A Tale Of Dreams

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Together at Last

Cameron entered the castle with The Queen and Grace on each arm. His mind was spinning as he remembered being in this very castle when he was only ten years old. Cameron was overwhelmed with emotion. The Queen squeezed his arm and looked up at him with tears in her eyes. She had waited so long for Cameron’s return.

The Queen couldn’t believe what a handsome young man he had become. He looked very much like his Mother with her blonde hair which was grown long now, but he had his Fathers dark skin and physic and his magnificent blue eyes. Cameron had a broad chest, and the queen could feel his bulging biceps where she held his arm. He had the most striking blue eyes and a smile that would melt your heart. He towered over Her and Grace.

King James escorted everyone into the music room. When they entered the room, Cameron was surprised to see Michael and Gretchen with a now grown-up Timmy and Lola from Toadstool Village. The Duke and Duchess of Fairy Land Woods were there with the Fairy children that he had long ago played with on the branches of their fairy tree home. Violet, Rosie, Daisy, Scooter, and Scout, they were all there, but now they were all so different. They were no longer children, but young men and women and they were beautiful. Cameron crossed the room and greeted all his old friends. He was so. happy to see all his old friends.

The palace was buzzing with chatter and laughter as everyone acquainted themselves with their new neighbors from Earth. Cameron and Grace took a seat together on the piano bench while Grace played beautiful music for everyone to enjoy. There were trays of mouthwatering treats and, of course, hot dogs and French fries to celebrate Cameron’ s return. Everyone danced and sang together. It was a fabulous party that went on for hours.

It was late when Cameron and Grace entered Cameron’s lovely suite. They had danced together most of the night and were worn out. They had been anxious to spend some time alone together this night. Penney and Hunter had long since retired to their new suite in the west wing of the castle. Everyone from the party left to go back home. The poor fairies had lost their treetop homes to the awful trolls but had makeshift huts in the Queen’s garden that were quite nice.

Cameron led Grace to sit with him on the beautiful settee that occupied a massive window that looked out toward the lake. Cameron felt disappointed that there was no sparkling light from the fireflies. They were gone. It was extremely dark in the gardens and surrounding lands.

“I knew that I loved you, always in my dreams, Grace, but now I know you are not only a dream. Now that we are together, I will love you forever and make you my wife, if you will have me,” Cameron said as he gazed deeply into Grace’s beautiful emerald eyes.

“Oh, yes darling, yes,” Grace answered, breathlessly gazing deeply into Cameron’s blue eyes.

Cameron took Grace into his arms and kissed her gently. “I will ask the King for your hand tomorrow Grace, and we will make it official. Oh, Grace, I am happier than I have ever been. They held each other, gazing out at the starlit night.

After a while, Grace left to go to her chambers in the East wing of the castle. She crept past her parent’s royal suite, hoping not to wake them and entered her room. She flung herself across her bed. Grace laid there, staring up at the lace canopy above her bed smiling happily, and thinking of Cameron and their impending marriage.

Grace couldn’t wait to tell everyone about their engagement but knew it would be best to wait until Cameron spoke with her father. She knew her father would never protest. Tomorrow would be a bittersweet night. She knew that they would have to plan their attack on the trolls and she knew that if the trolls were in Dreamland that she would not marry her love. She wanted Dreamland to be in its former glorious state so that her wedding would be perfect and all danger from the trolls, eliminated.

Grace rose from her bed and went into her wardrobe to get ready for bed. She slipped out of her beautiful gown and into her pink silk nightgown with the pretty bows and roses along the neckline. It felt crisp and soft against her skin. She took down her long blonde hair and brushed it until it was smooth and shiny. As she gazed into her reflection in her ornate golden mirror that was above her dressing table, she smiled at herself. Grace was an astonishing beauty. She looked much like her mother. Grace was concerned about the impending war. She hoped that it would not go on for long. Grace knew it weighed heavily on everyone’s mind.

