A Tale Of Dreams

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The Gifts of The Wizard

Everyone gathered around the fire. The Queen’s chef had prepared an excellent breakfast. It was the night of attack and Cameron wanted to get everyone on the same page. Cameron knew his warriors had unique gifts that they would use to their favor in the battle against the Terrible Trolls.

Prince Harry had the gift of bravery and was afraid of nothing. He had unusual strength. His strength made him a bit too spontaneous, but deadly. He wielded a spear for battle.

Prince Charles had the gift of healing. Not only could he never get hurt but he could heal others.

Princess Grace was given the gift of music as a child, and now she carried a magic flute that made her enemies or attackers fall into a deep sleep.

Princess Anne was given the gift of joy as a child and had learned to use it to her advantage. Anne could make anyone joyful. Even the most horrible monsters would laugh uncontrollably and lay entirely vulnerable to her.

Princess Dianna had the gift of unusual sight. She had learned to use her gift to see things before they happened. She could also speak with animals telepathically. This gift allowed her to call on animals to help her during battle. The Wizard gave all these gifts them, and they would use these gifts to protect one another as they battled against the trolls.

It was time to go. Chief Richards would stay behind. Cameron told him that they would get Sara Maxwell to him before they opened the portal so that he could get her back to the asylum where she belonged.

Cameron lifted his staff over his head and lifted the veil of invisibility. Off they flew with Cameron in the lead. When they got close to the troll’s territory, they asked Dianna to use her sight to pinpoint where to enter to get to Malek. She told them that he was in the factory and she led them straight to him. They all hovered outside the factory for only a moment when Cameron used his magic staff to open the door. The door swung opened with a loud crash, and the team flew in ready to fight.

There were trolls everywhere. Most of them were the weak trolls that ran the factory. They ran in different directions, trying to escape the onslaught. Cameron spotted Malak running toward a second door to escape. He was calling out loudly for his guards. Cameron flew quickly after him. The rest of the fairies went after the trolls that were in hiding. They would kill any Troll that attempted to attack them. Prince Charles and Harry raised their mighty swords and sent the trolls running for cover. They killed any trolls that tried to attack them.

Now there were only six trolls left. They huddled together and begged for their lives. “Why should we spare you nasty trolls? “Prince Harry hissed.

The trolls were trembling. “Please, Please, don’t take our heads. We will leave and never return. We will cause you no trouble.”

Prince Harry laughed, Prince Charles called for Princess Grace. “Grace, put these mongrels to sleep until I can decide what we will do with them.”

Princess Grace pulled out her magical flute and lulled them to sleep with a serene melody.

Cameron was right behind him now. Malak was running toward the guard’s shack screaming at the top of his lungs for help. The guards were running toward Cameron with large clubs ready to fight. They were getting closer, Cameron swung around with his staff and sent out a purple ray of light that struck the guards and obliterated them to ash. The guards that were behind the charging trolls stopped in their tracks and ran for their lives. Prince Harry and Charles went after them charging ahead with their bloody spears at the ready.

Princess Grace, Dianna, and Anne went after them the trolls that were on the run toward the cover of the dunes. Dianna used her telepathy to call on her animal friends to help them. Suddenly there were animals everywhere, chasing the trolls that were running around frantically in circles, trying to get away from charging deer with their giant deadly racks. The bear chased some of the trolls with their frightening claws and gnashing teeth. The porcupines were shooting the trolls with their sharp quills. The trolls were all screaming in terror.

Sarah Maxwell was in the office. She was watching all of this unfold below her from the window high above. Ms. Maxwell had just watched Malak run into the guard shack with Cameron on his tail. She knew that he was gone, and from the look of things they would all be killed. She had weapons and more guards in the building along with some office trolls that were weak and afraid. They were all hiding under their desks. She could hear their teeth chattering and their knobby knees knocking together in fear.

Ms. Maxwell screamed out and called the guards up to her office. Three guards answered her call, and she gave each of them a rifle. It was their only chance. She went to the gun cabinet and pulled out a rifle. She busted out the window and started firing. The guards ran down the stairs toward the front door and out into the courtyard to take on Cameron. He headed toward them. They knew he had an extraordinary staff and they planned to take it from him.

The guards started firing on Cameron before he had a chance to lift his invisible veil. They could see him. They shot him several times before he fell to the ground, clutching his staff tightly.

Princess Dianna screamed “They got him! Grace, they shot Cameron!” She saw it happen in her mind’s eye.

“Noooo!” cried Grace as they flew as fast as they could toward the sounds of gunfire that echoed through the compound.

