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Chapter 8- Heartbreak & Milkshakes

C h a p t e r 8

O l i v i a W a l k e r

The first day of school came fast. Girls who got their braces off flashed extra pearly white teeth, girls who got a haircut flipped their hair, or got a tan. I was all of them, but better, because the hallway seemed to clear for me.

“Hey Olivia!” One male voice shouted out.

I rolled my eyes. Some people just didn’t understand, they weren't worth my time.

I hate this school. Stacey goes here too, but she’s taking advanced courses, so she gets more homework and projects to do. She still wears pigtails, crop tops with tank tops underneath, and knee high socks. I wonder how she isn’t kicked out yet.

In the corner of my eye, I saw Brandon double take me. Then, he walked the corner. I followed him.

You see, Brandon and I dated last year, until I discovered he had rolls. Serious ones.

I saw him crouched down in between the fountain and a locker.

He was crying.

"Awe, Brandon you miss me?” She said.

He looked up at me, his face all blotchy red.

“Olivia stop being naive.” He said.

I was taken back. What the heck did ‘naive’ mean? I might not be a walking, talking dictionary, but when it came to taking out my phone, I was smart in that.

“Poor, Brandon.” I purred, while I patted his head.

When he closed his eyes, I carefully fished my phone from my back pocket. Then I got a picture of his face.

“Now, Brandon, tell me here, why are you crying?” I asked.

He sniffed up and looked up at me.

“Why should I tell you?” He said coldly.

I smiled at him.

“Because hun, I have this picture of you here.” I said showing him my phone.

He tried to snatch my phone, but I was too fast for him.

“Because, of Florence. She rejected me.” He said sadly.

Oh my god. I was going to burst out laughing. Instead, I put on my sad face.

“See what monster she is? She plays with people then breaks their hearts.” I whispered to him.

He slowly looked up at me with his big eyes. His head nodded.

“Now, come take my hand, keep your head up. You don’t need Florence.” I said in a sweet voice.

He gave me a jerky nod, then reached for my hand. I helped him up.

When we walked in the hallway to get to my locker, Florence ran over to Brandon.

“Hey, I hope we can, y’know be friends.” She said timidly.

Brandon looked at me sideways, kind of scared. I slightly shook my head, no.

“Florence. Dear Brandon has come to his senses, he no longer wants to be a boy toy.” I sneered at her. I walked to my locker, Brandon at my heels.

“If it makes you feel better, here’s a coupon to free milkshakes.” I handed out to him.

He snatched them. I leaned into his ear.

“Its a thinning milkshake, to help your rolls.” I said.


Finally, the end of the day. All of my teachers were weird- especially my math one, who talked about her cats and yoga.

On my locker, there was a neon green paper, that said:

Homecoming Dance,

Date: August 24 Friday

Time: 6:00-8:45

Squee! A dance! When I opened my locker, a crippled up paper fell.

It said:

I like you. Meet me in the back of the school.

Well, that wasn’t a surprised, to be honest. At the least, all of the boys in the school would send me a love letter. Maybe even a handful of college boys.

I slung my designer book bag over my shoulder. Then I hurried over to the back of the school. I waited.

Then, I heard a rustling, and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

A boy came from he bush.

He was a short boy, messy hair and braces. Caleb.

He tried yelling my name, but I hurriedly turned away, tears swelling in my eyes. I impatiently brushed them away, trying to get rid of the storm of memories flooding my brain.

"Olivia! OLIVIA!" Caleb shouted.

I didn't turn back. I didn't need to be reminded of Mommy.


I quickly came home. I stripped off my clothes, and jumped into a cold shower. I needed to wake up, because afterwords, I would have to go to the beach to y’know get with some guy to the dance. My target was Alec. After I came out of the shower, I wrapped myself in my old fluffy towel. Then, I sat on my makeup stool. My hair was in a sloppy ponytail-not something I would be found dead with.

I picked up hairspray, but checked the label just in case. Every since Emily dyed my hair gray and green, I was hesitant to make sure it wasn’t some hair dye. After I knew it wasn’t dye, I sprayed my hair with it, it made my hair feel all heavy. I curled the ends of my hair.

Now, makeup. I put on what felt like 1 and a half inch of foundation. Perfect. My lips were a ruby red color, and my eyelashes were a thick black color. Perfect. Now, a violet dress, nude color flats.

I rushed down the steps. The beach wasn’t far. I reached there, and surely enough, there were some guys playing sand soccer. I saw Alec standing under a shady tree.

I spotted Florence next to him. I grit my teeth, but walk over to him anyways.

“Alecc.” I say.

Florence frowns, while Alec looks sideways at me.

He didn’t respond.

“Well. Alec I need help with math homework. Can you help?” I lied.

I knew he was a sucker for help.

“Er- I’m booked this week. With Stacey. Your sister Stacey. He said.

"She's not my sister." I said automatically.

Stacey? What did she do to get him?

“Well, booked with Stacey and me.” Florence clarified.

Ugh. Stacey, Florence, plus Alec.

Stacey, the girl who took my dad.

Florence, the girl beast that breaks every boy’s heart.

Alec, the boy who basically ignores me.

And I’m going to change that.

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