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Good morning, everybody.

I didn’t sleep very well last night. When that happens, I get upset, and me not sleeping also keeps Mommy and Daddy awake, which they don’t like. I don’t like it either; I don’t want to do anything to upset Mommy and Daddy, but I don’t do it on purpose. Mommy and Daddy say that it could be the start of teething. I don’t have any teeth at the moment, but I think they’re starting to get ready to come through, and it hurts. I don’t like the way it feels, but Mommy and Daddy say that I need to have my teeth so that I can eat grown up food as I get older. All of the grown-ups whom I’ve met so far all have teeth, so I guess it’s something I’ve got to do. Luckily, Mommy and Daddy seem to know that me not sleeping well because of teething isn’t my fault, so they don’t get angry with me. Also, they tell me the hurting won’t last forever, which I’m pleased about.

Teething might not be fun, but something that is fun is getting to see my big sister, Lucy, on Fridays. She comes to stay with us on Fridays and goes home to her Mommy on Saturdays. I think it’s great having a big sister, and Lucy’s really nice to me. She talks to me and plays with me and makes me smile and laugh. I love Lucy a lot, and she says that she loves me. Daddy tells me that Lucy was very excited when she found out that she was going to have a little brother, and I really enjoy it when she comes to visit. For one thing, it means I get to ride in the car when we go and pick her up from her Mommy’s house. I like riding in the car, even though I do fall asleep in my car seat a lot. I can’t see where we’re going at the moment, because my car seat has to face the back of the car. Mommy says it’s a law and it’s important to follow laws. She tells me that, when I’m older, I’ll be able to use a different car seat, one that will face forward. Then I’ll be able to see where we’re going when we go out in the car. I’m looking forward to that; I can pretend that I’m driving. Mommy does all the driving in our family, because Daddy has bad eyesight and can’t drive. He doesn’t seem upset by it, though, and he says it’s unlikely that I’ll have bad eyesight like he does. Maybe when I’m older, and I can drive, I can take Mommy and Daddy places, like they do for me now.

On Friday nights, when Lucy comes over, we usually have a film night. Daddy chooses a film to put on, and we all sit in the Living Room and watch it. I either lie on my Matt, or sit in my bouncy chair, or cuddle with Mommy or Daddy. I’m too young to understand what’s going on in the films that we watch, but the movement, colours and sounds coming from the TV are interesting to look at and to listen to. Mommy and Daddy like watching films, so I’m sure I’ll get to watch lots of them as I grow up. Normally, on film night, Mommy, Daddy, and Lucy will eat dinner in the living room while we all watch the film. Daddy says that’s a treat, and isn’t for every day, but I get to eat in the living room all the time. Maybe he means for everyone else except me. I guess the rules are different for babies. Daddy does say, though, that when I’m old enough to eat at the table with him and Mommy then that’s where we’ll normally eat. I’m happy with that, as long as I get to be with Mommy and Daddy.

After the film has finished, Mommy and Daddy are usually pretty tired, so Daddy sends Lucy upstairs to brush her teeth and get ready for bed. Mommy tends to sort out my night-time feeds while Daddy sorts Lucy out. She sleeps in the spare room, and if she’s been good, Daddy lets her watch a film in bed. He says this is another treat, and is allowed because it’s Friday, and Lucy doesn’t have to get up for school in the morning. Daddy says I’ll get to have those kinds of treats when I’m old enough, so that will be fun.

When Daddy’s put Lucy to bed, he comes to me and Mommy and well al get ready for bed. Friday is the end of the working week for Mommy and Daddy, so Daddy doesn’t have to get up as early on Saturday or Sunday mornings, but he does get up with me if I wake up early. Mommy gets up with me during the week, as Daddy has work, so Mommy says it’s his turn on weekends. Daddy will get up with me if I wake up early, so that Mommy can have a lie in. This is something that grown-ups really seem to enjoy, so it’s nice of Daddy to let Mommy have her lie ins. Daddy will change and feed me and take me downstairs so that Mommy can sleep. He lets Lucy sleep, too, although she’s sometimes up as early as me. Daddy says it depends on how many films Lucy watches when she goes to bed. Daddy doesn’t mind her staying up, but he says he doesn’t want her watching films all night. Daddy says it’s important to get a good Night’s sleep. He certainly seems to enjoy them.
- September 2015

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