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Good morning, everybody.

Normally, one of the first things that I notice when it’s morning is Daddy giving me a kiss goodbye before he leaves for work. He always gives me and Mommy a kiss before going to work. Sometimes it wakes me up, and sometimes it doesn’t, but I normally need a nappy change at that time, so Mommy tends to get up as well. When I’ve done a wee or a poo I need my nappy changed, and Mommy and Daddy do that for me. We have a special table in my bedroom where Mommy and Daddy usually change me. There is something called a mobile hanging above the changing table, and hanging from that are things called aeroplanes and a hot air balloon, and Daddy always makes them move for me. He also sings a little song as he does it. It goes:

Hairy planes and bubba-balloons.

It’s only a little song, but it’s silly and I like it. Daddy says and does lots of silly things that I like. After I’ve had my nappy changed I feel a lot better. Mommy and Daddy tell me that when I’m older I’ll have to use something called a toilet. It sounds to me like there are a lot of things you need to know to grow up.

Mommy likes to do things around the house while Daddy’s at work, and when she can’t put me on my play matt she puts me in my bouncy chair. Its lots of fun going in my bouncy chair, because if I lean back or lean forward I can make it bounce, which feels funny. It also shakes a little when Mommy flips a switch on it. I like the way it feels. It reminds me a little of being in the car, and I’ll often fall asleep in my bouncy chair. Mommy tells me that babies need a lot of sleep so that they can develop. Every now and then, a lady comes to the house who Mommy tells me is a Health Visitor. It’s apparently her job to see how well I’m developing. Mommy and Daddy seem pleased with what the Health Visitor tells them, so I hope I’m doing it right. I want to be a good boy for Mommy and Daddy. Sometimes, when I sleep, Mommy will sleep, too. She lets me sleep on the big bed sometimes, and that’s great fun. I like my basket and my own bed, but Mommy and Daddy’s bed is huge and soft, so I like sleeping on it.

Sometimes, when I wake up from sleeping I feel what Mommy and Daddy call grumpy. I don’t like this feeling, and it sometimes makes me cry. Mommy and Daddy always give me lots of kisses and cuddles when I cry, though, and they always make me feel better. Mommy says that she often feels grumpy when she wakes up, so I guess it’s normal. Daddy doesn’t seem to get grumpy when he wakes up. He says that once he’s awake he’s awake. Daddy’s lucky, I suppose. Being grumpy doesn’t seem to last long though, and before too long I’m smiling again. Mommy and Daddy seem to get very happy when I smile, and that makes me smile more. When Mommy and Daddy do something funny or silly it makes me laugh, which makes them laugh. I love laughing with Mommy and Daddy. It’s loads of fun.

Mommy feeds me during the day whenever I need it, but sometimes I get sick. When this happens, the food I’ve eaten comes back out of my mouth. It feels strange and it makes a mess. Mommy and Daddy seem to know that I’m not doing it on purpose, which is good, but they don’t seem to like it when I’m sick. I think it’s because it makes such a mess. I heard Daddy shouting at the MiniMan today because he was being sick. Daddy tells me that the MiniMan isn’t allowed to be sick or do his wee or poo in the house. That isn’t allowed. When Daddy heard the MiniMan being sick he shouted and chased the MiniMan out of a small hole by the front door that Daddy says is called a cat-flap. This lets the MiniMan in and out of the house without Mommy or Daddy having to open the doors for him. I hope they don’t want me to use the cat-flap when I’m older, and I hope Daddy doesn’t start shouting at me and chasing me whenever I’m sick. I don’t think he will, though. Daddy says he loves both me and the MiniMan but there are different rules for the MiniMan because he’s what Mommy and Daddy call a pet. I hope I can have a pet when I’m older.

Once Daddy had dealt with the MiniMan it was teatime for Mommy and Daddy. Then it was story time for me and Daddy. Then it was time for sleep.

Goodnight, everybody. Sleep tight.
- September 2015
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