Cameron was deep in thought. Grace had just left the room. He was so in love with her. It seemed so strange that this girl had been a part of his life ever since he laid eyes on her when he first came to the castle so many years ago.

Cameron found it hard to believe that he only knew her in his subconscious mind, Through his dreams. How could it be? It was his destiny to marry her and have his children with her. Cameron was a long way from his home in South Carolina. It was a different life. There were no computers or television or any of the modern conveniences that Earth offered. There were no paved roads or cars, no cell phones. It was like Cameron had traveled back in time to a new era. It was a new world here. There had never been any dangers or pollution here, only love and no hate.

That is until the trolls started moving their modern machines here from Earth. They were making a terrible mess here. Cameron would need to lead his army to push them back into their world. His Father had done a valiant job of getting them away from Earth, but unfortunately, there were more of them coming through the portal into Dreamland. He wouldn’t stop until they were back to their world.

Cameron had learned of A King there. King Alwan was evil and his people would overthrow him. The villagers there were getting stronger with the leadership of Voltar. They would be a significant force. Cameron wanted to get this war over as quickly as possible so that he could marry Grace. Beautiful Grace. He would sleep now and ask the King for Grace’s hand in marriage tomorrow. Cameron wondered if he would ever get used to the endless darkness here. To never see the sun again seemed a daunting task.

There was so much to discover here. Cameron hoped that the fireflies would return when he accomplished his mission. It was too dark here without the fireflies. Dreamland only had the light from the stars and the lanterns to see.

Cameron learned to use the magic staff that he had gotten from the Wizard so many years ago. It opened portals and contained powerful magic that made him invisible at will. It would also light the way to battle. Without its light, he would be at a disadvantage in this dark land. Cameron felt confident that they could overcome the ugly nasty trolls. Cameron felt his eyes growing heavy and made his way across the room to his massive comfortable bed. It was a bed fit for a mighty warrior.

The castle was bustling with activity. Everyone was gathered in the grand dining room eating an excellent breakfast prepared by the royal chefs. Delicious bread and poached eggs, berries and cream and delectable pastries presented on silver and gold trays.

The King and Queen sat on opposite ends of the table. The Duke and Duchess were on the right of the queen. The prince and princesses and Penney and Hunter were chatting happily amongst themselves, Cameron was seated next to Grace. They were holding hands and playfully flirting with one another. Everyone was excited to be dining together.

When everyone had finished with their breakfasts, and the servants had picked up the last of the plates, Cameron rose from his seat and looked nervously toward the King. Everyone turned their gaze toward him as he nervously cleared his throat.

“King James, I request Grace’s hand in marriage. I love her, and I will make her an excellent and loving husband” the entire table gasped. All eyes were now on the King as he looked sternly at Cameron.

“You want to take my Daughters hand?” The King asked. There was complete silence in the room as Cameron looked directly into the Kings eyes and answered him with complete directness.

“Yes, your Majesty, I love her.” there was a pause as the King looked first to the Queen and then to Grace.

“Cameron, I give you my Daughter Grace’s hand in marriage with joy in my heart.”

The King smiled and stood up to extend his hand to Cameron, and as The King shook his hand, he had to laugh at the shocked look on Cameron’s face. He was quite relieved. Everyone applauded and rose to congratulate the couple.

Penney and the Queen hugged one another, with tears of joy running down their faces. The two Mothers knew that this day would come, and they were pleased. They were going to plan a dream wedding. There would be much for the queen and Penny to prepare. The wedding planning would keep the women busy while their children went to war with the trolls. The Queen hoped that Things would be back to normal soon in Dreamland.

“We must have an engagement celebration.” The Queen announced.

“Oh yes, we must!” Princess Diana exclaimed.

“Let’s get busy planning,” said Anne. The sisters rushed to Graces side.

There was much excitement in the room. Grace hugged her sisters as they wished her congratulations. Penny and the Queen told the girls to follow them into the parlor for tea where they could discuss their plans. The men rose from their chairs as the ladies excused themselves. The King thought it best that the men have some time to plan the impending war. The King led his Sons, Cameron and Hunter to the throne room to discuss plans for the fight against the trolls.

