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Chapter 2- The Purple and Gold Envelope

C h a p t e r 2

O l i v i a W a l k e r

Daddy walked around the living room, then walked into the kitchen. He was muttering words under his breath.

“So Livvy, do you know what time Momma is going to come back?” Daddy asked.

I stared at him confusedly.

“What's time?” I asked.

He sighed and shook his head. Then he took a long sip of his coffee before talking.

“Like, what -time- er... when is Mommy going to come back?” Daddy asked.

I looked up the ceiling, thinking hard.

“When Sofia the first is over.” I said, pointing to the t.v. set.

Daddy’s head turned and he looked kind of scared. Maybe he remembered the last time Mommy beat him up.

Soon the ending of Sofia the first came, and those small words that come on the screen came. The words were too fast to read anyways, so why did people try to read them?

Soon, Doc McStuffins came on, and I yawned. Doc McStuffins is boring, all she does is fix up broken toys. Maybe, one day, I’ll make Mommy turn into a doll so Doc McStuffins can fix her. So she doesn’t cry at night.

I didn’t notice, but I was laying in Daddy’s lap. He was stroking my hair, and my eyes, they closed.


Mommy's squeaking car woke me up. Daddy was asleep on the couch too, until I shook him awake.

“Daddy! Mommy’s back!” I said happily.

“Shh.” Daddy said. He lied down on the couch, and scrunched up his face, like he was trying not to cry.

I heard Mommy walk the steps. Then, a weak knock came from the door.

“Mommy!” I yelled. I climbed on her leg.

“Hey honey.” She whispered.

Her hair was messy, her voice was really low. Also, her hands looked all red and hurt.

“Mommy. Guess what, there’s a special visitor!” I exclaimed

“Who? I told you not to open the door to anyone!” Mommy exclaimed. She looked all mad.

Just then, Daddy walked into the mudroom which was really small. He looked Mommy up and down.

“Hey babes.” He said like how he used do when he came back from work.

Mommy stared at him. Then her face suddenly got all red then and brought her hand to slap Daddy then-

Her hand stopped at his cheek.

She cleared her throat, like she got a piece of chocolate stuck in her throat.

“So, why are you here?” Mommy demanded. Her face looked hard.

Dad looked all important for some reason, like those big kids on ′Dog With A Blog′.

“Well, this is a personal delivery.” Daddy said beaming.

Daddy handed Mommy a thick purple envelope with gold designs at the corners.

Mommy read the letter out loud.

"You’re are invited to the 7 year birthday of Stacey Walker my beloved daugh-” Mommy stopped reading.

“So, this girl was born before Olivia?” Mommy asked.

Daddy smiled real big. “Yes.”

Mommy looked like she swallowed something really sour.

“SO, THIS RING, IT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU, DOES IT?” Mommy yelled, shoving her ring in Daddy’s face.

When Daddy didn’t say anything, she threw her ring off the floor, she spit on the ring. Then she rubbed her foot all over it, jumping on it. She looked a lot like ‘Miss. Trunchbull’ from Matilda.

Mommy calmed down, then she took the letter and began to read again.

"After this birthday, you may stay behind, to watch the 4 hour premiere of the marriage of Andrew Walker and Emily Rupp-“Mommy finished reading.

She started to stare at Daddy for a really long time. Then she took a really deep breath in, and said to Daddy without looking at him,“It’s best that you leave.” She pointed at the door.

“Okay.” Daddy said. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and left.

As soon as I heard his car leave, Mommy twirled to me.

“Olivia. I’m very disappointed in you.“Mommy said.

“Oh Mommy, what did I do?” I asked.

She frowned, and dug into her small handbag. She pulled out her medicine, and swallowed a couple of pills aggressively.

“If it you didn’t open the door, Daddy wouldn’t have came in. If Daddy didn’t come in, I would come perfectly fine, ready to pay the house rent. It’s so careless of you to just open it at your leisure.” She was talking to herself now.

“Mommy, it’s okay, Daddy left. You can calm down.” I told her.

“Calm Down? WHAT DO YOU MEAN CALM DOWN? “She shouted.

Her fingers clamped around her gold locks, as if she were going to pull it out any moment.

“He could’ve of forced you down to their wedding! He would say he was a legal guardian! He would lie, he would convince the police, to take you away from me, take away everything I love from me.” Mommy screamed.

Her eyes were going in circles, and her skinny legs gave out a little. She wobbled, and had to hold on to me.

She kept on repeating “He left me here, he left us here...”

Then, her speaking slowed a little.

“Mommy?” I asked.

She didn’t answer. Swaying. She was swaying. Then all of a sudden, she fell. Her head broke the shelves that held all of our shoes. All I could see was red. It seeped from under her head, and snaked under her armpits.

I screamed.

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