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Chapter 1- Daddy Arrives

C h a p t e r 1

O l i v i a W a l k e r

It's been 20,000 years since Daddy left me and Mommy.

Well, it's actually been 2 months, but it sound way more exciting if you say twenty-thousand years.

Ever since Daddy left us, Mommy isn't strong anymore. We had to move out of our big home with large glass windows to a small, nasty apartment.

I don’t like this house. It isn’t like home, where I had my doll house, and my walls were pink. These walls are yellow and it looked like someone peed on them.

Also, this house is so small, I couldn’t bring my tea party table to play with Daddy! Whenever I ask Mommy where Daddy is, she looks like she’s chewing something really hard, her eyes are full of tears and then she says:

“He’s probably at work.”

I know Mommy is lying. Mommy says lying isn’t good, but then why is she doing it?

At nighttime, I always hear Mommy cry about Daddy and say ‘I loved him’. And now I don’t see Mommy either. She says she needs to take more jobs to make us some more money, since Daddy doesn’t come around anymore. When that didn’t work, she sold my dolls, and it was terrible.

“Honey, I’ll be back soon, don’t open the door, just watch ‘Sofia the First’ okay?” My mom says.

She made a small salad with the lettuce she tried to grow on our front porch. It’s nasty, because it still has dirt on the insides.

Her face is all red and tired. Before I can say ‘Bye Mommy’, she pops her medicine into her mouth, and is already out of the door. I hear her rusty car go, and I get up quickly.

The lettuce was all brown but I ate it quickly. I’m still hungry and my stomach feels sore. I wish I was eating my red velvet cake, with my white and purple icing on it.

I wander over into the small living room, and turn on ‘Sofia the First’ on the small television. We used to have a big flatscreen, but Mommy sold it to the man across the street. I wish I was like Sofia. She has a perfect family, and a perfect brother and sister.

Outside, I hear a car pull over. It must be Mommy coming back from work!

I hear someone knock on the door.

I flung it open as I yelled, “Mama!”

But the person there wasn’t Mama. It was someone with dark hair and he looked tired, holding a briefcase. When he saw me, he smiled and touches my cheek in a weird way.

“My little Livvy’s growing up.” He said.



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