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For The Times That You Need A Good Scare… Do you want to explore a world of ghosts, beasts and adventure? Are you looking for some thrill and shivers? Everyone can enjoy a good scary story and so do children! This is why they need to get their very own thrilling, exciting and scary fun that is still appropriate. Lost And Other Stories is a collection of 5 scary short stories, specially designed for children of 12 and below. These amazing stories were carefully written to keep your children on the edge and give them the fun and thrilling read they want! The fascinating collection of scary stories for children will keep every kid engaged and interested, so that everyone can read and enjoy it. So lower the lights, get cozy under the blankets and read these scary stories that are sure to give you the chills!

Children / Horror
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Dave was thrown into absolutely panic and confusion when he saw it, it was a very bizarre scene, and he needed to get back to the others as soon as possible. He wanted to let out a scream, but he had to caution himself in order not to freak others out nor attracted whatever demon had created the mess. On his way back to the rest, he was lost in the thoughts of the horrific incidents that had happened to them since when they had embarked on the journey.

He wished he had listened. He wished he wasn’t so stern on his decision. His mother had particularly warned him not to embark on that journey, but he insisted he was going to follow his school football team to cheer them up in the state championship final match against St. Mauteng High school, which was going to take place in the heart of Wolf town.

Although Dave wished he knew how to play the game, but unfortunately he wasn’t given that talent like the others. Instead of training to play for a game he had a strong passion for. He decided to become the team’s number one supporter; always in the stands, always there to show love, always cheering out loud. When his high school secured their place in the final, Dave was the first to be included amongst the supporters to make the trip to wolf town with the team.

The trip to Wolf town was quite far, with the little funds that were provided for the team by the school authorities, they had to sail instead of traveling by air. It will take them two days to make it to their destination, and they were all packed for it. On the yacht were fifteen teammates, Dave, the team doctor, the team coach, the captain and two of his crew.

Everyone, especially Dave was very happy to be traveling on water for the first time and they intended to make full use of it. They brought all of the needed stuff- games, drinks, food and all of it. The trip was all fun and rosy until the storm came that same night they sailed, it came like a force that was intentionally sent to their yacht by unknown forces. The lighting jammed the loud roar of the thunder to give a formidable strike. At first, it was all fun for the teammates as the ship swayed directionless in the hands of the heavy wind and wave, the Elderly ones such as the captain, his crew, the coach and the doctor was very concerned about the storm, however.

Things got intense when a very heavy strike hit the yacht; the hit was so bad that it immediately caused a leak in the lower part of the yacht and that gradually let the water in, unknown to those on board. It was far too late when the captain realized they had been invaded by water, by that time the yacht had begun to sink very fast, the joy, happiness, and excitement that was in the air the previous minutes sank with it and transformed into fear and panic. Most of the teammates were not familiar with sailing, and thus it prompted them to freak out, even though the Captain tried to calm them down in the normal fashion he should.

The only option left was to get the life jackets and be ready to hit the water, but in a twinkle of an eye, the yacht gradually tore apart and everyone was left with the only option of struggling for survival, most of the life jackets had been pierced by the dismantled pieces of the yacht. Hence they were useless.

On seeing that, the Captain ordered that everyone hung on to dismantled parts of the ship to be able to survive to the shore. As if things had not escalated enough, Jim, one of the teammates mistakenly got a cut by the sharp edge of the metal he hung unto and unknowingly to him his blood had begun to drip into the water, hereby attracting a group of nearby sharks to them.

“To the shore! Easy, swift and calm. To the shore!” the captain kept shouting, while he battled for his own survival as well.

The water was very cold, and it made it harder to swim easily, but they had no other option than to get to the shore.

