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E p i l o u g e

5 weeks Later

“Yeah remember when you peed on the next door neighbors yard for half a candy bar?” I reminded Stacey.

Stacey threw her head back and laugh, her arms resting on the granite breakfast bar. We were cooling down from the hot sun, with Oreo ice cream.

" How could I forget? Mom spanked me so hard, my left butt cheek hasn't been the same since!” Stacey joked.

We both laughed, our laughter getting louder and louder, our arms thumping against the breakfast bar. That was, until my phone ringed.

I checked the name, and smiled immediately.

“Is it ‘The Neverland Boy’ again?” Stacey teased.

I smiled.

“Yup. It’s Caleb alright.”

Ever since I bullied Florence, I never noticed, but Caleb was always there to protect me. Turns out, his mother died around the same time as mine. We lift each other up.

Brandon tried asking me out again, but since our history wasn’t so hot, I turned him down.

“He wants to meet at the beach.” I said.

I set my spoon down on the breakfast bar and got up to leave. Stacey grabbed my arm.

“Wait, didn’t dad say he had an very important announcement to make?”

I rolled my eyes slightly. Things were still tight and forced between dad and I--I wish we could appreciate each other and just be casual.

" Um, sure okay..” I said.

Dad wouldn’t be back for another hour. But then, I thought about how many years I’ve missed out with Stacey. I should be making up each and every second.

“So, up to a game of volleyball?”

“Pft, I’m going to bury you.”


“I’m back guys!” I heard my dad yell.

I heard the front door slam. Stacey and I ran over to the door.

Stacey ran over to him faster, climbing into his arms. I shook my head. Stacey still was childish.

“Come wash your hands for dinner everyone.” Emily shouted.

Emily still acted snobby with me. After doing a little digging up of mine, I found out that mom and Emily had a bad history in school. They were enemies in everything: math class, cheer squad and even for some reason, eating.

I washed my hands with the bar of soap, then sat at the polished wooden table. Emily finally stopped her corny way of serving dinner. Instead of having it come from a silver platter from the ceiling, she now balanced a regular dinner plate on one hand.

Personally, I think it was because she couldn’t afford repairing the ceiling every dinner.

I never really ate; Emily pulled random recipes from the cookbook- a garden salad with soy milk ranch was hardly even a dinner. Where was the meat?

“So honey, you had some news?” Emily said to Dad.

He took his time drinking his water before answering.

“Well yes...” Dad said.

He set his cup firmly on the table, his knuckles whitening.

Something was up. I could tell on the look on Dad’s face: tense and scared.

Stacey and I shared a glance.

“A wheel doesn’t have to stay in the same place, it can move. Right girls?” Dad barked us suddenly.

Stacey and I nodded. I knew where this was going. He was planning to move to another state for his business. Everything he's focused on is his business.

“My are wheels moving.” He said.

I knew it.

“For another woman.”


“I’m marrying Bridget- she’s from work.”

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