Little Differences

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The Visit

I wash up for dinner and I head downstairs. “Mmm, something sure smells good”, I say while peeking around mom, who is standing at the stove. “I sure hope it tastes good, it’s your favorite”, Mom says carrying a large glass dish over to the table. Could it be? Yes, it is. Cheesy meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans. “Save room for dessert”, mom says as I dive into the meatloaf and potatoes on my plate. “We’re having your grandmother’s famous banana pudding”, she says while going into the refrigerator and bringing over another large pan. “Yummy, I love grandma’s pudding”, I say while readily holding my dessert plate out. My grandmother makes the best banana pudding. Creamy with a lot of cookies, with whip cream on top. Just the way I like it!

After dinner, I kiss my parent’s goodnight and then I return to my princess quarters to catch up on some sleep. For a moment, I thought I heard someone knocking on my bedroom window. Maybe it was that great big tree we have out in the backyard, scraping the side of the house. I turn towards the wall and attempt to fall asleep again. Then I hear another knock on the window. Kind of sounds like something big smacking against my window. I hesitate at first, but I turn off my night light and tip toe over to the window.

Standing in my yard throwing rocks up at my window is, guess who? You’ll never guess. Yes, you’re right. Alani Yang is standing below my bedroom window tossing rocks at it. What is she doing out this time of night and she’s alone. I open the window and yell out to her, “Hi Alani, what are you doing out this time of night?” She hesitates and then she says, “I ran away from home and I need somewhere to sleep for the night”. I think for a moment. Now, this is a real dilemma. Who runs away from home these days? I can’t leave her outside. I know what I’ll do. I’ll go ask my parents for help.

“Mom, dad, my classmate is standing outside. Says she ran away from home” My parents are sleeping so good they don’t even recognize I’m in their room standing in the middle of their bed. No one budges, so I get a lot louder. “Mom, dad, we have a runaway kid in our yard!”, I yell. “What? Runaway?”, dad grumbles. Finally, someone decides to wake up and listen. “That’s what I said. Alani Yang is outside, and she says she needs a place to stay”, I say as I crawl off the bed and down to the floor. “Alani, isn’t that the girl who’s been being mean to you?”, mom says as she sits up in the bed, still half asleep. “Yep, that’s her alright”, I say.

“Honey, let’s both go down there and see what the fuss is about”, mom says as she gets out of bed and slips on her robe and fuzzy slippers. “You stay right here little lady”, dad says as they both head down the stairs. I go down about four stairs and peek out between the stair rails. “There’s no one out here, sweetie”, my dad yells up the stairs. “You mean she’s gone?”, I say. “Yes honey, maybe she went back home. I’m going to call Alani’s mom and make sure she is safely back at home. “That’s a good idea”, I say feeling a little worried about Alani. “In the meanwhile, you go back to bed and get some sleep Missy”, mom tells me. “Her parents must be really worried”, I hear mom telling dad as I make the walk back up to my room. I bet her parent’s miss her, I think to myself as I wait for sleep to overtake me.

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