“Let the women have their party. Having some celebration will be good. The Queen has been ill with worry about the trolls and their effect on our land. It has made her frail.” the King said. His head was hanging low. The Queen was everything to him, and he hated seeing her this way.

“I am glad you are here now, Cameron and Hunter. I have sent some of my men out to spy on the trolls. They have sent messages back to me. There are many more of these trolls stretching inland from the ocean. They have made a lot of progress and are getting dangerously close to the Wizard. Alas, the wizard is in danger.” King James explained.

“I want you men to go to the Wizard tonight. He will tell you what he needs. We will protect him. Do whatever he says. I have been notified by my men that there is a strange Earth woman with the trolls. I don’t know how she got here or who she is. She is helping the trolls, and she is dangerous. Cameron, she knows about you and has warned the trolls of your threat to them. "

"We no longer have the element of surprise. She has helped the trolls with advanced weapons from Earth making them much more dangerous. Fortunately, trolls are stupid creatures.” King James explained to the young warriors.

Cameron couldn’t imagine who this woman from Earth could be or what her motives were. She was a mystery. Maybe the Wizard could shed some light on the odd situation.

The Wizard was very happy to see Cameron. He had been anxious about the trolls. They were getting very close, and all the smoke from the fires were choking him out. He had lost too many of his guard trees. The Wizard was weak and spoke with a raspy voice as he explained to the men about the evil woman that was now Malak’s sidekick. She was the one responsible for bringing the fires to quickly destroy the trees and bringing the dark forest to its demise.

“Cameron, this woman knows who you are. She is a danger.” The Wizard began.

“You need to send her back to Earth, and when you get all of the trolls back to their world, we will need to seal the portal permanently. I can’t tell you how long this will take. I can’t even tell you that it’s not too late to save me. I fear things have progressed much quicker than I thought possible.” The Wizard said sadly.

“This evil woman has helped the trolls by advancing their power with modern tools from Earth. I need you, men, to get to Troll village immediately. We have no time to waste. I am losing my powers, and I’m afraid I will not have the strength to help you. It is all in your hands now. When you return to the Castle, go to your wardrobes and put on your uniforms."

"Cameron, you will need your magic staff so that you can find your way in the dark. This will also be in your wardrobe. Never let it go, under any circumstances. This evil woman will try to possess it. If she gets it, the trolls will have the power to keep the portal opened, and we will never get them out.” The Wizard said weakly.

“Don’t worry Wizard. We will save you. We will do what we are destined to do here.” The Wizards eyes were fading fast, and Cameron was afraid that he was very ill indeed.

Twinkie led the men back to the castle where they were instructed to go to get their uniforms for battle. Cameron went to find Grace. She was still chatting with the Queen and her sisters.

”Excuse me, Queen. I must speak with all of you. We have returned from the Wizard. Things are much worse than we suspected. We must leave tonight. The Wizard has asked us to act swiftly. He is not well. He told us that our battle uniforms would appear in our wardrobes." Cameron explained trying not to sound panicked. He didn't want to alarm the women.

"Warriors, we must go tonight. I don’t know how long we will be gone. Mother and Queen do not worry. We will be fine. We will have to wait for our engagement celebration. We must go now. There is no time to wait!” Cameron hugged the Queen and Penny and tried to give them comfort.

“Please, Cameron. Be careful. Take care of your brothers and Sisters. I know you will be great. You were born for this very moment. I love you.” The Queen said softly assuring Cameron.

“I love you Son. I am so proud of you. Clobber those Trolls and get back here so we can celebrate.” Penny said with tears welling up in her sad eyes.

Cameron filled the girls in on what the Wizard had said as they flew swiftly through the night sky. Cameron’s magic staff lit the way brightly. Cameron told them that they would land on the shore of the ocean a few miles south of where the trolls camped. There they would plan their first attack.

