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Chapter 6-Wake up Mommy

C h a p t e r 1

O l i v i a W a l k e r

4 days later

Today, Stacey’s Mommy woke me up early. Her hair was up in a big bun, and she was dressed in a tight black dress that tumbled down her knees.

“Come on Olivia, Stacey is already up. Well, Stacey is much better than you 10 folds...” She muttered.

I got up. Then, I went into the bath tub. This time, I didn’t have a warm bubble bath like Mommy used to give me, but instead, it was a shower. A cold one. When I got out, there wasn’t my big, fluffy rabbit towel. It was a small white one. And when I went back into my room, Stacey’s Mommy picked out a short black dress, black shoes and black tights.

I put my clothes on. They were tight on me.

“Olivia? Are you done dear?” She said.

Her face got all sour-looking when she saw me.

“Oh dear, you look terrible!” She shrieked.

I looked into the mirror. There was nothing wrong with me..right?

“Here let me help.” She said.

She went out into the bathroom. When she came out, she had a spray can in her hands. Then she blindfolded my eyes, and started spraying. And she was pulling. And it hurt. A lot.

“Oh my.” She said.

What was wrong?

I took off my blindfold. And when I looked in the mirror, I saw something nasty.




Green and gray.

“Oh dear, I’m sorry, the hair spray date was waaay off.” She said.

She didn’t look sorry. She was smiling, and tried to hide it.

“Well dear. This stuff doesn’t grow out, so you have to cut it.” She said in a sing-song voice.

What? What would Mommy say?

She was now openly smiling. And giggling.

“Olivia, come down for breakfast in a few minutes!” She said.

Then she bounced down the stairs, giggling.

I ran into the bathroom crying. I would look like a witch! Would It ever come out?

I put my hair in the sink. I scrubbed. And scrubbed. And scrubbed. I looked up to see if it was gone. And my hair, it still was gray and green. Why did she do this to me?


Daddy saw my hair. He was mad at me. Stacey’s Mommy told him that I snuck into their room, mixed her dyes, and created the green and gray color. Of course I tried to tell Daddy she was lying. But instead, he yelled at me. Stacey was smiling. Mommy was right. They both are trying to take Daddy from me, but I won’t let them.

After we finished eating breakfast, we all got in Daddy’s car. I didn’t know where we were going. It wasn’t far. We stopped at this lonely place, it’s grass was all dark, and so many people were there. And on a big car, I saw the things vampires sleep in. I think the name was ’Coffee-in” or something like that.

I don’t know why, but Daddy was crying, while Stacey’s Momma was behind him smiling.

An old man told us all to go inside the church, which was with this place. When we came in, it was a nice place. Nice red chairs, and a stage to talk on. Once we sat down, the small old man came up to the stage.

" Today we are here for the death of Susan Walker. She was a bright spirit, had a bright daughter.” He said in his raspy voice.

Stacey’s Mommy frowned at his words.

“She was kind and considerate. But here’s the twist folks.” He said leaning into the microphone.

“Instead of being cremated, she want’s the opposite. She wanted to become a frozen body.” The old man said. He threw his head back and laughed.

A lot of people murmured.

“Now, that process will begin unless someone would want to come up and say a few words ’bout her.” He said.

Daddy raised his hand, and he walked up the mini stairs.

“Well, Susan was a wonderful woman. She always supported me in all of my decisions and-.” Daddy stopped talking.

He was crying, his hand over his face, and the old man patted his back. After he left the stage, a lot of came up, including Mommy’s hair dresser boss.

“Well since the speech part is over, we can begin doing the ‘iceing’. Any volunteers?” He asked.

A lot of people raised their hands. Then the box thing came and they opened it. And inside, was Mommy, her eyes closed, sleeping. She’s still asleep? People walked up, grabbed a pack of ice, and teared the bag open. For some reason, the poured the ice all over Mommy, stuffed it under her dress, or pouring it over her.

“Stop! You're hurting my Mommy!” I yelled, rushing over.

People laughed at me. Why were they doing this to Mommy?

“Oh Mommy, wake up!” I shouted.

I tried to shake her awake, but she didn’t.

“Get away!” The old man boomed.

I cried, and jumped onto Daddy’s lap. I cried, until his shirt was wet, and Stacey’s Mamma scolded me.

“It’s okay hon, It’s going to be alright.” He said, stroking my hair.

He started to sing twinkle twinkle little star.

I still began to cry. People finished putting ice on Mommy. Then, it was over. In the window, I could see men digging up the ground and putting mommy’s box in. Why?

We got in the car. Daddy was still mad at me for ‘dyeing my hair’. I know what Mommy’s talking about.

She wants Daddy to hate me, but I won’t let her. My Daddy is my Daddy. Not for anyone else.

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