The Three Cute Snowmen

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What are these snowmen like?

Children / Poetry
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

The three cute snowmen,

They adore Christmas music.

Their faces light up.

The three cute snowmen,

They rest by the Christmas tree,

And they love the lights.

These three cute snowmen,

They are so very charming.

They enjoy dancing.

The three cute snowmen,

The like to play peek-a-boo.

They like little kids.

The three cute snowmen,

They enjoy a great party,

And they celebrate.

The three cute snowmen,

This three men just love to sing.

They put on a show.

The three cute snowmen,

They are angels from Heaven.

They’re His Messengers.

The three cute snowmen.

They are bouncing up and down.

They have so much fun.

The three cute snowmen,

They have fun at Christmastime.

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