Cameron and his band of warriors landed on the beach. They spotted much devastation on their flight. The trolls had built a few factories in the past ten years since Cameron’s return that spewed out noxious fumes. There were many more houses lined up in rows. The garbage that the trolls produced was piling up in massive heaps making the air smell nauseating. After landing, Cameron ordered everyone to help him set up camp.

“Listen up!” “We will make camp here. Charles and Harry, you will make a pit for the fire. Anne, Grace, and Dianne let’s get a shelter built, and later we will eat. While you get this done, I will take my staff and check on things in the troll’s colony. I will get back as soon as I can. I have to find out who this mystery woman is.”

Cameron flew along the dark ocean heading toward the troll Colony. He was sad to see the oil rigs that were being constructed out in the sea. He had a long flight ahead of him. His staff illuminated the night sky with a bright light that could not be seen by any enemies. Cameron was invisible to the trolls. After he had been in flight for a while, Cameron was shocked to see a fire on the shore by the sea. He decided to go down and investigate. Cameron landed near the fire, his staff keeping him from being seen. He did not see anyone around the fire. He listened intently for any sounds.

A few minutes later, Cameron could hear someone whistling and getting closer. Cameron strained to see who it could be. Cameron was shocked, how can this be? There was an Earthman here in Dreamland. Cameron had to go and speak with him and find out how he got here. The man was sitting on a log next to the fire. Cameron noticed a hut built up the beach partially hidden in the dunes and brush. It looked to Cameron like this guy had been here for a long while.

“Who are you?” Cameron asked the strange man.

“Who said that?” the stranger answered. He was frightened. There was a voice, but he couldn’t see anyone.

Cameron lowered his staff and came out from behind his invisible vail. “Sorry man, I am Cameron. I am an enemy of the trolls under the Kings command. Who are you and where are you from?” The strange man had not seen anyone but the nasty trolls since he had gotten stranded here a long time ago.

“My name is Richards; Chief Richards. I am from Florida. I'm stranded here. I don’t know how I got here. All I know is, I was chasing a suspect, and I almost had my hands on her. When I grabbed her shoulder, I started falling, and I saw stars swirling around and around and fell onto this beach.”

Cameron couldn’t believe it. Chief Richards was the same chief that had come to the boys camp many years ago. He vaguely remembered him, but he did remember the name.

“Chief Richards, I am Cameron. I was at the boys camp the day you and your officers came there to look for Mrs. Weatherby.”

“Her name is Sarah Maxwell. I have been looking for her ever since that day. She is a dangerous murderer.” exclaimed the Chief.

“What murder?” Cameron asked.

“You were young then.” answered the Chief.

“Kenny thought it best not to tell you young men about what happened there. I will try to explain, and then maybe you can tell me where the heck I am and how to get home." The chief kicked at the sand beneath his feet in frustration.

Cameron took a seat in the sand next to the warm fire and looked at the Chief intently, trying to remember that day at camp so long ago.

“Sarah was an escaped mental patient. She stole a nurse’s car and killed her for it.” The Chief continued.

"Sarah had been a camper when she was young at Camp Chatawa where you stayed. She had a chip on her shoulder, and she went there to murder the camp director, Harold. Sarah got rid of him, and I am sure that Sarah meant to do all you boys harm. Her real name is Sarah Maxwell, and I have been chasing her for two long years. When I finally thought I had her cuffed, she used some device, and a hole opened in the sky and the next thing I knew, I was on this blasted dark beach!"

"Can you tell me where I am?” The Chief asked desperately searching for answers to his strange predicament.

Cameron was shocked by the news. It seemed so long ago.

“You are in Dreamland. It used to be beautiful here before the trolls moved in. That is why I am here, to get rid of the trolls and restore this land to its former splendor. I can get you home, but I can’t open the portal until I get rid of the trolls. Once I open the portal, it will be forever locked. No one will ever come in or out of the Earth portal again. I plan on sending that Maxwell woman out too. I don’t know how long this will take. I have my warriors down the beach. You should come to stay with us. We all have powers that will help us survive here for as long as this war takes. I will come back for you. First I must go to the troll camp.” Cameron raised his magic staff and pulled the veil of invisibility over his head and off he flew.

