Diary of a Snoopy Cat

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Chapter 9: 5 Days before Christmas

Sunday Evening:

Later that day we followed Mom to Monk’s house.

When we arrived, the usually silent house was bustling with activity.

The doctor had just left.

A tired looking Terrance was lying before the

fire. It must have been a rough trip.

However, he was happy to see us and he stood up and wagged his tail.

“Good boy Terrance. You brought Raoul back home,” said Mom as she knelt down beside him.

At that moment Solo came downstairs. He too looked exhausted but his face lit up when he saw Mom.

He came up to her and held her hands.

“I have never been so relieved to see you Missy,” he said.

“Do you want to come upstairs to take a look at Raoul?

“Hobbs is preparing a light supper for us. Reid will join us later; he is at the police station right now.”

We trailed behind Mom, following Solo and her up the stairs.

The room was dim but there was a soft light close to Raoul’s bed. He looked very thin and drawn. There was a large bandage covering his head.

Other than that, he seemed fine to me. We left the room quietly.

During supper, Solo told Mom about what had happened in the Himalayas.

I listened to him sitting silently next to Mom. “It was rough going,” said Solo.

“Thank goodness for the guide. We never would have found this village without him. We nearly got lost in the middle of a strong windstorm when we were separated from him.

“Thanks to Terrance we were able to retrace our steps. From then on, we had a rope tied around our waists from one to the other.

“We found Raoul in a small shack. He was weak from a large head wound. The villagers had used local medicine and bandaged his head tight. Although his head injury was healing, he could not remember anything. Not even his name.

“When we came in, he was able to make some feeble comments, but he had no idea as to who we were.

“I rewarded the kind villagers. Despite their poverty, they had looked after Raoul when he stumbled into the village, hurt and weak.

“As soon as there was light we strapped Raoul onto a mule and started out on our trek back.

“The return journey was tougher. More so as the mule, with Raoul on him needed careful guidance.

“We had decided to bring four mules on the return journey. So as not to burden the mules, we kept changing Raoul from one mule to the other, even though Raoul was not that heavy.

“I was never so pleased as to be back in Kathmandu. We changed the return dates of our air tickets and brought Raoul back home.

“The doctor said that his wound had healed. But the shock of the fall would have been too strong for him. As a result, he didn’t remember the past.

“Raoul needed rest and good nourishment to build up his strength. The doctor said that in a week he should be much stronger. He needed time to recover his memory.”

Solo continued, “What do we say to Señora, Missy? Should we tell her immediately?”

Mom responded, “Señora left yesterday with Polo for a cure in Bath. She should be back 0n Christmas day. We will tell her as soon as she returns.”

“Good idea, Missy,” said Solo.

It was agreed that Reid and Solo would play chess with Raoul and talk to him.

Mom would visit him as well.

They would talk about all the things he loved:



❖The rescue-home from where he adopted his little Polo,

❖The opera music that his beloved Señora sang.

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