The Secret Thief

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Chapter 23

Death was always followed with a meeting. He did not need one. He did not even want one but he knew without it, they would crumble. So he came.

“What do we do about the body?”



“Are you going to expect me to repeat every word I say this afternoon?” He asked. As long as he lived he would never understand the preoccupation people had with those who had expired. What difference did it make to a lifeless body where it was stored?

“I’m sorry.” The other man said. “I’m just a little pumped up still. Good shooting, don’t you think?”

“Mr. Green,” He replied. “You nearly hit me and because you shattered that flower pot she left with a leg wound. I will refrain from calling any of that ‘good’”

“You said you wanted it to look like she was in danger.”

“There is a fine line in that statement Mr. Green and you crossed it.” He glared at the young man. He did not want to spend any more time on the subject.

There was a moment of nothing then Mr. Green decided to ask another inane question.

“So,” He began, “why aren’t we doing anything about the body?”

“Because,” The old man closed his eyes and inhaled, “anyone who goes near that body will be under police scrutiny.” He said. “Please sir, do try and keep up.”

“Oh.” Mr. Green hung his head. “So we just leave him there? Forever?”

“In time they will process him. Once it’s clear no one is coming.”

“Process? You mean bury, right. If it were me, I’d like to know eventually I’d be in the ground.” Mr. Green fidgeted like a three year old but the old man allowed him to. Nervous twitching was a comfort of a sort and though he did not believe in comforts, he accepted that for some it was beneficial.

This was the young man’s first kill. The old man suspected as much when he ordered him to do it. That’s why he did so. He saw this job as a way to tackle two problems at once. First, it would get rid of an agent who had proven time and time again that he was useless and second it elevated a young promising agent to the next level of commitment. If all went well he would be adding another loyal killer to his team.

It was a tenuous move. Making it more so was the fact that the agents knew each other, were friendly with each other. No, he realized that Mr. Green would be processing that day for a long while still. And so the old man let him fidget.

“So,” It seemed Mr. Green would empty all his thought into the room that day. “Do you think it worked?”

“It’s far too early to make declarations of that sort. This game is long and complicated.”

“Oh. So do we wait then?”

“No. We do not.”

“What do we do?”

“What we are trained to do, Mr. Green. We apply pressure.”

“Pressure? I just killed a guy. What the hell else is there?”

“A ‘guy’. ” The old man said. “Listen to your words. This wasn’t anyone she knew. She’s rattled and that is what we wanted. But, to push her further along the path, the next hit will need to land much closer to home.”

“Her family? We’re going after her family.”

“Well done Mr. Green.” The old man smiled. “It would seem you are not as stupid as everyone expected.”

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