Diary of a Snoopy Cat

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Chapter 10: 4 to 1 Day before Christmas

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

The last few days before Christmas were somehow blurred. I decided to lump them together in my Diary.

We visited Solo’s place every day with Mom when she returned from work.

While the humans had dinner and talked together, we sat with Terrance.

I had told him of our own adventure and about forming Inca & Company to solve mysteries.

I watched his reaction anxiously.

After all, he was the true detective in the group. Would he be upset that the agency had my name on it, thereby making me the unofficial head of the group?

I guess I don’t really understand dogs. He was tickled pink!!

“Good thinking, Inca. You’re a brave cat. We are going to make a good team,” he said and congratulated me warmly.

Raoul now walked without a limp.

Although he remembered the events that had passed since Solo came into the shack for the first time, he still couldn’t remember his past and we could see that this worried him.

He knew that he was married to a beautiful former opera singer because he had been told so. But he just could not remember her or his past.

In the meantime, Aunt Florence had come over from Provence. She was content to be among her family and old friends.

She was happy living in Provence. But she considered Mom her daughter, and thought that there was no better way to spend Christmas and New Year than with her own family.

When she heard about Raoul she was concerned for her friend. She spent time talking to him, but he did not recognize her. This was upsetting for Aunt Florence.

She remembered the fun-loving and kind Raoul of the past and couldn’t quite relate to this serious, quiet man.

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