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They had dreams, but they were also put in very hard shoes for those dreams. We often hear the quote, "We all have so much to gain by walking in other people's shoes."Kerry Washington. Every character wishes they could walk in another's shoes, only to realize, maybe they don't....

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"Hard days are the best because that's when champions are made."-Gabby Douglas

She stared, her emerald eyes empty, watching the mobile she had made of seashells go around and around. Over and over. That's all she did most days, watch it. There was not much else that she could do. She had Leukemia for as far back as she could remember, which was not that far, since she was only six. Actually, she was six years, three months and twenty-eight days old. In the duty of watching the mobile, she must have drifted off to sleep, because when she woke up, her parents were sitting on the edge of her bed. Looking up at them, she recognized the pale, almost lifeless eyes staring back down at her.

Almost a year ago, when they believed she was clear, she got to go home. She was so excited to finally be able to go home. She had spent countless hours propped up on the hospital pillows surfing the web on her mom's laptop. Looking at pictures of homes and wondering what hers would look like. The unusually warm April smacked her in the face as the hospital nurse wheeled her out to her parents car. The checkout had taken so long, but when they were almost out of the lobby, a nurse came running towards them. "You have to stay here!" She yelled, you're not clear. Tears filled her heavy eyes. As her wheelchair was turned around, she caught sight of a boy walking through the lobby. He was starstruck in his flash sweatshirt. She wished that she could be in his shoes........

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