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Children / Fantasy


Children ask a tricky question

1-Next age story

It was summer season. One moonlit night when the cool breeze was blowing on the terrace. Grandma was lying on one side of the terrace, Munna Munni and Pinku came and surrounded grandmother. Grandma got up. Pinku said, “Grandma, please tell some story.”

Grandma said, “Sit down properly. “The three children sat in front of their grandmother.

“There was a king ...” Grandma started to narrate the story. The children started listening to it carefully.

The story of the grandmother reached the city through the court and the palace of the fair king. The story came out of the city and reached the state border, where some demons had attacked. The hero of the story, a prince killed the demons with the help of his wisdom, bravery and local people and everything got fine.

After the story ended, Pinku said to grandmother, “Nowadays kingdoms are not there, you tell stories of old times, do not you?”

“Yes son,” grandma said.

“So the stories of this age will be told to children in the next age?” Asked Pinku.

“Yes son,” said the grandmother.

“Grandma, what kind of stories will be told then?” Pinku asked.

Sometime children, out of their curiosity, unwittingly ask such a mysterious and serious question, whose answer is too difficult for the elders too.

The grandmother got into thinking. After a while she said to Pinku “You grow up and work wisely and bravely for the good of the country and the world, your story will be told to children in the future.”

Pinku enthusiastically said, “I will kill many monsters when I will grow up”

Munna said, “But where are monsters nowadays? They used to be so long ago”

Pinku stood up with passion and said, “There are monsters nowadays also. Thieves, robbers, terrorists are also monsters I will kill every one of them. ”

By saying this, he went down from the roof. Munna and Munni also said, “We will also kill them.” And they both followed Pinku. Perhaps the next age stories were getting ready.

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