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Good morning, everybody.

On Saturday mornings, Daddy usually gets up with me so that Mommy can have a lie in. As Daddy goes to work at the moment and Mommy doesn’t, she gets up with me if I need something during the week, and Daddy takes over on the weekends. Mommy says that this is fair. Both Mommy and Daddy say that’s important to be fair. When Daddy gets up with me he’ll normally take me downstairs and get some things done while Mommy and Lucy sleep. Lucy likes a lie in, too. Daddy likes to tease Lucy that she’s lazy, but he’s only joking. Daddy likes to say silly things like that. Daddy makes me and Lucy laugh.

When we’re downstairs on a Saturday morning, Daddy likes to do something called exercise. He straps me into my bouncy chair and does something called yoga in the living room. It’s very funny watching Daddy doing yoga, because he rolls around into all sorts of strange positions, and he pulls some very silly faces. I often laugh at Daddy when he’s doing his yoga, but Daddy seems to like that, so I don’t think he minds. Daddy says it’s important to stay in shape, especially, he says, for when I’m a bit older and I can walk. He says there’ll be no stopping me when that happens. I like being carried, picked up, and cuddled, and all that, but I am looking forward to being able to walk by myself.

When Mommy and Lucy get up they all have breakfast. Daddy has already fed me by this time, so I sit with them all while they eat. I like breakfast at the weekends, because I get to sit with Daddy. During the week, he’s already left for work by the time me and Mommy get up. Once we’ve eaten breakfast we all get dressed so that we can do something. Lucy’s always asking Daddy if we’re going to do something. Sometimes, we’ll go into town to go to the park, but one of my favourite things to do at the weekend is get in the car and go to visit Nanny Paula and Granddad Ray. It takes a long time to get to Nanny and Granddad’s in the car, but I normally sleep for most of the journey, so I don’t really notice. Daddy likes to play his music in the car, but Mommy will always tell him to skip to the next song if she doesn’t like one. I guess Mommy’s in charge in the car as well as at home.

I love seeing Nanny and Granddad; they’re loads of fun. Mommy and Daddy tell me that Granddad Ray is a pirate, which sounds really exciting. I hope, when I’m older, that I’ll get to see his pirate ship. Nanny and Granddad have a dog called Dolly. She’s very silly but really nice. She likes to lick my feet when I’ve got no socks on. It tickles. I like Dolly. I also get to see my Big Nan, who Mommy and Daddy tell me is Nanny Paula’s Mommy. I get lots of cuddles when we go and see Nanny and Granddad, and everyone is always pleased to see me. It makes me feel happy and nice.

When we go to visit Nanny and Granddad, we usually take a walk into the village to have a mooch around the shops. I don’t really know what a mooch is, but Mommy, Nanny and Big Nan seem to enjoy it. Sometimes, Granddad Ray comes with us, but quite often he’ll stay at home and look after Dolly. Also, Granddad’s always got stuff to do. He’s always building things and fixing things. Daddy says that Granddad Ray is very good with his hands, and Daddy says he wishes he was good with his hands in that way, too. I think my Daddy’s good at lots of things, so I give him a cuddle to let him know. When I’m old enough to talk I’ll tell him.

We’ll normally stay with Nanny and Granddad for lunch, but when we have Lucy with us we usually go home at dinnertime so that Lucy can go home to her Mommy. Lucy always gives me a kiss and a cuddle goodbye when she goes home, which I like. I love my big sister, and I love seeing her. After Mommy and Daddy have dropped Lucy off at home we go back to our home. If we’ve been out all day, the MiniMan is normally waiting for us so that he can be fed. If we come home late then he meows loudly until someone feeds him. He makes funny noises, and he makes me laugh.

On Saturday nights, Mommy and Daddy like to watch a film together. The films they watch on Friday nights are more for Lucy than them, so their Saturday night film is more grown up. I’m only allowed to stay up and watch with them because I don’t really know what’s going on. Daddy says that some of the films he and Mommy watch are too old for children, so when I’m a little older I’ll have to be in bed before Mommy and Daddy can watch their films. I don’t really mind; most of what Mommy and Daddy watch looks pretty boring, anyway.

Goodnight everybody. Sleep tight.
- September 2015

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