A Tale Of Dreams

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Trouble With Trolls

As Cameron grew into a teen, he became stronger and wiser through the years. His parents were so proud of the young man that he was becoming. They were also very pleased with the Queen’s children. They were growing young warriors, and they were taking total control of their gifts and learning the full potential of their power.

It would soon be time for the move to Dreamland, to continue the war on the trolls there. Earth had become a better and cleaner place. Most of the trolls evacuated Earth. It would be another year or so before they would all be gone and their factories, with their horrid poisons would be destroyed.

Cameron had built a massive following on social media. He had thousands of young adults joining the cause to eliminate pollution and waste. More people were joining every day, to help Cameron clean up the world. He taught them that they could all make a difference in their part of the world.

It was as easy as recycling and throwing trash into a bin instead of on the ground where the garbage flowed into the rivers and lakes and eventually made it to the oceans. People could make a difference. Cameron’s enthusiasm and kindness were working against the trolls, and they were getting weaker. Some of the trolls had escaped through a portal into Dreamland, and things were getting very bad there. Penny and Hunter were getting very concerned. The Wizard was getting weaker.

The troll’s leader, Malak, was troubled. The Troll Colonies on Earth got attacked by the Knight of Dreamland, Hunter, and his volunteers. Most of the factories that were once thriving, making plastic for many needed human products were getting shut down. Malak was a greedy troll, and he knew that his plastics could be produced without causing harm to the environment.

Malak had met Hunter years ago when Hunter and Penny had tried to reason with him. They told him that he could make plastics using plant-based materials instead of oil. Malak knew That plant-based plastics would be biodegradable, therefore saving the oceans and lands of Earth. Malak didn’t care. It would cost him money to change, and he was all about the money. Malak knew that the humans needed what he had to offer no matter what it cost them. Malak didn’t care about the environment. When he used up all of Earth’s resources, he would move on to another world.

Now Malak was getting ready to transport the rest of his men to Dreamland. He planned on drilling the ocean there for oil. There was a fortune there, so he had his men building factories there as quickly as they could. The trolls had been bringing supplies into Dreamland for years now. They had met with some resistance from the Wizard there. Malak knew that the Queen was getting an army together to fight him. Malak and his henchmen would have to kill the wizard to gain control over Dreamland. Malak had his men working on getting rid of the trees that protected him.

It was only a matter of time before he would be the ruler of Dreamland. Just thinking about it made Malak laugh. He couldn’t wait to get revenge on his enemies. They may have gotten the better of him on Earth, but he would take Dreamland.

Yetu oversaw training the Troll armies. He was a mighty warrior from the world of Clandon, where the troll king, Alwan ruled. King Alwan had ruled the land for hundreds of years. He was a cruel leader and treated his people poorly. There were many attempts by the rebel trolls to overthrow the King. They were tired of the way they had to live.

King Alwan had destroyed the land over the hundreds of years that he had ruled. The people were too weak from hunger to fight his armies. They would never make it over the massive walls of the dark castle where King Alwan hid. The King didn’t dare leave the castle walls, in fear for his life. He sent servants to bring his needs to him from the poor villager’s markets. The Troll villagers were good, hard-working trolls. The king and his armies were selfish and wanted to control the entire universe. It made it difficult for the villagers.

The rest of the universe hated the trolls. They suffered because of what their leader, Alwan had done, and so, the Universe thought all trolls to be evil, nasty creatures. The men of Troll Village had been planning to overthrow the King for many years. Their only hope was with Mother Nature. She hated the Troll King and his Armies for what they did to their land and people.

The villagers were told, by Mother Nature that there was to be a great war against the trolls very soon and that if they wanted to get control of their lands, and redeem themselves with the rest of the universe, that they would have to get ready to rise, and fight alongside a boy named Cameron from Earth. Mother Nature would guide them. The trolls agreed. They promised Mother Nature that they would fight on the side of right. They wanted to heal their land and make it clean again. They would train their youth to join forces with Cameron. He would be their hero and savior.

King Alwan sent his spies out to the villages to bring him information on the rebels. He knew there was a plot to bring him down. The horrible King just laughed it off. He never felt threatened in any way. The King knew his armies were loyal to him, and that the villagers were too weak to be of any threat. The nasty king enjoyed hearing the stories that his spies brought to him. He thought all the plotting and planning that these weaklings were making against him were a huge source of amusement.

One day, an unknown traveler was caught loitering at the castle walls by the guards. He was not from Alwan’s land. He was a wanderer from a far-away village. When the soldiers had found him loitering outside of the castle walls, the soldiers arrested him and threw him into the dungeon below the castle.

