The Secret Thief

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Chapter 15

Simon told her she had lost her mind and it took an hour to convince him to cut the tail. She hated the idea too but, as she explained to him, there was no other way. If they started following Violet again, she would see them. Violet would know and that posed a whole new set of problems for them. Dangerous problems.

Still, of that fact, what Violet had proven she could do, Margaret was proud. Unbelievably proud. All on her own Violet had protected herself. Violet was special but now Margaret knew on top of that Violet was brilliant and strong. That knowledge swelled Margaret with love and admiration for the miracle girl whose life she’d protected for so many years.

But, for every ounce of pride in her Margaret felt an equal amount of dread.

She couldn’t handle this new Violet as she always had and things were happening fast. What was she to say about the fire? Violet swore she didn’t go in the house but Margaret knew she couldn’t count on that being true. What if she had gone in? What if she saw things? What if Violet knew more than she was letting on?

Margaret hated lying to Violet. She spent so much of their years together trying to not be in a place that required her to. Lies were a cancer and one, in their precarious relationship, they could not afford. But here she was once again.

There was nothing she could do but move forward. She had to repair the connection she once had with Violet and that would take lies. Then Margaret had to trust one final time that Violet would continue to grow strong and brilliant and in the right direction, their direction.

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