Cameron could see the colony ahead. He flew down and landed in the middle of a cluster of factories. The smell here was awful. There were piles of garbage everywhere. The factories were humming. Loudly generating power to run the machines that produced plastic parts for Earth.

Cameron felt sick. It was awful. He walked across to a building that he thought looked like an office of some kind. He wasn’t sure for what he was seeking. As Cameron flew up the side of the building, looking through windows, he came across a room that looked like an office with a large desk. As he looked through the window, he got a glimpse of a rather massive, ugly menacing troll. Cameron thought it must be Malak, the leader.

A moment later he saw Sarah Maxwell walk in. Sure enough, it was that nasty woman from camp. Cameron felt a shudder run up his spine. Malak was a grotesque looking creature. He had a large head and pointed ears. He was a greyish green color with warts on his ugly face.

“When will we get that next shipment out, Malak? I need to get out of this horrid place. You told me that if I got that contract for you that you would pay me, and I could go back to Earth. I hate this smelly dark world.” Sarah Maxwell screeched.

“I’m working on it, you need to be patient! “It is the biggest contract we have ever taken on. I can’t get your money until the orders are filled and delivered. It will be a while longer.” hissed Malak.

“I told you I want to be out of here before that Cameron brat and his brat pack gets here. Hurry along!” Ms. Maxwell screamed back at Malak. With that, she turned and stomped out of his office.

“Oh, lord, I remember that screechy voice.” Cameron murmured to himself.

“Sarah Maxwell is up to no good for sure. I will have to get back and bring Richards to camp with me,” Cameron thought as he flew back down the beach.

“Chief Richards!” Cameron called out.

” Over here!” The chief replied.

Cameron walked up the dunes toward the hut and walked through the door to find the Chief packing up a few things. “We need to leave now. I am going to fly you to camp. It will take far too long to walk. I will need for you to trust me. You must climb on my back.” Cameron reached over and took the small satchel that the chief held and motioned him to climb up on his back.

They flew quickly back down the beach toward the camp. The Chief had finally relaxed and was no longer choking Cameron from fear. Cameron had to remind him occasionally, to relax his grip.

When Cameron and the Chief landed at the camp. There was a friendly fire going, and four huts built. Extremely grand huts. Cameron did a double take. How did those get built here?

Grace ran toward Cameron to welcome him back and stopped short when she saw a strange Earth man standing there next to Cameron. “Don’t worry Grace. This is Chief Richards. He is a friend. We will all need to sit down I have much to share with you.” Everyone sat around the fire and carefully listened while Cameron explained how the Chief and Ms. Maxwell got to Dreamland. The turn of events changed things.

The chief couldn’t believe how beautiful the fairies were. Cameron introduced the royal fairies, and upon meeting Dianna, Chief Richards thought he might have fallen in love in that very moment. She was the most beautiful creature that he had ever seen. Her beautiful dark hair was tied up on her head in a bun with a gold ribbon. She had on a golden uniform that fit tight to her perfect form. Her wings reached up on either side of her and were a dazzling translucent silver.

She was smiling at him, and her green eyes reflected golden specs of light from the fire. He felt breathless as she reached out to him to shake his hand, giggling shyly.

As the Chief sat at the fire listening to the fairies discuss their plans, he heard Prince Harry tell Cameron that the Queen had sent supplies for them. A team of her servants had brought them provisions. They had plenty of food and blankets, pillows beds, all the comforts of home. She even sent one of her chefs to cook for them.

Cameron shook his head. He knew she meant well. The huts looked comfortable and unusually colorful. The camp would be their home for as long as it took to get rid of the trolls. It was the fanciest camp he had ever seen. It seemed ridiculous to Cameron, but he had to realize that he was with royalty and this was roughing it for them. It was time for everyone to get some sleep. The Chief would bunk with Cameron. They would sleep for a few hours and then they would begin their attack.


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