Dalton Chase and the Elementary School of Doom

By Shaneski All Rights Reserved ©

Children / Adventure

Chapter 1

His name is Chase, Dalton Chase and today was the most important day of his life. Today, he started kindergarten.

“Beep, Beep, Beep!” went the alarm clock.

Dalton reached over and pounded the ‘Off’ button while flipping the sheets over his head. Dalton jumped from his bed and readied himself for what was in waiting for him in the shadows of his bedroom. Pitter patter of feet raced back and forth around him. He looked to his left and then to his right. He clinched his first and dug his toes into the carpet. Usually, normal kids would wake up and get ready for school. But every morning he is woken up- to ninjas!

The ninjas, dressed as stuffed animals and pillows, surrounded him from his closet to his toy box. They crowded his room with weapons only designed to destroy their enemies with one strike. Their foam swords seemed razor sharp and they hold their stare like he’s the last chocolate bar in a candy shop. He was only in a plain shirt, tighty whiteys, messy blonde bed hair, and a mouth full of overwhelming morning breath. They were fast, but he was faster.

“Boo-yah!” He screamed as they leaped into the air.

In between the chaotic commotion of karate kicks, dodging ninja stars, vaulting over sword swipes, and nun-chuck knock-outs, Dalton jumped into his bathroom to brush his teeth. Meanwhile, blinding them with toothpaste and roundhouse kicking his way back to his bed. He then back- flipped to his closet and pulled out his freshly pressed Small Man Tuxedo. He flipped over a sword slice, slipping, head first, into his pants and thrusting a foot through the arm his shirt.

“Dalton!” shouted a voice. The bedroom door was wide open and there Dalton’s M.O.M. He twisted around on his heel to face her, looking like a tangled mess. Fluff from his pillows spread around him.

“What are you doing?” she asked, untangling him from the human pretzel he turned himself into.

“Fighting ninjas,” he said. “I’m training,”

His M.O.M. smiled. It’s unclear where she came from or who she was, only being titled ‘M.O.M’. She has been keeping a close watch over Dalton since he was in diapers. She is an agent. At least, he thinks she is. Everything she does is so secretive. She wears dresses in suits all the time and she wears sunglasses outside, especially when it’s sunny. His conclusion…she must be an agent and he wanted to be just like her.

She helped him dress, without the ninjas this time. The bow-tie he was giving him a hard time with. So, she helped him with that too.

“Are you excited for your first day?” she asked him.

“Oh yeah!” he said with confidence. “It’s going to be the best day ever.”

“You’re not scared that this is a new school?”

“Who me?” he looked around “No! I’m Dalton Chase, I’m an agent just like you!”

“You think you are,” she smiled and finished his tie.

She grabbed his bookbag and helped him put it on. She checked her watch, “Oh it’s time to go!”

She quickly slipped his dress shoes on and tightened the bookbag around his chest. He challenged her to a race outside. Dalton sped through the house and jumped into the side door of their car before she could respond. Their car might have looked like a normal green family size mini-van, with a DVD player and gray rims around the tires. But he and his M.O.M. knew that it wasn’t. It was actually a state of the art, rocket-boosted transforming machine. Dalton placed himself into his seat and the belt wrapped around him, secure and safe. The van gently began to lift off the ground. Wings stretched out of the sides of the car and the ties lifted to the bottom of the vehicle. They morphed into thrusters and pushed the van up into the air. Then, easily mistaken panels that surrounded the car changed and reflected it’s surrounding and turned the vessel completely invisible to the naked eye. A chilled sippy cup rose from Dalton’s cup holder. It was his drink, prepared the way he likes it: chocolate milk shaken, not stirred. He gulped down the sweet refreshing drink when the computer screen on the wall in front of him came alive. The M.O.M. had her glasses already on.

“Are you sure you don’t want to wait a little longer?” she asked in a voice that was worrisome.

“You don’t have to worry about me,” He told her. “I’ll be fine. I’m ready!”

She nodded, “I know, but I don’t want it to be what happened at Day Care,”

“’Toddlers in Training’?” he remembered, “Please, I’ve grown up a lot from that day, this is me we’re talking about,”

“Mr. Bond, still won’t let us come back,” she said to herself. She shook away the memory and looked back at him, “I want you to make friends today, Dalton. Not enemies,”

He tried to assure her, “You know me, I’m no stranger to other kids. I practically know them before they know me.”

She stopped and thought about that statement. “I know a couple of M.O.Ms and D.A.Ds that I work with and their kids are starting school today as well. Maybe you could make friends with them?”

He took a sip of his milk, “Who are they?”

The computer screen flipped to show two profile pictures of two different students. A little girl with a bow in her hair, and a dorky student with large glasses.

Detail information cards sat under their picture. Dalton read them aloud:

Bartholomew ‘Bart’ Tinker.

[Son of Weapons Designer.

Strengths: DIY specialist; robotics creator; very intelligent.

Limitations: Awkward; lacks courage]

Kylah Smith.

[Daughter of Secret Intelligence.

Strengths: Data collector; Knows everything about everyone; Bubbly personality.

Limitations: Over thinks everything.]

“What?!” He swallowed quickly, “They seem like losers! Couldn’t I make friends who could cool?!”

The M.O.M. looked at him blankly, “Do not judge a book by their cover, Dalton. You know that. They might be good friends to have, they may be of help to you if you need it. Give them a chance.

“Yes ma’am,” he rolled his eyes, sipping the last of his milk.

“Just please promise me – don’t get into trouble”

He hid a smirk in his sippy cup.

Suddenly, a red numbered detonator began counting down from 10. At that point, a closet door slid open to reveal a red and yellow jumpsuit with green goggles.

“Alright, we are getting close to our destination. Here we go, Dalton. This message will self-destruct in about ten seconds or so,”

Dalton dropped his cup, “Wait, aren’t you driving this thing?”

“I have been at home using a visual communicator,” she replied. The plane was speeding faster through the sky, it shook as the velocity increased.

“The flight suit provided before you will send you to a bus stop where you will enter upon landing. The suit will flip inside the wristwatch at command of ‘Suit Activate’.” The suit jumped and shrank within the watch, and fell to the ground. Dalton struggled to get out of the seatbelt. The M.O.M presented a digital map of a computerized Dalton flying towards a pixelated bus.

“Guide down 3.2186 kilometers or two miles below you, that is where you will need to stop.” She instructed.

The emergency lights flicked on as the timer counted down “5…4…3…2…”

“I love you, sweetie, have a great day at school,” she said as she blew me a kiss.


Then the jet exploded.

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