When the fairies got closer, they could see A woman shooting a gun out of the upstairs window of the building. They would need to get the ugly giant guard trolls first. The trolls were bent over Cameron’s body trying to pull the magic staff from his grip. The staff would not budge. There was some magic force that prevented the trolls from accessing the staff. The fairies were dodging the flying bullets as they flew nearer to Cameron.

Dianna called out for her bears to help. Two giant grizzly bears jumped up behind the trolls and took them down to the ground. The bears killed the guards and made way for the Princesses to get to Cameron. Grace screamed out in pain as she took Cameron’s head into her lap, crying and wailing pitifully.

“Watch out!” screamed Anne as bullets form Ms. Maxwell’s rifle whizzed by.

Anne took off toward the door to the building and flew quickly up the stairs and into Ms. Maxwell’s office. Anne flew up behind her and touched Ms. Maxwell’s shoulder. Ms. Maxwell broke out in fits of laughter as Anne put her laughing spell on the awful woman. Ms. Maxwell fell to the floor and rolled around uncontrollably laughing and snorting. Anne reached down and took the rifle from Ms. Maxwell. Anne put it into the rifle cabinet, locked it and threw away the key.

Anne flew back down the stairs and spotted three very scared trolls peeking out over their desks. “You can come out now trolls. Just keep your hands up where I can see them,” ordered Anne. The trolls slowly emerged and knelt in front of the princess.

“Please my lady, don’t kill us. We will not be any trouble. We promise.” pleaded the troll with the glasses.

“I will not kill you unless you give me a reason.” Answered Anne.

What are your names? “Anne asked. She found herself stifling a smile at the sight of the terrified troll’s wobbly knees.

“I am Mudd.” said the troll with the glasses. “these are my friends, Delbert, and that is Squiggy. Will you let us go?” Mudd cried.

Princess Anne found them quite comical with their ears held back like a scared rabbit, their eyes as big as saucers and their bony knees knocking.

“I will not kill you. I will only make you laugh until I come back for you.” With that, Anne touched them and left them there in fits of laughing convulsions.

Princess Anne ran outside to find Grace holding Cameron and covering his face kisses. Prince Harry and Charles were standing over them. Princess Dianna was crying tears of joy. Anne looked at Cameron and could see that he was becoming conscious now. Prince Charles had revived him from death with his precious gift. Prince Charles pulled Grace up, and Harry helped Cameron up off the ground and handed him his staff. They all hugged and cried together.

It was time to go back to camp. They would come back tomorrow to get the trolls that were left either sleeping or laughing. Those trolls weren’t going anywhere tonight. Prince Harry and Charles had seen some trolls escape to the dark dunes. They would find them another night. Tonight was done.

Grace was clutching onto Cameron and checking his body for bullet holes. She had never witnessed her brother’s gift before, and she was amazed. Grace was eternally grateful to her Brother, Charles for using his incredible magic to save Cameron. She would have died with him. She could scarcely imagine how she could have gone on without him. Grace hugged Prince Charles and thanked him. Everyone was quiet on their journey back to camp. They were all tired and hungry.

Chief Richards was worried. He had grown fond of the warriors and wouldn’t want to see them harmed in any way. It had been a long night for him. He often thought about Princess Dianna. He loved her and wanted to be near her. He couldn’t stand it if anything were to happen to her.

The Chief wondered if he would ever have a chance with Dianna. She was a fairy in a different world. How could it ever be? When he saw Cameron and Grace together, it gave him hope that a fairy princess and an earthman could have a future together. The Chief wasn’t sure if he would be able to stay here in this world, even for Dianna. He missed Earth and his friends there. It was a lot to think about. Maybe he could talk to Cameron about his concerns.

Cameron led the warriors back down the beach and onto the sand where their camp stood. The fire looked inviting and the air smelled of roast beef. They were all glad to be back at camp.

Cameron knew that this night had been tough for the fairies. They are naturally peaceful creatures. Even though they had been trained to fight and kill their enemies, A war was something that would always haunt them. They had made considerable progress this night, and he hoped to see everyone back in the castle very soon.

Everyone sat around the warm fire eating beef stew. The mood was low, and everyone was quiet. Chief Richards knew how they must feel. In all his years as a police officer he had shot a few criminals, and it always haunted him. The Chief knew it would take time to come to terms with their feelings. The chief hoped he might get a word with Cameron about his feelings for Dianna.

Cameron followed the Chief into the dunes. He knew the Chief wanted to discuss something significant with him. He was surprised when the Chief professed his love for Dianna. Cameron felt sorry for the Chief, and he understood his concerns.

“You do know that if Princess Dianna returned your love that you would have to stay here. You would never go back to earth. I can’t even tell you that the King and Queen would accept you,” explained Cameron.

