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Chapter 7- Florence & Fancy Food

C h a p t e r 7

O l i v i a W a l k e r

My feet slapped the grainy surface of the sand. I, unlike other 16 years olds, was getting my tan done before school, unlike some of the other not-so smart girls. I mean seriously, some girls think that if they tan, they’ll be pretty. Tanning is for pretty people. Period.

I rolled out my towel, got my sunblock, and laid down. Boys wolf-whistled. I smiled. They obviously were talking about me, I just so happen to be gorgeous.

Then I saw Florance Summers, flirting with Alec Myers.

Wait.. Alec Myers!

Hold on. Poor Alec doesn’t know what ugly beast Florance is. It’s time I help him with his friends!

I strutted over to Alec.

“Alec, I haven’t seen you all summer.” I said, batting my eyelashes at him.

He looked at me sideways.

“Er- Hey Olivia.” He replied.

He looked uncomfortable. Maybe he realized Florance was next to him while he was talking to me.

“Yeah, I gotta run, er my Mom, she needs help with her nails-er flowers?” He said.

That boy was hot, but he was a bad liar.

Florance frowned.

“Kay... see you later?” She asked.

He didn’t respond, but instead he hurried over to his car.

I grabbed her shoulder.

“You see? He doesn’t want your ugly butt.” I cooed to her.

She shook her head.

“No, he’s more than a bad boy in leather jackets.” She whispered fiercely.

Then she walked away. I didn’t ask for freaking poetry.

I laid back down on the towel. I feel bad for Alec. He doesn’t know what he’s dealing with.


I came back home. Stacey, pale as paper, and ugly as ever was sitting on the kitchen stool. She stared down at me.

“What? Never seen a pretty girl before?” I asked.

She quickly looked down. I worry for that little freak (not really) she’s always staring at people down with those big blue cow eyes of hers. Some day, she’ll get beat up for staring down a person.

Dad came from the kitchen.

“Hey Livvy. Your tan is looking fine!” He said.

I rolled my eyes, as Stacey’s eyes narrowed.

I clambered up the stairs. I hate this house, my room is green. Not any green, but puke green color. I tried to get it painted, but then Dad said I had to paint it myself to have ‘fun’. Seriously, what do I look like, a Painter?

Then, Stacey’s Mom, Emily came up the stairs.

“Come! Dinner’s ready!” She said.

Her face was all wrinkly, and her hair was a fading red now. I get it that she used to look nice when she was younger, but now she looks all wrinkly. I had to restrain myself from dyeing her hair gray and green.

Pretty people like me though, will always stay pretty. It’s science.

I trudged down the stairs. Everyone was at the table.

“Olivia dear, you came!” Emily said.

I never really came to the table--I would order Chinese food and eat it up in my room.

“So where’s the food?” I asked impatiently.

She smiled, and she pressed a button on a remote she was holding. Everything went dark, then a disco came from the ceiling, and corny rap music was playing.

I groaned aloud, while Stacey was on the other side, clapping like the stupid one she is.

Then, on a silver platter, lasagna was on the plate, and a bowl of salad was there. Seriously. The size of the lasagna was about the size of a soap bar. She must be following food servings on the packages again.

When Dad took a bite out of the lasagna, he moaned loudly.

“Oh Emily, this is so good, better than Sus-” He stopped midway.

I got up. If he was going to offend my mom, he could do it while I’m not here.

“Livvy, I’m sorry.” He said.

I didn’t even spare him a glance- these pretty eyes weren’t worth him.


I was putting on my pajamas, until I heard a knock on my door. Stacey was there, in her ugly plaid ones.

“So you know, school is a week from now.” She said.

“Get to the point and get out.” I said.

My sleeping schedule didn’t include ugly people.

She sighed.

“Well, you need to practice your math skills, Algebra, Physics.” She said

“Um no.” I replied.

She sighed and walked out of my room.

I don’t need to study. I’m an A student, but I’m not good in school. No, I don’t beat the crap out of nerds to get answers, but instead, Stacey gives me answers. Or, I pry answers from her.

I flop onto my bed. Maybe I can tackle some more tanning tomorrow. Most 16 year old will be there too. As lied on the bed, I felt something hard under my back.

Please don’t let it be like ′Princess and the Pea’.

I fumbled, and under the sheet, there was a Lego block of Sofia’s head.


Eh. He was sweet.

The Lego head twirled in my fingers, until I threw it in the wastebasket.

It was gone like Caleb.

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