pulled at her bonds in frustration, “Let me out of here!”

Gramps look tempted. April scowled at him, “Don’t even think about it.”

“How do you know she’s a vampire?” Gramps argued.

“She tried to bite me,” April went up to Nellie and lifted her lip to reveal a fang. “Check out this out.” Taking away Nellie’s sunglasses, “And her eyes are as red as blood.” Sure enough, it was true. Gramps broke down sobbing.

I spoke up, “Hey! Maybe if there’s a cure for werewolves, then maybe there’s a cure for Vampires.”

“Actually there is,” Nellie said helpfully.

“What? Tell us, honey,” Gramps said excitedly, “And we’ll do it.”

“Only the witch doctor knows,” Nellie said darkly, “And the price you must pay is too great.”

“Stupid insurance companies…” Gramps mumbled.

“I’ll go find out what it is. Maybe I can talk him into it…somehow.” I offered, nervous about seeing that doctor again.

Gramps added, “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got plenty of money stashed away. I’ll pay any price to help my Nellie.”

“Okay, let’s get going,” I said to Gramps. He nodded and followed me to the door.

Nellie called out, “Wait. There’s something else.”

We paused. Gramps turned and went up to her. “What is it?”

“Come closer,” Nellie said, her eyes locked on his.

“No, wait,” I said, seeing something was wrong.

“Don’t look into her eyes,” April warned, but it was too late.

“Untie me!” Nellie commanded, having Gramps in some kind of trance.

April and I moved to stop Gramps but he had already loosened the ropes enough. Nellie ripped free. “Now, Liam. It’s time to bring your dad into my little family.” Like a flash, she was gone.

Gramps collapsed and was out cold. “She’s gone!” April said in frustration.

“I’ve got to stop her,” I said running for the door. I had to help Dad. “Maybe the doctor can help. We’ll need Gramps money.”

April shook her head, “I don’t think it’s money the witch doctor wants.”

I turned and ran for town. I knew what April meant. A witch doctor wouldn’t want money. He’d want something much, much worse.

When I arrived at the hospital, I went past the nurse’s desk (she wasn’t’ there) and straight to the doctor’s lab. I knocked on the mysterious door that said Keep Out. Nothing.

I touched the doorknob and found it to be unlocked. I pulled open the door and it creaked loudly. I entered and took a few steps into the dark, foul-smelling lab. The door slammed behind me. I spun around and there stood the witch doctor himself.

“Welcome,” he said coolly and locked the door with a skeleton key. “What brings you here, my young specimen.”

I was speechless a moment. The doctor walked past me and deeper into his lair.

Finally, I got some words out, “I… I need your help.”

“Don’t you all?” the doctor rested his hands on a table with a large bulky object on it. It was covered in a huge white cloth. It was shaped like a body but looked far too big to be human. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could see hundreds of jars on shelves containing floating things of various sizes and colors. “You like my collection?”

I shrugged, still unable to make out what was in them. “I need a cure for vampires.”

The doctor’s eyes gleamed, “Oh, a cure you say.” Turning to a nearby drawer, he reached in and pulled out a huge syringe with a mouth shaped suction cup on the end. Laying the syringe on the white lump on the table, “This is it. But are you willing to pay the price?”

“The old man at the gas station has all the money you need. How much?”

“It’s expensive. I don’t belong to a HMO.” The doctor cackled loudly at his little joke. I wasn’t amused.

“How much?” I tried not to sound as annoyed as I was.

“Well,” the doctor said playfully moving around the table toward me. “For some things the price is small, like an eyeball. For others, it’s much larger.” Picking up the syringe, he handed it to me. “For this, I require your brain.”

I gasped, now realizing what was in the jars all around me. The doctor grinned from ear to ear. “How could you… Why would you…” I stuttered.

Pulling a paper from his white coat, he held it out to me, “Just sign this organ donor form…”

“Organ donor?” I said cautiously.

“Yes, you sign here saying you’ll donate your brain to science,” the doctor said simply and then produced the pen. “I promise not to take your brain before it’s ripe.”

“Ripe?” He made my brain sound like a fruit.

“You’re so young,” he patted my head kindly. “I need mature brains. You have many good year ahead of you.”

I signed the form and the doctor slapped my back, “Way to go, boy. Way to help science.” I wasn’t so sure about this but if it saved my dad and Nellie… “Now take good care of that brain. No drinking or drugs. I don’t want any brain cells destroyed.”

I smiled weakly and looked at the syringe. “So how does this thing work?”

Taking the syringe from my hands, the doctor held it up to his neck, “Place the suction cup over the infected area. Bite marks always leave a permanent scar. Pull the plunger and it sucks the vampire venom right out.”

“Amazing,” I said impressed as I was handed the syringe back.

“I’m a genius, aren’t I?” he cackled again and unlocked the door. “On your way then.” He rushed me out and locked the door. I headed out and the nurse stood in my way. I swore I could see right through her. “Did you have an appointment?”

“No,” and I walked out quickly. It seemed like I walked right through her. Weird.

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