A Werewolf Ate My Shoes

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Chapter 15

I ran down the street as quickly as possible. I tired quickly though, no longer having the power of a werewolf. Nearly dawn, I knew I didn’t have much time. Dad would be closing up soon and Nellie, no doubt, would offer to help.

Gasping for air, I stumbled into the gas station. Dad was nowhere to be seen. I felt a slight breeze and two hands grabbed me from behind. I struggled but I no longer was as strong as before. Nellie’s voice whispered into my ear, “Back so soon?”

“Where’s my dad?” I growled almost wolfishly.

“Resting,” Nellie said happily. “You’re too late.”

Tears welled up in my eyes, “No!”

“And now you’ll join us as well,” I could feel Nellie leaning in toward my neck.

“Let him go, Vamp!” cried April, bursting through the door. Nellie loosened her grip enough for me to get free. April tackled Nellie’s legs making her fall to the floor. With a net in hand, Gramps jogged into the room and threw it over Nellie.

I jumped at Nellie, calling out, “Hold her!” April held her legs and Gramps held her arms. I found the fang marks on Nellie’s neck and put the syringe on it. I sucked the venom free.

An ugly swirling mass of red filled the syringe. Nellie stopped struggling. April and Gramps stepped back. I followed. We watched a moment and Nellie just lay there.

Finally, she opened her eyes and they were a beautiful chocolaty brown. We sighed in relief.

“What’s going on?” Nellie said weakly. Gramps went and hugged her. “I feel so strange,” she said hugging her father back.

“You’re cured, honey.” Gramps explained. “Liam here saved you.”

“And don’t forget April either,” I said smiling at the girl. “I would have been vampire food had it not been for her.” April smiled shyly. Then I remembered we weren’t done, “What about my dad? Is he…”

“He’s fine,” Nellie said rising with the help of her father. “I didn’t hurt him. I just couldn’t for some reason.”

“Even vampires have morals huh?” Gramps joked.

Nellie grew red with embarrassment, “I think it’s because I love him.”

I about passed out. “Love… him?”

April laughed. Nellie grinned. Gramps looked confused.

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