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Chapter 9- Tears & Tricks

C h a p t e r 9

O l i v i a W a l k e r

Crying was one thing I hated. One reason was because it smeared my makeup. The other reason is because, it makes my shirt all wet, and I looks like I drooled over Alec. (Which I probably would be doing.)

My dad came into my room, without knocking. Ugh.

“What’s wrong Livvy?” He asked.

I sniffled.

“I have no one to take to the dance.” I wailed.

He stared at me.

“Well, I can go with you, with a little makeup, I can look like a 17 year old.” He said.

I looked at his face to see if he was kidding. His face looked pretty serious. Um, No.

“I’m gonna get something to eat.” I whispered.

I trudged out of my room. I was going to raid the kitchen for Oreo ice cream and Oreos,
until I saw someone I wouldn’t imagine being there.

Stacey, Florance, and Alec were leaning against the kitchen counter. No! And they were playing Uno!

I cleared my throat. Their heads turned to me.

“Hey guys.” I said.

No one responded, expect for Alec who said “Hey.”

I walked over to the refrigerator, and got out some lemonade.

“Guys I gotta go to the bathroom.” Alec said.

I came up with an idea. A good one.

When Alec went up the stairs, I poured some alcoholics in the lemonade, when no one was looking. I ran after Alec.

Alec! The bathroom is this way.” I said, pointing into my bedroom.

Luckily, Dad wasn’t in there.

He came in, then I showed him into my bathroom, which was in my bedroom.

He shut the door. I locked my bedroom door. He came out of the bathroom door.

“Cya later Olivia.” He said, as he tried to walk out of the door.

“Wait I brought 2 glasses of lemonade.” I said.

He looked at it, then drank one them.

“This is good.” He slurred.

Then he drank the second one. He was swaying, then he laid on the bed.

I smirked. How hard could this be?

“Alec, would you want another one?” I asked, laying next to him.

He nodded. I chuckled, and took a bottle of vodka out of the waistband of my shorts. I titled his head back, and he chugged the whole flask.

I chuckled. It was almost too easy to make him drunk. I got my phone to record this.

“Then, say I’m your girlfriend.” I whispered.

Even through his drunken haze, he paused to process this.

Then he shouted,


I smirked. I stopped recording.

He cupped my face, his lips coming to mine and-

The banged open. Dad was there.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” He roared.

I quickly jumped from Alec.

“Dad! I don’t have fun with anybody!” I shouted. I ran from my room, as I heard Dad yell at Alec.

“What’s going on?” Stacey asked me.

I didn’t answer her. I ran down the stairs, and to the beach.

The worst part was, I never go to eat my Oreo milkshake.


I came back home smiling. Vinny- also known as Vincent- Dean was going to the dance with me. He was one of the best football players at the school.

At dinner, Dad was still mad. His fist was closed and he didn’t look me in the eye. Eh. I didn’t care what that old man thought about me anyways.

I got comfy in my bedroom. I sat on top of my a/c vent, with a blanket around me. It was a cool oblivion. On my Instagram, I posted the recording of Alec. Not to mention, Twitter, Facebook and um Snapchat.

It didn’t take long. People liked the video, commented and shared. I smiled. The first step of getting Alec, completed.

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