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Chapter 11- The Dance (Part 2)

C h a p t e r 1 1

O l i v i a W a l k e r

Everything seemed to slow down.

“What the heck are you doing here?” I hissed.

He shrugged.

"Going to the punch table... and get to talk to you about, you know, life.” He said awkwardly.

This was too awkward for me. I walked away, though he tried to call me.

Great. No one to dance with. Well, I was kind of glad, one of the boys could have ruined my dress with chocolate. Speaking of chocolate, I noticed Stacey was nearby the chocolate fountain, speaking to Alec.

I hurried over to the other side of the table, pretending to dip fruits into the chocolate fountain. Instead, I took a party cup, and spilled chocolate all over her bottom. It slid to her legs, and got on the floor. It looked like she used the bathroom on herself. And the funny thing was, she didn’t notice. Instead when people passed her, they looked disgusted.

I saw Vinny walk over into the boy’s loo. I wonder how that guy isn’t kicked off the team; he’s weird, though he acted all cool when I met him.

I watched Florence glide over to Alec, her silver dress glimmering in the lights. I had to admit, she looked pretty today. But, she was still weird, still nothing compared to me.

But why did boys chase her so much? Why couldn't they be mine?

People were up at the mini podium, saying stuff about how they like the start of the year. I walked up there.

“Hello everyone!” I said.

Everyone stopped dancing, and looked right at me.

“I wanted to say, Florence isn’t what see seems. She pulls people’s hearts, like dear Brandon’s.” I said, staring right at her. Her eyes brimmed over with tears.

“I think it’s best if we keep away from her.” I whispered into the microphone.

She was sobbing now, rushing into the bathroom. Teachers were advancing to me.

“By the way.” I quickly added.

“Stacey, isn’t there a bathroom for a reason? Check your backside.” I said.

I ran off the podium. Teachers yelled at me. Students laughed with me. And Stacey stupidly put water on her backside. God, now it looks like she did a mixture of both types of bathroom.

I earned a detention. And it wasn’t old detention, it was a detention with the janitor.

It was all worth it.


I didn’t have a ride from Vinny, since he only had enough brain cells to realize I ditched him. I had to carpool with Alec, Florence, and Stacey. It was weird.

Stacey had to sit on newspaper to make sure she didn’t mess up his seats.

Florence was reapplying her makeup.

Alec was turning up some old country song.

While I acted like nothing was wrong, and I chattered about the dance.

“It was a blast, don’t you think?” I said.

Alec stiffly nodded his head.

We finally reached our house.

I crept out of the car, without thanking him.

Emily was there waiting.

“How was it?” She asked.

I smirked.

“Wonderful.” I chimed.

“Terrible!” Stacey wailed, walking into the room.

Her hands were clasped on her bottom.

Her mom rushed over, when she saw the chocolate stain she froze.

“Honey, this was on clearance! How could you do this to your dress?” Emily yelled at her.

Clearance. I snickered. She must be buying her clothes out of her own money. Again.

I climbed upstairs. This day was exhausting. For me and my makeup. From downstairs, I heard Stacey hysterically crying over her ‘wedding’ dress. I happened to be texting Brandon:

OliviaOreos: So, do you have any juicy facts about Florence? c:

He didn’t write back for a long time.

BrandonGoesRawr: Well, she came here from Florida. She was suspended from the school for causing a school fire, which seriously hurt her sister.

Pft. Yep, she totally caused a fire at her old school. Sure.

Then, he sent me a picture. It was a younger version of Florence. She was sobbing uncontrollably, while her parents were crying also, looking beyond defeated. In the background, the school was crumbling, students in the sidelines staring at her with hate.

OliviaOreos: How the hell do you know this? And wait, wouldn't she be in jail?!

BrandonGoesRawr: She served in Juvy for six months, but got out on a plea bargain....

I didn't wait for another second. I pulled out my laptop, and punched Florence's name into the keyboard. Surely enough, her mugshot popped up. Her hair was disheveled and messy, while her eyes were bloodshot red from tears. I laughed loudly, and Brandon texted me again.

BrandonGoesRawr: You wont tell anyone, right?

I smirked.

OliviaOreos: Of course not! ;)

I shut my phone off. Brandon was acting pathetic. He thought I wouldn’t tell? Pftt.

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