The guards questioned who he was, and why he was loitering at the castle gates. He told them that he was from a faraway land called Torah. He said that he had news for the King. The guards did not believe him. They questioned him further. They needed to hear this news before they would let this strange troll come before their King.

The stranger explained that he had traveled a long way to warn the King of a human boy that was being groomed by the Wizard and Queen of Dreamland, and that their Kingdom would be doomed.

He wanted to warn the King for a price. He stated that he could see the future and that it looked bleak for the King. The guards were fearful, so they took the stranger to see the King.

King Alwan sat up high on his throne in the throne room. He was intrigued by the stranger and his story of a human boy. The stranger was led down a dark and dreary main hallway. It was dark and grey and frightfully menacing. Large gargoyle statues were holding huge torches lining the hallway. It was almost as scary as the dungeon.

When the enormous double doors to the throne room opened, the guards pushed him forward roughly. He walked hurriedly toward the unfriendly king that sat before him on a throne of what looked to be bones. He wore an ugly spiked crown and a long black robe with a cloak of animal hide around his shoulders. He had a wide grimace on his ugly warty face. The only thing of color about him was his piercing green eyes that looked at him menacingly.

“What brings you here!” King Alwan growled.

“I am Voltar. I come bearing news.” the stranger said, trying not to show the fear that was welling up inside of him.

“What news do you have for the King?” Bellowed King Alwan.

“I am a seer from a land far away. A land called Torah. I bring news of a great war.” Answered Voltar, trying to keep his voice from quivering.

“You and your kingdom are in danger,” Voltaire said.

“What? who would dare challenge my Kingdom?” The King ranted.

“There is a boy, A human boy that will bring you and your kingdom to its knees,” answered Voltar.

“You dare to come before me to tell me that a boy could bring down this kingdom? How dare you!” The King continued to rant and did not give the stranger a chance to say another word.

“Guards! Get this pathetic troll out of my castle. Take him to the tar swamp, out past the village and throw him in. How dare he come to me with such nonsense!” The horrible King bellowed. With that, the guards grabbed Voltar and led him out in a hurry. Voltar dragging his feet behind him and begging for forgiveness.

Voltar now hated the King. He would be sorry that he treated him so poorly. He stumbled out of the hot tar swamp and raised his hands toward the sky. “Mighty winds hear my call. Blow this filth from my robe and lead me out of this horrid place.” Voltar chanted loudly.

A mighty wind blew up from the west and cleansed Voltar of the filth that stuck to his robe and blew him toward the troll village. He had business with the trolls there. He would now be an enemy of the King, and he would help the villagers, and this human boy to defeat the King. There was to be a mighty war between good and evil fought for many years.

Voltar was a mighty force. He could control the weather. He had been a friend of Mother Nature years ago. She gave him a mighty gift. She gave him control over the winds and the rains. He could conjure up the thunderstorms and massive hurricanes.

Voltar was a young fool and thought that he was mightier than Mother Nature. She turned her back on him and banished him from paradise then sent him into an ugly barren land. Voltar begged her forgiveness, but she was a stubborn woman. He went to spy on the King and got captured. He never had any intentions of helping anyone associated with that kingdom. He would show Mother Nature that he had been reformed and would show her through his actions.

Penny and Hunter were getting the last of their belongings packed for their final journey to Dreamland. It was the day of Cameron’s twentieth birthday. Cameron, the warrior, would be ready for the final battle with the trolls that had invaded Dreamland as soon as the truth got revealed to him.

Cameron had grown into a handsome young man. He majored and graduated with a degree in ecology. Cameron had a heart of gold and loved anything associated with nature. Cameron had spent his summers teaching children about ecology and led groups on nature walks and cleanups at Myrtle Beach State Park.

He was everything that Penny and Hunter had hoped that he would be. Now they would reveal the truth to Cameron, that his dreams about Dreamland were a reality. That he had been programmed through his subconscious mind to be a mighty warrior and that he would save Dreamland. Cameron took the news in stride. He never forgot his dream of the past, when he was ten years old. Now as it all came flooding back to him, he remembered his training to be a mighty warrior and his deep love for Princess Grace.

It felt as if his whole existence made sense to him now. It was time to move to Dreamland where he would lead the army against the trolls there. Hunter knew that his son would be shocked by the terrible decline of Dreamland. The trolls had caused a lot of damage, and the poor fairies got driven from their homes as the giant trees that were once their houses got destroyed.

There were fires burning hundreds of acres of the forest, running the animals from their homes and causing smoke and ash to blanket the landscape. The queen had set up tents for shelter inside the castles failing gardens, and she was overwrought with fear and sadness. The beauty of her lands had faded into darkness as the fireflies that lit her kingdom slowly disappeared. They would need to get Cameron and his warriors together as soon as possible after everyone got settled into their suite inside the castle.

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