A Girl's 2 word story

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Reagan's story

Barbie & Shopkins

“Yawn!” Barbie sat up and looked at the sun shining into her bedroom. A big smile pulled at her lips as she said, “It’s going to be a great day!”

Today Barbie was going to go shopping with her friend Reagan. She could hardly wait. “Breakfast, shower, clothes, pick up Reagan, and shopping in that order,” she said as she got out of bed.

After breakfast she turned on the radio and hopped into the shower. She hummed along with her and Reagan’s favorite song as she dried her hair and thought about what she was going to wear. Giggling over the fun she was going to have with her best friend, she hurried into her clothes, grabbed her keys and ran to her car.

When she pulled up to the curb, Reagan came out of her front door. “Bye Mom! Bye Dad!” she called as she ran to her friend.

“Hi Barbie!” she cried jumping into the car.

“What are we looking for today?” Barbie asked.

“Shopkins!!!!” Reagan answered with a big grin.

“I love that place! Look,” Barbie said as she pointed to her shoes. “These are Kitty Flats.”

Reagan looked at Barbie’s feet and saw red shoes with big cat eyes. “Hi!” She called to them, then she pointed to her boots. “These are Patty Puddles!”

“Hi!” Barbie and her Shopkins called back.

With their Shopkins talking to one another on the floor, Reagan told Barbie, “I want to get a dress today!”

“That sounds perfect,” Barbie answered. “Shopville, here we come!”

Shopville was a beautiful town. All the buildings were bright pinks, blues, yellows and greens. Brightly colored cars, some which looked like shopping carts, hurried up and down the streets. Shopkins of every kind sat in them and all of them waved as they passed with great big banana smiles on their faces.

They passed a donut shop with wonderfully decorated donuts dancing in the window. A shoe store had tables out front with rows of shoes. Some danced, some ran, some stood on their toes, but none of them were sitting still, and all of them were smiling.

“The store I like is right over there,” Reagan said as she pointed to a beautiful green building. Barbie parked between two carts. One was pink, and the other was blue. The pink one had piggy ears and the blue had puppy ears and a wagging tail. Reagan wanted to pet them both and both of them purred happily while she did.

Inside the store was a wonderful place. Dresses danced around the room, or sat at tables playing games, or spun in front of mirrors. All were brightly colored, some with stripes, some with spots, and all with smiles.

Reagan and Barbie wandered through the store. “This is going to be so hard,” Reagan said. “They are all beautiful!”

“Yes, they are, Barbie agreed. “But I think I see the one I want!” She skipped over to a white dress with red hearts all over it. Two big eyes beneath its waist watched as Barbie skipped over.

“What’s your name?” Barbie asked.

“Love Me,” the dress answered.

“I do!” Barbie answered. “What do you think?” Barbie asked turning toward Reagan.

“It’s beautiful,” Reagan asked, but she was looking at a different dress. It was yellow with little blue berries all over it. “What’s your name?” she asked.

“Blueberry Dream,” the dress answered.

Reagan and Barbie, wearing their new dresses, laughed all the way home.

That night Reagan looked across her room at her Shopkins dress and shoes and smiled. Pulling up her covers she rested her head on her pillow and had very, very sweet dreams.

The next morning, Reagan sat up in her bed.

“Yawn!” she said, looking at the sun shining into her bedroom. On the window sill Barbie and a team of Shopkins were waiting to play. A big smile pulled at Reagan’s lips as she said, “It’s going to be a great day!”

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