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Chapter 13-Grave Brawls & Hair Falls

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👑.: F l o r e n c e S u m m e r s :.👑

Ever since I moved from Florida, everyone seems to simply hate me.

I admit, I deserve it. Smoking a cigarette in the girls bathroom and not stomping it out afterwords was straight stupid. You can just guess how a lit cigarette would light up in a trash can, and later the school.

The lump in my throat grew as I thought about burning my sister Grace in the process... But it didn’t matter now. Alec and Stacey were my best friends now, even if we fight a lot.

I walked out of my bedroom, and locked the door. I carefully slipped on my shoes, and went down the hall. I paused at Grace's room. With a deep breath, I pushed the door open.

Grace was sitting upright in her bed, staring at the T.V. Her eyes darted to mine briefly, then returned to the television. Her once smooth caramel skin now sat in flaps of twisted and translucent skin. I gulped uneasily.

"Hey Gracie, can I get you anything?" I asked her carefully.

She screwed her eyes shut, and raised a callous arm toward the door. She wanted me out.

I brushed tears from my eyes, and hurried down the hall. I ran out to the front porch, and tried to steady myself. After composing myself, I sat on the porch.

I whipped my head back and forth, as I practically melted from the sun. Alec said he would pick me up, since my car still wasn’t clean. In fact, Mom was there cursing, while chipping the dried paint pieces off. Mom should’ve been at work, we really need the money, instead she’s wasting her time chipping paint.

Alec’s car pulled up in front of me, and I snapped out of my thoughts.

“Hurry, come in, we're almost late.” He said.

His eyes skimmed over my backside, where the red paint still was there. I didn’t have enough to buy something else, whereas Olivia Walker goes shopping for jeans everyday. I think in one of those jeans, she had a metal pole that came up her behind.

I jumped into his car. Stacey was there.

“Hayy like the new makeup?” She said wiggling her eyebrows.

Her face was caked. Foundation was easily seen, because the color contrasted with her neck. Strange colors of eye shadow plagued her eye, and berry blue lipstick was swiped across her teeth.

“Ah, wonderful!” I said.

Alec smiled at me slyly.

We reached there easily, it wasn’t too far away.

People were there, the music too loud, the sweet aroma of candy and ice cream filling the air. I spotted my favorite person in the world, Granny Joe. She wasn’t my grandmother, and we weren’t related, but there was something about her that made us click.

I ran out of the car before it even stopped to greet her.

“Oh Flo, you’ve grown so much!” She squealed.

“Your- uh hair has grown so much too Granny.” I said.

It wasn’t completely true, her hair was in tight curls.

“How’s it been with Alec?” She asked, checking over my shoulder.

I've spoken to Granny Joe about Alec only a couple of times, and she still haven’t forgotten. Gran never forgets.

“It’s not really good Gran, this girl named Olivia she’s well really jealous you see...” I trailed off.

Her pale gray eyes narrowed.

“You don’t let anyone take him, hear me young lady.” She said seriously, waging a wrinkly finger at me.

I quickly nodded.

Over her shoulder, I saw a car speeding away. Olivia. She looked crazy.

“Look Gran, I gotta go.” I said in a hurry.

She didn’t protest, instead she gave me a half smile.

I was running, Alec and Stacey calling after me. I didn’t even know why I’m running toward Olivia, when she’s the one ruining my whole life. I spotted her car turn a corner. I pushed myself to go faster, as my feet cried in protest.

Come on, 3 yards to go.

Her car stopped at the graveyard.

Wait, the graveyard?

I heard that her real mom died, to some sort of disease they didn’t find in her early enough. That’s terrible.

She got out, sniffling, holding a bouquet of flowers. I crept after her.

I accidentally stepped on a wrapper of some sort, and she stopped and froze. She spun around, and just in time I ducked out of view. She shrugged, and kept on walking.

She was quite fast, even in 3 inch high heels that didn’t have support straps. I prefer my tennis shoes. Then, she stopped.

She kneeled at a white tombstone, which had the name “SUSAN WALKER” engraved.

She started to cry. I was shocked. Olivia Walker, Queen of The Seniors and basically everyone, crying. Breaking down. Dissolving. Defeated.

She touched the stone, rubbing her hands all over it as if she was trying to memorize the grain patterns of the marble.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner, Mommy.” She whispered on to the ground.


“Daddy, he’s forgotten you. He comes late home at night, he doesn’t cry himself to sleep anymore.” She said, her bottom lip quivering.

“And, Stacey gets the newest iPhone, and I have to wait 2 weeks to get it!” She wailed.

I frowned. I knew she couldn’t bring down her bratty side for long.

“And then there’s Florence. She has every boy look at her, even though she wears dirty converse, a Beatles Shirt, and plain ugly jeans!” She cried again.

“So what?” I said, unable to keep my self quiet.

She whirled around.


“I didn’t know you think so highly of me.” I sneered.

She scoffed, approaching me.

“Bitch please.” She chocked.

She came over to me, curling her hands into fists.

She then suddenly swung her fist, right at my nose.

My nose was bleeding. I aimed a kick at her legs, but she moved quickly. Instead, my foot connected with the white gravestone.

She jumped in her car, going at full speed and turning the corner.


Students were pouring in to the gymnasium. Girls were required to wear the school shorts-- neon orange shorts, that are too tight at the wrong places and a baggy white shirt. If I hadn’t known better, I would’ve thought we were forest hunters. Olivia managed to look like a super model though, her outfit wasn’t to tight or wasn’t too baggy. In fact, I don’t even know how she got away wearing pink shorts with a white tank top.

We all sat on the bleachers, waiting for our teachers. I walked over to the water fountain.

“Oh girls watch out for the water, it might be poisoned now.” Olivia said behind me in a sickly sweet voice.

I was angry, my body shaking. Her defeated attitude from the graveyard was long gone. Instead, she had her usual sneer. I wonder how many personalities this girl has...

“Well, at least I can lean down to the fountain, knowing my wig won’t fall off.” I said angrily.


She growled, and took a step forward, her fervent followers basically simpering.

“At least I don’t dig through the trash bins for clothing.” She said, gesturing to my outfit.

A circle was forming, and Alec in the front row. He was frowning.

“That’s not true!” I said, my cheeks flaming.

Well, it was sort of true. Our next door neighbor was throwing out their perfectly good furniture, and Olivia drove past me, while my butt was sticking out of a trash can. It was embarrassing.

The gym teachers finally came, and the group broke up fast as it had formed. Alec put his arm around me, and walked me away from Olivia.

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