Little Differences

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Permission Slip

I finish all my homework except for math. I dread doing math homework because it is so hard. I don’t understand why math must be so complicated. My mind doesn’t do too well at taking in all the symbols and complicated equations that Mrs. Rizen just loves to give us. My door opens and Jessie skips into my room and plops down on the bed in front of me. “Whatcha, doing?” she asks while swinging her legs over the side of my bed. “Staring at this math homework”, I say. “Why are you just staring at it,” she asks me as if that’s the dumbest thing she’s ever heard. “Because I don’t know how to do it”, I say as I toss a pillow at her. She blocks the pillow with her arm and just when I’d forgotten about it, she tosses the pillow back and smacks me right upside the head. “Ouch”, I say while rubbing my head. It didn’t hurt but I can be dramatic sometimes. We both fall out on the bed laughing so hard that our stomachs start hurting.

“Did your parents sign your permission slip for Sea World?”, Jessie asks me. Now, I remember that I had forgotten all about that trip that is only 3 weeks away. “No, I totally forgot about it”, I say. “Well, did your parent’s sign yours?”, I ask. “No, they wanted to find out if you were going before they let me go”, she says. I sure hope I can go. What could be better than a trip to Sea World with my best friend ever? I can’t think of anything.

“Jessie! Katie! Come down for a minute please!”, my mom yells up the stairs. “This can’t be good”, I mumble to Jessie. “That’s what I’m thinking”, Jessie replies. We both walk slowly down the stairs and we peak around the corner into the kitchen.

Both our moms and dads are sitting at the kitchen table speaking in a low tone when Jessie’s dad spots us and calls us over to the table. We take a seat next to each other and wait nervously for what they are going to say next. My mom begins talking first, “Well, girls I hear that the school is going to be taking some kids to Sea World for a 3-day field trip. It is my understanding that you both would like to go, is that right”, mom asks looking mostly at me. “We would love to go”, I tell my mom. Jessie’s mom begins to speak, “Jessie, we have already spoken about this and you are only able to go if Katie’s parents give her permission to go.”, she says. “We feel this is only fair because you girls can look out for one another”, Jessie’s mom continues. “Let’s let them go”, Jessie’s dad chimes in. All our parents begin to shake their heads. Now my dad begins to speak, “So it’s settled. You both will be going to Sea World but if you get into any kind of trouble you will not leave Arkansas again until you are 40.” We all look around at each other and the entire kitchen erupts with laughter.

Jessie and I race up to my room. “I can’t wait to turn in our permission slips tomorrow. Can you?”, I ask Jessie. “No, can’t wait”, Jessie mumbles. “What’s wrong? I couldn’t get you to be quiet about this trip earlier.” “I know, it’s just that I had forgotten about meanie Alani. I’m wondering if she’s going to be going on the trip with us?”, she says with a lot of disappointment in her voice. “Even if she does go with us. We are still going to have a great time. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine”, I promise Jessie. “I guess you’re right”, Jessie says with a small grin. “Now, let’s dance.”, I shout over the noise of JoJo Siwa’s new song coming on. Jessie and I dance around the room and sing at the top of our lungs until we are tired and out of breath. “Jessie, time to go honey”, Mrs. Tilkie shouts up the stairs. “Coming!”, Jessie shouts out the door before turning around and giving me a big hug. “See you tomorrow best friend”, she says before running out into the hall, down the stairs and out the door.

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