“Yes, I realize that. I don’t know what to do.” The chief answered sadly.

“Well, if you feel so strongly for Princess Dianna that you would change your life for her, then you will need to tell the Princess how you feel,” said Cameron.

The Chief assured Cameron that he would speak with the Princess soon.

When they got back to camp, everything was quiet. There was only the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Cameron wished the Chief good night and went into his hut. The chief told Cameron that he would be in later. He needed to think.

Chief Richards walked the shore for hours. He had so much on his mind. As the chief turned around to head back to camp, he heard a rustling sound in the brush around the dunes. It was dark, and the Chief could not see anything, so he called out.

“Is anyone there?” There was no answer and the chief thought he had better not try to go into the dunes. It was just too dark. He quickly ran back to camp, looking around nervously. He ducked into the hut. He would tell Cameron about what he heard, for now, he needed to sleep.

“What was that?” Cameron bolted up from his sleep. He shook the chief, waking him and motioning for him to get his gun and follow him out of the hut. Cameron pointed his staff toward the dunes behind him so that he could see in the dark dunes. There he heard a scuffling sound.

“Come out now, before I come in after you!” yelled Cameron.

“Don’t shoot, don’t shoot!” yelled the troll as he came out from behind one of the dunes.

Cameron walked up to the Troll and grabbed him roughly by the arm. “What are you doing here?” asked Cameron.

“I am Finny. I got lost from my group. After your warriors attacked, a group of us ran to the portal to go back to our world. We were scared. Everyone was pushing and fighting to get in. I got shoved down, and I guess I passed out because when I woke, everyone was gone, and I couldn’t get through.” Finny cried, his knees knocking loudly in fear.

“I was afraid to go back to the compound, so I just followed the shore. I saw a man last night, and so I followed him here. I want to ask the warrior, Cameron to help me to go back to my world.” The troll explained nervously.

The Chief explained to Cameron that he had heard some strange noises in the dunes last night and that he had planned on investigating. Cameron looked back at the frightened creature. He looked pitiful. “I will take you to our camp, troll.” “You will be our prisoner. Follow us now.”

When the Chief and Cameron came strolling up with a troll, the fairies were surprised. The Chief told them to be calm. The Chief pushed the pathetic troll down on a nearby log as everyone gathered around to question him. “Explain yourself troll! Who is with you?” The Chief bellowed.

“I swear, my story is true. I am alone. I have no one. We are not all terrible trolls, some of us were at Malak’s mercy. The King in Candor where we come from is a terrible King. He starved our families and threatened our lives. He sent Malak and his Troll warriors to take us from our homes, away from our families to work at his factories on Earth. We were forced to work, or his cronies would kill our families. After the war on our factories on Earth, King Alwan sent us here.” Finny looked into Cameron’s eyes. He looked sincere and Cameron believed the poor troll.

“All I want to do is go home to my family, and I missed my chance.” Finny sobbed.

Cameron felt sorry for this poor creature, and as he scanned the faces around him, he could see that everyone else did too. After hearing this story from Finny, everyone decided to go back to the troll compound to rescue any of the innocent trolls that were left behind. Cameron carried Finny on his back. “We will be back quickly,” Cameron yelled back to the chief. With that, the fairies flew off toward the troll compound.

The compound looked deserted. It was eerily quiet. Cameron led the fairies to the factory where the worker trolls had been left to sleep under Grace’s spell. Princess Grace put her flute to her lips and played a lively melody to wake the trolls from their slumber. As the trolls sat up and looked up at the fairies, they were confused and scared.

“Please don’t kill us!” They shouted.

“We have no intention of killing you. We met Finny, and he explained your situation. We are here to help you to get back to your families,” Cameron explained. The trolls stood up and brushed themselves off. They smiled at Cameron and thanked him.

“What are your names?” asked Grace.

The tallest troll spoke first. “I am Rocco, and my friends are Slim, Bagger, Rolo, Sim, and Tugg. We are from Candor.

“Do you know how to get us home?” Bagger asked.

Cameron explained that they would follow him to the office building to get the other three trolls that were there under Ann’s spell of laughter. Cameron led everyone across the compound, carefully scanning the area for any enemy trolls.

When they got nearer to the office, they could hear crazy laughter coming from the building. Princess Anne climbed the stairs to take the spell off the trolls. She touched each of them one by one, removing the spell of laughter. The only one still laughing was Ms. Maxwell. She was rolling around holding her belly snorting and shrieking in laughter. Anne reached over her and tapped her shoulder to bring her out of the spell.

