A Tale Of Dreams

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Back to Dreamland

Cameron was in his room packing up his belongings. He had a lot on his mind. Cameron had lived for the day that he would return to Dreamland and was excited to start his new life.

Cameron couldn’t wait to see the Queen. He had missed her dearly. He had grown very close to her children as they met each night inside the training sphere. They had all become a formidable force as their separate gifts merged into an unbeatable weapon. The warriors worked together like a well-oiled machine.

Cameron looked forward to seeing the royal children every night and loved them as brothers and sisters. He had fallen in love with Princess Grace over the years. The love Cameron felt for her as a child grew into an unwavering desire to make her his wife. He would ask King James for her hand as soon as it was appropriate.

Cameron knew that Grace loved him too. They would seek moments during training where they could sneak away from the team and spend some time together alone. Cameron would hold Grace tightly in his arms before the morning came when he woke in his bed alone, wishing she were there with him. Now he would keep her forever. The time was near, and he was ready.

Queen Kaylyn was happier than she had been in years. She knew that today would be the beginning of a new chapter in her life and that Dreamland could finally rise against the trolls that were destroying everyone’s lives. The last few years had been especially hard, and it was difficult for her to keep her boys from acting too soon. The Queen knew that there was a designed time for the war to take place and that they would have to wait until Cameron came of age to lead them. She understood their anger as they watched Dreamland fall into ruins.

They worried about the Wizard of the Dark Forest. It would be the end of Dreamland if the trolls were to reach him. Now the day had come, and their mighty warrior would be here soon. Everyone in the land celebrated Cameron’s return with cheer.

The elves in Toadstool Village were getting their customary Gooseberry Tarts, and crab apple cider prepared. Twinkie buzzed about happily planning the trip to the portal where Cameron and his parents would soon enter. The servants were preparing the suites where the family would stay putting fine linens on the beds and topping the tables with the flowers from the queens struggling gardens.

The chefs were busy preparing Cameron’s favorite food of hot dogs, French fries, and pastries. They hoped that it was still his favorite food because they had gone to great lengths to acquire them.

The King had made sure that his most prized carriage would be ready to go with Cheyenne at the lead. Everyone in the Kingdom was happy, but the Queen knew there was no one more excited than Grace. She was so in love with Cameron, and she had spent most of the day choosing the perfect gown to wear to greet him.

Her sisters, Anne and Diana, brushed and styled her long golden hair. She and her sisters had been giggling and carrying on for days now. It was a bittersweet time. Queen Kaylyn worried that Cameron would be distraught over the darkness that had invaded the kingdom. She knew he would not be prepared to see the devastation.

The Queen had flown out to visit with Mother Nature many times in the past years. They had grown very close, and it comforted the Queen to be with her in the pure paradise where she lived. She had become quite fond of the animals that lived there, and they always welcomed her when she arrived. Even the grouchy old owl had grown on her.

Mother Nature was still able to console the poor Queen when she came for a visit. She always had a matter of fact way about her, and she would tell the Queen that Cameron would be there soon and that all would go as planned.

Mother Nature told the Queen that she saw a great future for the royal family and that after the war was over and the trolls had been sent back to their land, that there would be a grand celebration and a spectacular wedding and that she could hear the patter of little feet in the Queen’s future. The Queen smiled as she thought about how happy the thought of children in the castle again made her feel. Mother Nature had indeed helped her through the toughest of times.

The time had come for Twinkie to lead the royal carriage to the portal to welcome the new arrivals. King James had told the Queen to stay in the castle to wait for his return. He didn’t want the Queen traveling so far away from the castle since the trolls had become such a threat. He would make the trip and promised to hurry back.

King James kissed the Queen and headed out the front door of the castle and down the stairs to the waiting carriage. He greeted a very anxious Twinkie, patted Cheyenne on her head and climbed onto the driver’s platform of the grand carriage. He waved back at the Queen as he snapped the reins and sent Cheyenne flying up into the gloomy air toward the portal.

Cameron and his parents got up and brushed the leaves from their clothes and looked up into a dark and gloomy sky that smelled of smoke and ash. Cameron thought for a moment that they were in the wrong land until he saw Twinkie’s warm light flying toward him. The King was right behind her.

Cameron was delighted to see Twinkie. It had been a long time and Twinkie couldn’t believe this was the same little freckle-faced boy that she had met years ago. Cameron reached out and patted Cheyenne’s white mane. He looked up at the King and bowed to him.

“No need for formalities my boy, you are family,” said the King as he jumped down from the carriage and gave Cameron a big bear hug.

“You have grown into a fine young man, Cameron.” The King turned his gaze to Hunter.

“My gallant Knight, it is good to see you again.” The men shook hands, trying desperately to keep from tearing up.

“Penny, my dear you look beautiful, welcome home. The Queen will be so happy to see all of you. Please climb aboard and let’s be off. The Queen requested I be of haste.” Everyone laughed as they took their seats on the magnificent carriage and headed back to the castle.

Cameron couldn’t believe the terrible state of the once beautiful land. It was devastating, and he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was desperately needed there. It was a very urgent matter, and he would be ready to act immediately. Finally, the carriage landed in front of the castle.

Cameron thought he might cry out with emotion. His happiness clouded by the darkness of a once shimmering castle. The once magnificent colored glowing flowers were hanging low with only a faint glimmer of dim light. All the trees that lined the marble pathway leading to the castle were dark from the absence of the once sparkling fireflies. The ash from nearby forest fires covered the once shining crystal castle, making it look dull and lifeless.

Cameron strolled through the gardens, not speaking a word. His face said it all. Just as he was about to hang his head and cry, he heard the most beautiful sound in the world.

“Cameron!” It was Grace. She was running gracefully toward him. She was wearing a beautiful shimmering gown that made all the darkness turn to sunshine in Cameron’s eyes. He ran forward and swung her up into his arms and kissed her tenderly.

Cameron spun her around and picked her up into his arms and carried her up the stairs to the castle doors. Cameron felt as if there were just the two of them, and no one else. He couldn’t take his eyes off her beautiful face, looking up at him full of love. She was his, and he never wanted to leave her again. The Queens’ voice snapped him out of his trance. “Cameron, my boy! Welcome home.”

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