A Tale Of Dreams

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Follow Cameron to Dreamland where he meets Queen Kaylyn from the land of fairies. Cameron will wake in a world of fantasy and adventure. Is he dreaming or could this magical land be real? Cameron loved his Mothers stories about Dreamland. It seemed to Cameron that she had been there before. Her stories were realistic compared to other stories he had heard. Sometimes she teared up when she spoke of Queen Kaylyn. It was the night of Cameron's tenth birthday, and Mother knew that this was the night that Cameron would travel to a fantasy world. It was the night that he would learn his future in a world that desperately needed a hero. Cameron would journey to worlds unknown and meet the strangest characters this very night. When Cameron wakes in his bed in his South Carolina home, things get crazy for Cameron as he tries to figure out if it was all just a dream or if it could have been real. Cameron caused serious trouble at school and was sent to a camp for boys in Florida, and that's when everything goes horribly wrong. This is a great book with an important moral for children to learn the value of taking care of nature. Readers will follow Cameron as he learns to fight against the terrible trolls that seek to destroy Dreamland with their smelly factories that pollute the air and threaten the eco-system of Earth and fantasy worlds..

Children / Fantasy
Annette Spenner
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A Party For Cameron

“Time for bed!” Mother said Its time to tuck you into bed.

“Coming Mother!”

Cameron bounded down the hallway and into his room, past his mother, and with a mighty leap, landed into bed and wriggled under the warm blankets. He loved the stories that Mother told him every night.

Mother called her story A tale of dreams, and she had told him these tales for as long as he could remember. Cameron never grew tired of her tales. They were full of fantasy worlds. He especially loved the magical toadstool Village. Cameron thought his mom’s stories were impressive.

Cameron had enjoyed a busy day. He attended the birthday party that his parents threw for him. It was a great party. Mom had decorated the house. It looked great with a dinosaur theme and with giant blow-up dinosaurs and balloons.

The table in the dining room looked great decorated with matching plates and cups. There was a cake in the center of the table with vanilla icing and green sprinkles. It had little plastic dinosaurs placed around a blue icing lake.

Cameron’s mother, Penney had spent the morning decorating the cake she had baked the day before. She knew how much Cameron loved dinosaurs and she knew that his tenth birthday was going to be very special. Cameron didn’t know how extraordinary this birthday would be, but Penny did.

Cameron and his friends played games inside for a while before scampering outside to play on his swing set. They played tag and dodgeball and ran around just doing the things that boys like to do. Cameron opened all his gifts in the living room sitting on the floor with his friends gathered around in a circle. He opened gifts with games and toys and lots of awesome stuff.

His favorite present was from his Grandmother. It was a box covered in dinosaur paper, and inside there was a stuffed Tyrannosaurus Rex, his favorite dinosaur, and some awesome pajamas. The pajamas were one piece with long sleeves and soft triangular shaped spines that ran from the tail and up the back. It had feet with soft claws and a hood that made him look like a dinosaur. Cameron couldn’t wait to wear them that night.

After the party, Cameron waved goodbye to all his friends and thanked them again for all the great presents. He gave his grandmother a tight bear-hug and Walked with her out to her car. It had been a great day. When Cameron came back inside, he found his parents in the kitchen.

Mom was cleaning up the dishes from the party and dad was taking down the decorations while nibbling on another piece of birthday cake.

“Thank you for the party, Mom, and Dad. I had fun.” Cameron huffed, trying to catch his breath after the run back up to the house.

They both smiled and wished him a happy birthday, commenting on what a big boy he had become. Cameron gave his dad a hug and a high-five. It was something they always did before bed. Cameron knew he would not see his dad again until the next evening. Dad went to work at the office early and didn’t get home until dinner time.

Cameron and his Dad usually spent time together on the weekends. They would sometimes go to the park and to get ice-cream. Dad had a huge sweet tooth. Sometimes they went to the local museum. Cameron loved going there, and he especially enjoyed the dinosaur exhibit. Cameron looked forward to spending quality time with his Dad. Mom came along with them sometimes, but usually, it was guy time.

Cameron’s Dad was different than most of the other Dads. He was abnormally strong and Cameron thought he looked like a superhero. Hunter had long black hair and a handsome, chiseled face. He had bulging muscles and tanned skin and piercing blue eyes. Cameron looked more like his mother with his blonde hair and freckled skin, but he did have his Dad’s striking blue eyes.

Cameron was looking forward to going to the movies to see Jurassic Park with his Dad the following weekend. He couldn’t wait. Cameron had wanted to see it before. Mother said it would have to wait until he was a bit older.

Now, Jurassic Park, three was playing at the theater, so he would have to ask his parents if they could rent Jurassic one and two so that he wouldn’t miss any of the fantastic action. Mom thought it was too scary for such a young boy, but Cameron had been ready to see it for a long time. Now that he was ten, he knew things were going to change, after all, he wasn’t a baby anymore.

Cameron went upstairs, took a shower and brushed his teeth. He put on his favorite pajamas, the ones his Grandmother gave him for his birthday. He laughed as he ran from the bathroom and down the hall to his room. With his funny dinosaur feet making a slapping sound on the wooden floor.

Cameron loved story time with his Mother. They were not your average stories. She always told him the most magical tales of fairies and elves in lands that were dark as night, but dimly lit with sparkling fireflies that danced in the trees. Mom said it looked like magic there.

It seemed as if Mother had been there. She seemed to know every detail of this strange and far-off land. Cameron knew these were just stories, but Mother had a way of making him feel as if he were there. Mother often spoke lovingly about a lovely queen that lived in a castle up on a mountain top.

Mothers eyes always misted up as if she were somehow sad when mentioning her name, and sometimes he could hear her voice break a bit as if she might cry. It was hard for Cameron to understand and he thought that maybe she might somehow have a connection with this queen in Dreamland, all though he knew this land could not possibly exist.

“Mother Is Dreamland real? Cameron asked with a sheepish grin on his little-freckled face. Mother smiled, and with a wink, said, “you may find Dreamland in your dreams.” Penny answered, tickling him under his chin while pulling the blankets up tight around him.

Cameron laughed, Mother always had the same answer to this question. Cameron’s eyes grew heavy, and as he snuggled deep into his blanket, his Mother kissed him on his warm, soft cheek and whispered, “Go to sleep my boy, and when you go to Dreamland, just remember, you will learn the answers to many questions, and you will find the truth.”

Cameron felt a stir of excitement as he imagined this strange land, but the weariness of the day took over, and soon he was off to sleep, clutching his favorite stuffed dinosaur under his chin. Penny went downstairs to the kitchen. She was nervous. She knew that Cameron would be taken to Dreamland tonight in his dreams. Cameron had a lot to see and learn. It was the beginning of a long-awaited prophecy that would begin tonight.

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