A Tale Of Dreams

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A Hero's Dream

Cameron was glad to be home. Camp had been awful. He knew something terrible had happened, but no one would talk about it. Even his Mother and Father would tell him nothing. Cameron decided to make the best of his summer. He was tired from the long trip home. The boys on the bus were unusually quiet.

Kenny strummed his guitar most of the way home. Cameron never found out what happened at camp. He just knew it was something terrible. There was a rumor going around that Mrs. Weatherby got arrested for being so mean to them.

Cameron’s principal had told him at the school that he would need to earn community service hours before the summer was over before he went back to school. Now he would have to get his community service hours another way. Cameron would talk to his Mother tomorrow about what he should do. For now, he was exhausted and needed to get some sleep. He had not slept well at camp, and he felt exhausted.

Cameron woke up and searched his surroundings. Where was he now? Everything looked strange. He was standing in front of a huge mirror looking at his reflection. Behind him, there was a dark expanse of night sky. There were floating islands of varying heights glowing with an eerie light that stretched out further than his eyes could see.

There were lush, glowing gardens and he could see a strange planet in the dark sky. He was surprised, as gazed in the mirror, that he had on the uniform he wore in Dreamland. He had on his armor and his silver boots with the wings on either side. He wondered if he could still fly. Cameron wore the shiny purple staff on his side.

As he searched the vast expanse of darkness, He had the feeling that he was in Dreamland again. It had the same dark glow about it, but it seemed strangely empty and a bit frightening. Cameron noticed that a swirling portal was opening across from where he stood, or maybe he was floating, he wasn’t sure. Suddenly Prince Harry and Prince Charles were flying toward him and behind them came Princess Grace, Princess Diana, and Princess Anne.

“Cameron, you’re here!” Grace squealed.

“Where are we?” Cameron asked. He was perplexed.

“We are in Dreamland, silly,” answered Grace. “Don’t you remember?”

“It is time for our training. You will train in your sleep, and you will come to us every night. You won’t remember anything when you wake, but you will learn to be a mighty warrior,” Grace explained.

“We will all be trained to use our gifts for the good of our worlds. We are the chosen ones, to save our worlds from the trolls,” answered Harry.

“So, now I know why I have not been sleeping well. Everyone at camp told me that I was sleepwalking and talking in my sleep. I don’t recognize this place, where is everyone?” Asked Cameron.

“We are inside a training sphere. It is used only for training accessed through the wizard,” answered Princess Diana.

“who is our trainer?” asked Cameron.

“They will be here soon,” answered Anne.

Cameron was very impressed with the Queen’s children. They were all wearing matching uniforms. They wore silver tights and leotards with golden Armor, their iridescent wings laying down their backs. After a while, another portal opened and in flew the trainers. Cameron almost passed out.

“Mom, Dad?” Cameron stammered. He couldn’t believe his eyes. His parents dressed in the same uniform that he wore, with a shiny purple staff at their sides.

“Let us explain, Cameron,” said Penny.

“I need everyone to listen up!” Cameron’s Dad, Hunter said with authority. Before we can train you to fight the trolls, you will need to understand how we all came to be here at this time, and in this place.”

Penny started, “Cameron, I have known Dreamland and the Queen since I was a young girl. I grew to love this land and all its people. I met your Father here. He was the King’s knight. He is a great warrior, and I fell in love with him. Your Father agreed to come back to Earth with me, and we were married. We have been fighting against the trolls of Earth, and we have them on the run, but they are still mighty. They continue to poison our planet. We need to train all of you to take our place in the war to save nature, here and on Earth,” explained Penny.

Cameron thought back to the conversation he had with the Queen. She had told him that his father and Mother had fallen in love here in Dreamland, but he didn’t know that his Dad was a mighty warrior. Now Cameron would be a mighty warrior like his Dad. Penny and Hunter were proud of the children and knew that they would be great students.

The sphere that surrounded them was where all the Knights practiced their craft. There was plenty of room to fly from island to island to practice maneuvers. For the next few months, they would be working on their flight skills. They would be experts on speed, endurance and landing skills. That would be a good start. Then they would need to learn how to use their gifts for good. The training would take them years. As they grew, the practice would become more rigorous and deadlier. They would all be a powerful force. Those trolls wouldn’t stand a chance.

Cameron woke early and bounded downstairs to get breakfast. Something smelled good, and he was hungry. Cameron couldn’t believe how hungry he felt. His muscles felt sore like he had been overusing them. Maybe it was from scrubbing those floors at camp, he thought.

Mother was frying bacon and eggs. She knew that Cameron wouldn’t remember his training last night. She hated to keep it a secret, but she knew that it was the only way to train him properly. He had to be prepared in his dreams, through his subconscious mind so that he could have a normal Earth life. Cameron needed to be an average kid so that he could concentrate on his schooling and graduate. By the time he was twenty years old, he would be back in Dreamland for good.

