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Chapter 18- Unknown & The Sun Never Shone

C h a p t e r 1 8

′ U n k no w n ′

The scene was quite disturbing. Mothers quickly escorted their curious children from the scene. A group of people were talking, gossiping along their own bits of lies of what happened, while others were simply drinking the scene with an air of interest.

The police officers closed in, a boy with brown hair trying to get through.

“No, Sir I know her!” The boy said to the police officer who was blocking his path.

The police officer shook his head.

“If you truly knew her, you would’ve been with her.” He said crossly.

The boy cried and whispered, “I know.”


It seemed like the days would only be darker- the sun never shone today, or yesterday, or the day before that.

The school was different- it hasn’t ever been this quiet. It was quite ironic, the girl who was most despised, even pitied by some, could have ever made this school so quiet.

Everyone seemed to move sluggishly, as if their arms and legs were covered in a thick jelly. Students sloshed into the cafeteria. Usually, people would be running into here.

Everyone took their seat. A tall girl, with yellowish blonde hair came into the cafeteria. Her face was different. It wasn’t caked with makeup, and for once, she was wearing long jeans and a long sleeved shirt. All of the whispers diminished suddenly, and all heads turned to her.

“Can I sit here?” She asked to the boy with brown hair.

He glowered at her over his lunchbox, his eyebrows scrunching up into one thick line.

“I’d be better if you sat somewhere else.” He spat.

The girl with blonde hair nodded quickly, turning on her neon pink heels. The boy with brown hair always looks sad. He was the school’s next-to-be golden boy. I think he’s now the next-to-be depressed boy.

Today’s lunch was also sad. A gray dollop of lasagna, with a side of a slightly green bread roll, and watery corn. Why was it one person, one event to ruin everything for everyone?


She was everywhere- the local news station, cork boards at the school’s entrance, and the flyers on your doorsteps. It made it harder to forget her. Her name was always lingering at my lips, threatening to spill out.

It makes my throat tighten and dry.

My tears don’t fall out. It’s all dry around my eyes, making my bags prominent and the skin around my eyes tighten.

I always feel numb. Not the happiness type of numb, but the longing type. I was longing to hold her for one more second, her warm body hugging my skinny frame, to let the warmness enter my chest and be the reason behind my smile.

But now, all I feel is a distant memory of the warmness.

All I feel is bitter coldness.

I hate her for doing this to me.

I hate her.

I hope she shrivels up and dies.

Like how my heart did.

But she did.
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