A Werewolf Ate My Shoes

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Chapter 8

I could hear faint howling now. The wind brushed against my hair. Something inside of me drew me closer to the mountains, wanting to hear the howling, wanting to howl too.

Just then a twig cracked behind me. I spun around and something metal was pointed at my nose. A hollow tube was leveled at me. I froze. It was a gun.

“Who is ya’?” A shaky voice muttered. “And what ya’ doing in my garden?” The voice sounded barely older than me. She also sounded twice as scared, though I don’t know why. She had the gun.

“I’m taking a walk!” I sounded mean, meaner than I wanted to. She stepped away.

“You ain’t one of them, is ya’?” She backed farther away.

“One of them?”

“Is you a werewolf?”

This is the first time I started to really think maybe I was one. Everything felt so different. I even looked different. I was bigger and my hair was getting really long, really fast.

“Well...” she raised her gun.

“I don’t know,” I sounded weak now. Tired. My strength suddenly left me.

“What ya’ mean, you don’t know? Either you is or you ain’t.”

“I’m a bit confused right now.”

“I’ll say.” She backed away again but lowered her gun. I couldn’t see her a second, but then she flashed on a light. It blinded me.

“You look like a maybe.” She kept the light on my face. All I could see was the light. “You been bit?” I nodded. She was quiet a minute.

“My name’s Liam. Liam Moreland.” I tried to be friendly. She had a gun, so I figure being nice was the smartest thing to do.

There was a long pause. Finally she spoke. “Mine’s April May. I hate my name.” It was a pretty odd name. “My folks was hippies. They took a lot of drugs. That’s how I got such a dumb name.” Pause. “They’re dead now.”

“Sorry.” That was I could think to say. I never knew what to say about death. They don’t teach you things like that in school.

“You’s lookin’ pretty bad there, Liam.” I felt bad too. “Wanna rest?”

“You sure you want me around?”

“You don’t seem too far gone.” April sounded like she was an expert of werewolves or something. “I got silver bullets anyway. If you try anything funny...” She raised her gun. I froze. She smiled. “Follow me.”

She led me through some tall bushes and over a stream. Stuck between two little hills was a cabin. She showed me inside. A fire was brewing and the room was warm. I hadn’t realized I was cold until I got in her house.

“Want some tea?” I nodded and she pointed to a chair. She poured some hot water from a pot that sat on the stove. She dropped some leaves in the water.

“What’s in it?” I asked looking at the floating leaves as she handed it to me.

“Wolf’s bane,” she said smiling. I tried to smile but it was too much work. The tea didn’t taste too bad.

April stared at me from a rocker that sat across the room from me. Her gun rested on her knees. I wondered if she lived in this cabin alone.

“You’s new ’round here.” She said and I nodded.

“My dad just got a job at Nellie’s gas station.”

April perked up. “Oh, my.” She clicked her tongue at me.


“Nellie’s bad news.”

“How come?”

“She’s a vampire.”

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