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Chapter 16- Granny Joe & Electric Glows

C h a p t e r 1 6

O l i v i a W a l k e r

Alec’s ignoring Florence more lately. They don’t hang out at gym or at lunch. I guess stuff between them is pretty stretched out, and Stacey’s trying to sew them back together again. It’s time Brandon and I step in again, and make sure she’s not doing that. In fact, that’s what were doing at the moment.

“Here Brandon, you’re ready to roll.” I whispered to him.

He was sweating, his eyes darting back and forth.

“What if she finds out and I get sued...” He whispered.

I shushed him. My parent’s could be listening, after all, we were at my place.

“I’ll go get her phone swapped, okay?” I said. He nodded his head.

You see, Brandon and I came with the plan of switching out Stacey’s phone with a fake flimsy one, while Brandon took her out. With that, I would text Florence, pretending to be Stacey.

In my room, I found her on my stool, touching strands of her hair.

“Perfect. Close your eyes.” I said. She did, squealing.

I did the regular. Half an inch of foundation that I purposely made it have ripples, Neon green lipstick, with pink extensions that looked obviously fake.

When I was done, I fished her phone from her ‘Monster High’ purse, and put the flimsy one in. She didn’t even notice.

“Okay, you're done.” I said.

She squealed. She ran out of the room, her now neon green and blue dress pooled the floor. Honestly, it was ugly.

I heard Dad say goodbye, and the door closing.

Now was my time. I flopped on my bed, going through her text messages. Honestly, their names were dumb. ”NovaCoolFlorence" & ″TeddyStacey" were the worst names on the planet.

I prepped up the text I was going to send to her:

Um.. Flo... I have some honest things I have to say.. I can’t stand a slut like you. You go around, hooking up with every guy then leaving them at the last minute. Gosh, I thought you were different but you just another sh*tty bitch, who’s thirsty. Well, go drink some holy water, you’ll need a lot.

I reread the text. This would do it. I sent it, and a couple of minutes later, she responded:

Omg.. what’s going on with you!! You’re the only f*cking person who I thought cared.. I thought wrong! I have no one to love me.. only now Granny Joe.. :(

I wrote back.

Well, you thought wrong. No one would care for your sorry self. It would be better if you just curled up and died.

Then, I shut off her phone. I’m gonna have to go deeper than corny text messages. After all, giving a few notes won’t change anything. Granny Joe needs to be seen.


“Are you sure were going the right way?” I demanded for the fifth time.

Brandon didn’t respond, his eyes glued to the road.

With me doing checking through Stacey’s history of text messages, I was able to find out the address of where Granny Joe was staying in.

We pulled up in a small brick building, with a big yard and a basketball court. We reached the door, and opened the door.

We walked straight into the office. After the secretary woman questioned us, she gave us a hideous puke green color badge. I almost didn’t wear it, but when I thought of Florence crying, I pinned it on. We followed the map she gave us. Honestly, this place was small. We turned onto different floors, and the sad part was there weren't any elevators. Only plain old stone stairs. They were cracking, and had bugs on them.

“Were here.” Brandon announced.

We walked into the room. It was the cafeteria. All of the tables had assigned names, so it was easy. We looked around, and we finally found the name tag of “Josephine”.

“Hi granny Joe.” I said in a false voice.

She looked up at me and smiled.

“Oh hellow dear, whats your name?” She said in her frail voice.

“Olivia. Olivia Walker. Like the Walker.” I declared.

She frowned.

“Well what can I help you with?” She said.

I smirked. This woman was straight forward.

“Well just tell me what you think of Florence.” I said.

Her eyes brightened, and I gave Brandon the signal to start recording on his phone.

“Florence.. she’s my love! She has no one else loving her, poor girl.” She said.

“Also, she’s desperately in love with this boy, Alec, but then there’s this girl named.. Olive she told me? No it was Orion.. no.. Orange?” She asked herself.

I snickered quietly.

“Well anyways, shes quite a lonely little carrot.” She said.

She picked up a small carrot, laying it on the palm of her hand.

“She sorta’s like this.” She explained further.

I nodded, acting like I cared.

“Das all.” She said burping loudly.

I nodded again, also telling Brandon to stop recording. Now, all I have to do it edit. Well, not me, but Brandon.


Brandon edited Granny Joe’s voice perfectly. He made her voice sound like a mean, hating person. I swear, it was so prefect, it almost left a electrical glow on the computer.

“Now, let me go up to my room to send it.” I said.

He nodded, as I skipped up the stairs. I heard crying at the top of the stairs, and a shushing voice.

“I don’t know mom! It wasn’t me.. and now she hates me!” I heard Stacey cry.

“It was Olivia she wants your dad.. she’s terrible.” I heard her mom say.

I frowned. Ever since I was wrapped up in that Alec stuff, I forgot about that old man. I shrugged, and turned on my heel. I’ll get that phone later.

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