Jasper's Journey Home

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Sophia tickles Jasper’s ear through the wire mesh cage door. “What will happen to him now?” she asks. Bernardo sits at his desk filling out yet more official looking forms. “We keep him for seven days Jasper cannot resist chasing a cat and on this occasion he lands himself in deep trouble. The adventure that unfolds takes him on a long and sometimes difficult journey across countries and oceans home. Along the way Jasper makes some great new friends but not everyone he meets are friendly. Auntie Lynne adores Jasper and makes it her mission to find the lost Jack Russell. Using social media and the internet with the help of Charlotte the little girl who lives next door they investigate. Does Jasper make it home to the family he loves?

Children / Adventure
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Supposedly there is a booked locked away in everyone. I am no different I have always had this secret desire to write a story or spin a yarn. At the ripe old age of 60 I told myself if I do not write a book now then I will probably never do it. The decision to write my book soon met a huge hurdle, what shall I write about?

Inspiration came from my little rescue dog Peanut. Peanut is a 4 year old Spanish Jack Russell street dog; you can see Peanut on the cover of the paperback version of the book. A UK rescue centre spotted him in a Spanish dog pound and rescued him from an untimely end. The first time I saw this little dog I knew he was mine.

Sat one evening with Peanut curled up on the sofa beside me I began to wonder. Where has this little dog been what has he seen and what adventures has he had. Peanut is a dear dog with a very loving nature but he can be a little naughty especially if it involves food or cats. That was the spark I needed and with a change of name the idea for Jasper’s Journey Home was born.

A cat is what gets Jasper into trouble and starts his journey. Along the way he meets some great new friends both four legged and two legged but he never forgets where his heart lays and his true home is.

Does Jasper make it home?

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