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Chapter 12- Bad Days & Sun Rays

C h a p t e r 1 2

O l i v i a W a l k e r

The information and photo about Florence is everywhere. When you walk in school, someone super glued the photo and text on the cork-board. Teachers are in front of it, trying to cover it up with card-stock, but I always take it down. I also saw Brandon. He was crying, running after Florence, who was screaming at the top of her lungs.


Brandon made an attempt to reach for her hand, but she pulled away.


She toppled over with tears running into the bathroom. What I didn’t expect to see was Alec, at her heels. Wasn’t this be enough proof of what a terrible person she was?

I shook my head, as I walked into homeroom. That boy can be truly blind.


“Class, remember, this assignment is due on Tuesday.” Mrs. Stevems said.

The bell rung, and I was the first one to come out. Brandon and I, we developed a plan.

I ran into the art room, where it was basically covered in tissue paper and bottle caps.

“Miss. Gadomire?” I asked.

“Yes dear?” She said, coming from her back storage.

She had bronze ringlets hanging down her shoulder. She was still young, but was really good at crafting.

“Can I borrow some paint? It’s for an assignment..” I said chewing my bottom lip to appear innocent.

“Of course hon! What colors?” She asked a little too happily.

“Red and purple please.” I said sweetly.

She thrust 2 gallons of red and purple paint to me, then shooed me out playfully. Brandon was waiting for me outside the door, and we ran out of the exit door that was right next to her room.

I searched the lot for an ugly blue, minivan. It was packed in the midst of beautiful Chevrolet’s, and my beautiful Mercedes Benz, C-class. Ha.

We rushed over, prying the cans open. It was all gritty, and there were grains here and there, swimming with the paint. The grittier the better. Brandon looked hesitant.

“What if we get caught..” He said, checking behind his shoulder.

I rolled my eyes.

" It was your idea, anyways.” I said.

That wasn’t exactly true, I came up with the plan.

We let the paint splatter the car. The window happened to be open, so paint went all inside, covering the seat, covering over the wheel and seats.

Students started to come outside, chattering. Brandon and I threw the cans over to Alec’s car. Perfect. We jumped into the bushes, as we saw Florence come over to her ugly minivan. She gasped.


All heads turned to her. She cried into her turquoise shirt. She opened the door to her car, without looking at her seat. I think she felt the red paint because as soon as she sat down, her eyes opened wide, and got up. On her backside, her crisp white pants were dripping in red paint. The best part was when a teacher rushed over, and pulled a tampon packet to her.

People watching roared with laughter. Most people pulled out their phones, taking pictures. Florence ducked her head in her shirt and sobbed, getting in her car, not even caring to put on her seat belt, and drove away. The last thing I saw of her driving away was her fingers closing against her curls, like she was going to pull them. Like how Mom did before she lost it.


Stacey was hanging out with Alec and Florence, at the park’s ice cream social. Honestly, it was an excuse for old ladies to catch up on high school drama. Plus, the ice cream is rock hard, and slimy in the wrong places.

“Hey, Olivia, if you do my makeup, I’ll pay you all of my $150 dollars.” She chirped.

I smirked.

“Of course! Come up to my room.” I said.

She came up, bouncing while she was walking. She plopped on my stool, closing her eyes.

I started off with a little concealer. That girl needed it, her whole forehead was a constellation of blotchy red pimples.

A little of cherry red blush, an orange, pink and neon green smoky eye. I wanted this girl to look weird.

I pulled out my berry blue lipstick, which I’ve never used. I smeared it all over her lips, slashing it over her teeth as much as I could. Pink eyeliner. This girl was a freak show.

“All done.” I said, smiling brightly.

She looked at herself in the mirror, then she squealed.

“O-m-g! I took tots cute L-o-l!” She said.

Oh my god. She did not just spell ‘Lol’ out...

“Here’s your money.” She said, slapping money in my hand.

She climbed down the stairs, giggling to herself.

“Honey, what’s that on your face?"I heard Dad ask Stacey.

She giggled.

“It’s makeup Daddy, you’re too old to understand!" She giggled to herself, like she was a kid.

I watched them from the top of the stairs, Dad and Stacey linking arms and walking into the kitchen. I wish I was still a kid.

I walked down the stairs, deep in thought now.

I could save Mom.

I could of stopped Dad going out with Emily.

I could’ve ran my fingers into Mom’s long blonde hair.

But I can.

I fished my car keys from the hook. This girl is going to visit the grave yard.

I stopped in my tracks. Why am I breaking down all of the sudden?

“You’ve always been breaking down.” A voice says in my mind.

I sniff my hair. My hair spray must be really out of date to make me think like this.
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