It was Hunters wish that they would all go back to Dreamland together to live out there days there. After all, he had lived here on Earth for twelve years now, and they would be here for another ten years until Cameron became the warrior he was meant to be. Hunter spent his days fighting the evil trolls, with the help of some people on Earth that were activists for the environment there. They were making significant progress, but unfortunately, many of the trolls were escaping to Dreamland and building their horrid factories there. It was their wish that they could rid Earth of these destructive monsters before they left for Dreamland.

“Good morning, Cameron.” Penny chirped happily.

Cameron sat slowly down in his chair at the table, feeling his thighs tighten painfully.

“What’s wrong, Dear?” Penny asked. Penny knew he was sore. The Kids had gotten quite the workout last night.

“Here, Cameron, eat your breakfast. You will feel better after you get moving.” Penney placed the plate of eggs and bacon in front of him. Cameron devoured his breakfast and asked for more. He had quite the appetite.

“Mom, what can I do this summer to earn my community service hours? I can’t go back to school without them.” Penny thought for a moment.

“There is a group that meets twice a week at the Myrtle Beach State Park. They pick up trash along the Atlantic Ocean. They also teach youth about our environment and how to preserve it.” Penney knew this would be a wonderful experience for Cameron.

“Yes Mama, that would be awesome!” Cameron answered happily as she shoveled the last of his bacon into his mouth.

Cameron was excited. It would be his first day at Myrtle Beach State Park. He had looked over the park online with his Mother and thought it was beautiful there. His Mom would drive him there on the weekends to help with the beach cleanup. He was looking forward to meeting the other kids that volunteered there. Cameron loved going to the ocean. He lived about thirty-five miles away, so they didn’t visit very often. He had his lunch packed in a cooler with some cold drinks and of course, his Mom made sure he had plenty of sunscreen, which she plastered all over his back and face before they even got in the car.

The park was busy on the weekends. There was a fishing pier with fishermen lined up on either side with their poles leaning up on the weathered wooden rails. There was also a small boardwalk with a playground, where children were swinging and running around the slides and playing in the sand. Cameron noticed that there were wooden pathways through the dunes to get to the beach so that no one would trample the sea oats that were important to the dunes.

Penny was told to bring Cameron to the pavilion to meet up with the group. She searched the area and spotted the building just past the playground. The picnic tables were laden with coolers and grocery bags. There was a rather large group of kids of varying ages, most of them looked to be about twelve to maybe sixteen. Sitting at the tables, laughing and talking loudly.

Penny found a couple of adults around the grill, getting hot dogs and burgers ready for the large group. She introduced herself and Cameron to the group’s leaders. They were very friendly and shook Cameron’s hand warmly as they presented themselves.

“I’m Alex, and that guy over there, flipping burgers is Scott. We are glad to have you join us.” Scott waved at them and continued manning the grill. “After we get done eating, we will get you all started. Go on over and sit down wherever you find a spot and get acquainted with the group,” suggested Alex, as he pointed toward the rowdy crowd.

Penny told Cameron that she would be back in a few hours to pick him up. She thought she would do some shopping and hang out in the area instead of driving all the way home and back. Penny hoped Hunter would come with her tomorrow. She would enjoy her husband’s company. She would have to bring Cameron out here every weekend until school started up in August.

Cameron sat at a table where he thought the kids looked more his age. He was a bit shy at first, but it didn’t take him long to make friends. He recognized a couple of kids from school and waved at them from across the table where he sat. It was nice to see some familiar faces.

After lunch, Alex blew a whistle to get everyone’s attention. “Hey guys, listen up. We will be handing out trash bags, and these cool looking sticks to pick up trash. Notice that there is a long-pointed thing on the end of the sticks. These are for picking up trash, not for sword fighting or any nonsense. If I see anyone using his or her trash picker-upper for anything other than picking up trash, you will find yourself sitting in the pavilion until a parent picks you up. So, let’s not go there.”

Everyone agreed and set out to clean the beach in small groups. After a couple of hours, Alex blew the whistle and motioned for everyone to follow him to the pavilion. Everyone dragged their full bags of trash up with them, huffing and puffing from the weight. Alex told everyone to tie their bags and leave them in a pile. Cameron and all the other kids couldn’t believe the enormous amount of trash that they had picked up along the dunes and shore. It was a shame. Scott spoke up first.

“I want you guys to look at what you have picked up in just a couple of hours. Litter is a terrible shame. The cans and bottles and waste that accumulates here from careless beach-goers is a crying shame. Scott looked mad, Cameron thought as his face reddened and his fists clenched.

"What you have done today has made a small difference to our beach. The plastic and cans that you have picked up today will not be a danger to turtles or dolphin or any of the thousands of sea creatures that live in the ocean." added Alex, smiling.

So, give yourselves a hand for making a difference. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone on this planet did just one thing to help Mother Nature?”Everyone applauded and cheered.

Cameron chattered all the way home. He was so proud of what he learned. Penny knew that Cameron’s enthusiasm for helping to clean the beaches would awaken a part of him that was his destiny. As he grew through the next few years, he would become a warrior to save the worlds in our universe. It would become his passion, and he would build a mighty army of people to follow him in his quest.

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