“All of you will follow me downstairs. We need to get you home.” Anne directed the dazed trolls firmly. They followed her, as if in a trance, down the stairs to the group waiting below.

“You trolls will all follow me to the portal to Candor. I am sending you home.” Cameron announced. The trolls cheered loudly.

“What will happen If we go back? King Alwan will have our hides. He will starve our families,” exclaimed Bagger.

“You need not worry. You have a powerful ally in a man named Valcor. He has overthrown your King, and your people have risen against the evil ruler with the help of Mother Nature. Your people have elected Valcor your new leader, and all is well.” Cameron explained.

“King Alwan was banished to the tar pits and will never hurt you again,” Anne said.

“Long live Valcor!” yelled the trolls merrily. Cameron opened the portal and sent the trolls home.

“Ms. Maxwell, you are under arrest. We are taking you to Chief Richards and having you sent back to the asylum where you belong,” Cameron said to the now defeated woman, sternly.

He instructed Grace, Dianna, and Anne to fly Ms. Maxwell back to camp and turn her over to the chief. Cameron, Harry, and Charles would split up to hunt down the trolls that scattered throughout the dunes. “If you meet any resistance from the trolls, kill them,” Cameron ordered.

Grace pulled out her magic flute and brought it to her lips to play a soft melody that put Ms. Maxwell to sleep so that the girls could transport her back to camp without resistance. Cameron kissed Grace goodbye before she and the Princesses flew off with Ms. Maxwell in tow.

Cameron walked toward the dark dunes to look for the trolls. His staff led him through the dark. He found a group of trolls hiding and called them out. They were all terrified and begged for help. They had no water and needed refreshment. Cameron gave them what he had in his pouch. After they drank, they thanked him.

Cameron instructed the trolls to return to the compound to wait for him there. The warriors spent hours gathering the good trolls. Once they had them all together, they took the trolls to the entrance. Cameron opened the portal leading to Candor with his magic staff and sent the happy troll’s home. Now that all the trolls were gone, the warriors could head back to camp to join the others.

The Princesses’ had returned from the compound with a sleeping Ms. Maxwell. The chief tied her up to a tree and asked Grace and Anne to watch her while he took a stroll down the dark shore with Dianna. They held hands, enjoying their time together.

“what is your first name?” Dianna asked looking up at the chief adoringly.

“My first name is Arthur.” The chief answered as he gazed deeply into Dianna’s eyes. They were now a warm golden color.

“Arthur is a nice name” Dianna replied.

“Oh Dianna, I haven’t known you long, but I have such strong feelings for you. I will be leaving soon to go back to Earth, and I cannot bear to leave you.” the chief cried. He took Dianna into his arms. Dianna wrapped her arms around him. She felt her heart pounding in her chest. She felt breathless as Arthur took her face between his hands and gazed into her eyes. He pulled her to him gently and kissed her. Dianna had never been kissed, and she felt weak in her knees as she held tightly to Arthur’s waist to catch her balance.

“Dianna, how can I ever leave you?” Arthur asked breathlessly.

“You must go, dear Arthur. My parents would never accept you. They wish for me to marry one of my kind. Cameron is the only exception because it was my sister’s destiny.” cried Dianna.

She pulled herself away from Arthur and ran back to camp and rushed into her hut. Arthur stood there on the shore feeling helpless and sad.

“What’s wrong Dianna?” Grace asked with concern on her face. She had never seen Dianna this way. Dianna was face down on her bed sobbing uncontrollably. “Please Dianna, tell me why you’re crying.” Grace pleaded.

“I am in love with Arthur!” Dianna wailed.

“Who is Arthur?” Grace asked.

“The Chief! I am in love with the Chief!” Dianna sobbed.

“Oh no, dear Dianna, you know Mother and Father would never allow this,” Grace said as she hugged her sister.

“I know, I told him that and now he will be leaving to go back home. I will never see him again. What can I do?” Dianna cried.

Poor Dianna, Grace felt terrible for her. Grace knew that it could never be. She wanted Dianna to feel some hope, so she told Dianna to call her bird friends and ask them to take a note to the Queen and maybe she would speak with the King. “Oh, Grace, you are so kind to me. Father would never allow it. I must face facts,” Dianna said sadly shaking her head. Grace hugged Dianna close and tried to console her as best she could.

When Dianna fell to sleep, Grace went outside to find that Anne was walking toward the ocean to meet the chief. Grace followed her to the oceans edge where they found a grief-stricken chief standing with his back toward them staring at the surf with tears in his eyes. Grace and Anne hugged him, and Grace told Anne the sad story. Anne felt sorry for him. She liked him and hated seeing him like this.

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