Another pandemonium was created when Jim let out a very loud cry, the rest turned to him, and before they knew it, Jim was drowning. Obviously, he was being dragged by something in the water. The captain tried to get details but it was hard to, after a bit of a tussle, Jim was completely into the water and a pool of blood surfaced above the water

“Sharks!!!” the captain yelled

“To the shore! Faster! Faster!” he added

Everyone was thrown into complete confusion, even the grown-ups feared for their lives as they hurriedly swam to the shore. In their thoughts, they couldn’t believe that they had lost Jim, one of the vital players to the team, but the sharks were not done. After they had struggled with themselves to have a piece of Jim, they decided to hunt for more. The unfortunate person was the 10-year-old Anderson, he was quite small thus his swimming was slow. While trying to swim to the shore, he kept on looking back to be sure nothing was coming which slowed his swimming pace the more. Alas! He noticed the ‘fin’ of the sharks and he knew they were coming for him. He tried to swim faster but his best wasn’t enough, the sharks got to him, dragged him into the water and pounced on him, selfishly tearing at his flesh.

The rest of the group saw how the poor little kid screamed and dangled for help but there was nothing they could do till they couldn’t see him anymore.

After the scary and hectic experience in the sea, the rest were able to get to the shore without drowning or being attacked by the fiery sharks. Everyone didn’t make it to the shore at the same time, so they waited at the shore to help each other get out. By the time everyone had made it to the shore, surprisingly they were two people short apart from the shark victims, Tom and Raid were missing! Even though the captain knew he was supposed to be the support system of his passengers at that moment, they had to focus on the way to get out of the unknown place they had found themselves and forget about the lost victims

“They didn’t make it,” he said, even though he wasn’t so sure they didn’t.

There was a pause at first; the other teammates were not so sure they heard what they heard right, so they had to ask again

“What do you mean they didn’t make it?” Van the team captain asked, almost in tears

“The last time I saw them they were battling with the water but there was nothing I could do at that moment, the both of them were not able to grab something to hold on too quick enough. They must have drowned, I’m sorry.” The Captain said.

They were all thrown into deep sadness, they hadn’t expected their state championship quest to have ended up the way it did. The tension in the air began to rise as the captain and his crew tried to figure out where exactly they were, they had lost everything to the wreck, vital instruments and tools, food, weapons, everything! Fortunately for them, the Captain knew a traditional method to figure out a location, he applied it and it was figured that they were stranded on an island, with no network, no hope or sign of an incoming ship and no means of communication.


Dave, seeing what he saw awkwardly ran to the rest, he had seen the most bizarre sight in his life, and he couldn’t process what could have been responsible for it. The coach was the first to see Dave running helplessly from afar, and he knew something was wrong. He sprang up with his hand-made wooden spear, hoping to help Dave from whatever beast was chasing him. They had stayed three days in the unknown island trying to figure out how to get out, and pending that time, survive. It was very clear that they were in a danger zone, having had experiences with some wild animals which they were able to defeat in unity.

“We have to leave this place, this cursed place! We ha—ve to go a---s soon as possible. I saw him; I saw h—im. He was lying helplessly on the floor, he didn’t deserve it, he didn’t…”

Fear, sadness and panic had evidently taken over the whole of Dave, he was a fast talker and in his bid to explain what he had seen and how important it was that they leave the island, it made him stutter. The coach grabbed him and held him to his chest,

“Calm down and explain what happened Dave” the coach said in a soothing voice.

Dave after some few seconds pulled himself together and began to explain what he had seen. He had made an excuse to obey nature’s call, but was prompted to go further into the bush in order not to be seen by anyone, even though the captain had severely warned that everyone needed to stay together at all times. After walking far enough from the rest, he decided to squat down to go to the toilet. Just as he had finished his business and wanted to head back to them, he stepped on a slippery and solid substance. Dave landed awkwardly with a thud, he quickly managed to get himself up and wondered what it was that had slipped him, both his curiosity and fear encouraged him to take a closer look, and it turned out to be a leg! Actually, it was a whole body that was covered in grass. The dusty red boots on that leg looked familiar even though he couldn’t place whose it was particularly. Dave decided to figure out the puzzle; he traced the leg till where the grass had been used to cover the body, then he used the stick to scrap the grass away and alas it was a full headless human body. Fear ran through his skin, he didn’t know what to do or think, he remembered the shoe instantly, seeing the clothing the body was wearing - it was Tom’s! Apart from the cloth and the shoes that Dave had taken clues from, the customized silver chain which had tom’s name inscribed on it hung on his neck while the head was gone.

