Dear Sweet Hazel

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"It bothered her though, sweet little Hazel. She cried to her brother, "Why me?" Dear, Sweet Hazel is a short story saying how people can be who they want, and that everyone is different. Join Hazel as she learns that she's just being herself, and what it really means to be herself.

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There once was this little girl named Hazel. But there was something that made her an outcast in her little town.

Instead of playing with dolls, she played football with her brother.

Instead of dresses, Hazel wore sweatshirts and pants.

Instead of curls, Hazel’s hair was short and straight.

Hazel got bullied a ton for her looks and actions, and this is what she heard everyday.

“Is she a boy?” One girl whispered.

“What’s with hanging out with boys?” Another snickered.

Every time Hazel was asked, she said...

“I want to be this way.” And soon walked away, leaving the others in giggles.

It bothered her though, sweet little Hazel. She cried to her brother, “Why me?”

“Dear, sweet Hazel,” Brother said, “There is nothing wrong with you.”

“Really?” Hazel asked.

“Really. You’re like everybody else! Different, sweet dear Hazel.” He pointed to a cat near the big tree.

“Like that stray cat over there, those different little dots,

“Or those pair of kid’s shoes, one pair red, one pair blue,

“Maybe the houses on the block, sizes and shape differ,

“Why, different is all around here, dear Hazel!” Brother exclaimed, hugging his sister.

“Thanks, but I’m totally convinced.” Hazel said, and soon walked away.

It bother her still, dear sweet Hazel. She cried to her mother, “Why me?”

“Why you! Oh, dear sweet Hazel,” Mother said, “You’re just being you! Stand up to those bullies, say you’re just being you!” Mother hugged Hazel, who was confused.

“You’re called my daughter because God heard my call for a miracle, dear sweet Hazel. And God wanted you to be you. Just like...

“Those beautiful eyes of yours, blue as the river streaming...

“That black hair or yours, shining like a starry, starry night..

“That skin of yours, pale as the glistening snow...

“That sparkling smile of yours, blinding as the sun...

“Those rosy cheeks of yours, just like a pretty rose...

Mother hugged dear sweet Hazel tight.

“Oh, dear sweet Hazel, you’re special in every way... no matter what those spoiled kids say!” She comforted.

Hazel put her head onto Mother’s shoulder.

“I am...and that’s great,” Hazel whispered.

“Now I really am convinced.”

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