The Secret Thief

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Chapter 28

“Operation failure.” The young man rolled his eyes.

“Give it time.”

“Time?” he whined. He looked ready to pull the last hairs from his head and the older man wondered how much longer before the young man reached for his cigarettes again. There was no stomach for the long play in these recruits. This is what happens when you raise a generation on video games and fast food, patience was conditioned out.

“Some operations need to settle before they earn results.” He said.

“Yeah?” He pulled his pistol from the holster under his arm and waved it in the air. “Well some operations earn results right away.”

“Put that away.” The calm of his voice was a sharp contrast to the rage he held inside. He should kill this man and save himself further disappointment.

“The tranquilizer should have shaken her. Maybe they’ve already told her everything. Maybe,” He used the pistol to make his points, pointing this way and that. “Maybe she knows who they are and she doesn’t care! We need to find another way.”

“No one has told her anything and if you do not put that gun away now I will shove it down your throat and perform laryngoscopy by bullet!” His voice grew louder and closer with each word until he was shouting in the young man’s face.

The gun disappeared into it holster. The young man didn’t even know what laryngoscopy was but it terrified him all the same.

“What do we do now?” He cleared his throat, imagining a ball of fire ripping through it.

“Phase two.” The old man replied in the same calm voice he had used only moments before.

“Phase two? Then you have more ideas.”

“Of course.” The old man faced the window, staring out to the future, and smiled. “This is only the beginning.”

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