Diary of a Snoopy Cat

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Chapter 5: 9 Days before Christmas

Wednesday Morning:

My team and I had several pow-wows in Monk’s library, wondering as to what could have happened to old Mr. Finchley’s LAST WILL.

We all came to the conclusion that it was obvious that the Stinky Porkster had something to do with it.

Just by looking at him, I had been deeply suspicious of the Stinky Porkster. The fact that he was in the room with old Mr. Finchley the day Boss saw the will for the last time was a deciding factor.

To be fair, Monk and I decided to set out the case before the rest of the group.

Monk started off by asking everyone to say who they thought had taken the document.

We sat in a circle and passed around blank pieces of paper. Each of us had to write the name of who they thought was guilty before putting it in the center of the circle.


After 10 minutes, we opened the papers and found the same answer written on each of them.

We all suspected the Stinky Porkster!

He was the only one who had a motive and the ability to pinch the will.

Hah! Hah!

Not such a difficult case to crack after all, I thought.

Monk looked at us with a pleased expression and said, “Good work team.”

“Are we real detectives now?” asked Polo.

“We are indeed,” said Monk. “If Terrance had been here, he would have given all of you all gold stars.”

Polo looked very pleased at this compliment as he was a great admirer of Terrance and very proud to be his neighbor and friend.

“Shall we give ourselves a name?” Polo asked. “After all, this is the second case we are working on together.”

“Once our reputation spreads, we are surely going to solve other cases. You know, the other dogs I meet in the park always ask me how we solved the case of Señora’s missing diamond necklace,” smirked Polo.

“Why not?” said Monk with a smile.

“Cat Detectives of Kensington,” meowed Cara softly.

“But I am not a cat,” moaned Polo. “And neither is Terrance.”

“Oops!” said Cara.

“What about … Inca & Company?” said Fromage.

“Fromage, that would not be fair,” I said, though actually, I was as pleased as punch.

“Why should Monk and Polo, or even Terrance, accept my name to head our detective agency?”

Fromage just looked at me with his saucer eyes. Fromage is one loyal bro!

Monk jumped in before Fromage could respond.

“A very fine name,” he said. “How about it Polo? Do you agree?”

Polo gave a wide grin, his little pink tongue hanging out, as he panted.

“Of course! Inca is my heroine. You know she saved Charlotte when she was hurt on top of your roof last summer. Our detective agency could not have a better name.”

“Hip, hip, hooray,” shouted Cara, giving me a lick.

“Inca & Company is the name of our new detective agency.”

I was bursting with pride but reminded myself to be casual and not show my true feelings. I looked at my team of detectives.

“I promise you that I will make you proud for having named the agency after me,” was all I allowed myself to say, trying to be modest.

What I actually wanted to do was dance the jig in delight with my signature stern face!

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