The news made matters worse for the rest of the team. Evidently, Tom did make it to the shore but he had been attacked by something horrific. They weren’t sure about Raid but there was a high probability he did make it as well. It was clear that things were more dangerous than their initial thoughts about the island and they needed to get out as soon as possible.

That night, they needed to gather firewood, make a fire and as well grill the fish that the captain had managed to catch; they divided themselves and set to work. Since it was now clear that they were in greater danger than they earlier thought, they all agreed to follow instructions of the coach that they should take turns to be on guard, while the rest sleeps. The coach and Gary, the twelve year old central back decided to be on guard for the night while the others rested. The coach and the captain had been able to make spears out of the bamboo trees, ready for defending themselves, they made enough of them as it was the only weapon they were able to use. The rest of the group tried to stay up as late as possible but one after the other they all began to doze off. Coach Jerkins and Gary stayed on guard as promised and through the middle of each night there were scary sounds coming from the inner parts of the bush. At each chirping, howling and whatever mysterious sounds that were made at intervals; Gary would shiver in expectation of the worse. Coach Jerkins was quite afraid as well but he needed to bottle it up because he was the leader of the team. The moon gradually changed from its half form into full, by that time the mysterious cries had reduced, Gary checked his time and it was four a.m. in the morning

“It is almost over for today” he muttered, excited that they had managed to stay up guarding all night and wade off creepy creatures.

The excitement had barely lasted in his mind when the coach noticed a sharp movement in the woods, it was swift and sharp. Coach Jerkins knew he saw something but he wanted to be sure

“Did you see that?” he whispered to Gary

“No coach, what did you see?” he replied, almost wetting himself

“Never mind, maybe I’m the one making up things in my head” Coach Jerkins replied, trying to put Gary at ease.

The movement happened again and this time the coach was very sure about what he saw, he knew what he had seen was something dangerous but he was prepared to end it, without waking others or dragging the little Gary into it.

“Gary, wait here, I want to take a pee” he lied, trying to keep Gary at bay.

He took his spear, having made up his mind and headed into the woods to face whatever creature was creeping about. The atmosphere was still when he got into the bush, the full moon had given a little reflection of light, the fog was making the wood a little bit blurry but Coach Gary was able to maintain his sight. Having walked a little into the woods, he stood and looked around but there was nothing in sight. Just as he turned back to head to Gary, he sensed a sharp movement once again, this time he was double sure there was something in the bush. His fearlessness immediately gave in to fear and he began to regret that he came into the woods, he started to run back. The still air and the fog didn’t make it easy for him; he hit his leg against a fallen tree and fell to the ground. Coach Gary knew the end was coming, he could sense and feel it and just the way it seemed, the creature landed right in front of him. It was a big and hairy human-like creature, with a horn right in the middle of his head, claws and a very long tail. It walked slowly to the prey, sniffing the air in anticipation for an attack. Coach jerkins tried to get hold of his spear but to his disappointment he remembered he had dropped it earlier when running back. The creature wasted no time and pounced on the coach.

The loud cry of the coach and the howl of the creature sprung everyone awake! They all woke up to see Gary who was shaking immensely, the captain ordered that everyone gets their spears and head into the woods. Even though most of the young ones were visibly scared, but they knew staying back was a bigger risk while the older ones had left, so they had to go anyway. It was not hard for them to locate the scene and they were met with a very disturbing scene. The creature had left but the coach’s carcass was on the floor, his intestines had been pulled out of his body and his head was gone, leaving his neck exposed.

“We are in deep trouble” the captain said as the light begins to disappear and a cold presence falls over them….

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