A Tale Of Dreams

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A Time of Celebration

“Dianna, Goodbye, my love. I will never forget you.” Arthur sobbed. Dianna held him crying. She couldn’t let him go. She would never see him again. Grace and Anne took hold of her and pulled her back away from the portal.

Cameron raised his staff, and the portal opened, and he was gone. He had hold of Ms. Maxwell. He was taking her back to the asylum in Florida. Dianna sobbed emotionally and never took her eyes off the portal until it closed behind Arthur to never open again.

It was time to go back to the castle it had been months. Dianna had spent a lot of time with Arthur. The love they had was deeper than ever. He had helped them to fight against the trolls. After they got all the evil troll’s eliminated, Cameron went alone to see the Wizard.

The wizard was weak. He thanked Cameron for his service and told him to raise his staff over his head. Cameron did as the Wizard asked. The staff glowed with a vibrant purple light and as the beam dimmed Cameron could see his surrounding change. The terrible spell broke, and Dreamland was awakening.

All around him fireflies flew and lit the trees again. The trees were replaced by new trees proliferating quickly. The animals were back and the smoke from the terrible fires cleared. Dreamland was back to its former glory. Cameron never realized the power that he possessed with his staff.

Cameron looked around admiring the sparkling soothing light. It was just as he remembered when he first came to Dreamland so many years ago. He looked at the Wizard and saw new life in his face. The leaves that had fallen from his branches came back like magic, and his eyes lit up.

“Thank you, dear boy, you have set us free, and we are forever grateful to you for your leadership. You have made me proud, and now you can take your warriors home to the castle and live your lives in peace.” said the wizard.

Cameron quickly noticed that he no longer wore the uniform that the Wizard granted him. He could not fly without it. The path was now bright enough for Cameron to see with the light from fireflies as he walked toward the ocean. Cameron remembered the lovely view that Dreamland had been missing all these years because of the trolls.

Cameron finally made it back to the beach. The ocean was glowing with light. It was a spectacular aqua and blue, and it shimmered brightly lighting the dark sky. Even the stars shined brighter than before. He saw Grace running toward him. She looked like a dream in the aqua glow of the ocean.

Cameron ran toward her and lifted her up and spun her around. Cameron put her down on the sand and kissed her.

“It’s so beautiful, Cameron! It has been so long since I’ve seen the light of our land.” Cameron took Grace by the hand.

“I cannot fly anymore Grace. Will you walk with me?” Cameron asked.

“I will walk with you forever my love,” Grace replied lovingly as they followed the shore toward camp.

When Cameron returned to camp everyone celebrated their victory. Dianna wouldn’t come out of her hut and Grace was worried about her. She had never seen her like this, and she wished things could have been different. It was time to go back to the castle.

King James arrived with A beautiful carriage to take the warriors home. The servants were coming later to break down and clean away the camp. King James could not have been prouder of his children. He and the Queen had cried with joy as they watched life return to its original glory. They knew that the war was over and that their children would return.

The entire land celebrated. Bells rang, and people cheered. It was a joyous time. When the carriage arrived in front of the castle, there were hundreds of people waiting to welcome home the warriors. There was a loud roar from the crowd as everyone departed the carriage and stood smiling and waving at the crowd. There wasn’t a dry eye in the group as they walked up the grand staircase that led to the castle. There came a great fanfare of horns blowing proudly in the distance. Cameron held onto Grace to steady her. She seemed shaken up by all the commotion.

The Queen, Penny, and Hunter stood at the top of the stairs and proudly watched as their children slowly climbed the stairs. They held out their arms and hugged them one at a time, welcoming them with tears of joy. They were so proud of them. Twinkie sat on the Queen’s shoulder blinking brightly. The Queen led everyone inside the castle holding onto Dianne who was crying uncontrollably. The Queen urged them into the parlor and sat down on the settee with Dianna crying on her shoulder, unable to speak.

“What is going on with you Dianna?” The Queen asked. Grace spoke first. “Mother, she fell in love with a man from Earth, and we sent him back. We knew you and Father would not accept him into our family.”

The Queen gave Grace a stern look. “What do you mean? We never met the man. How do you know that we wouldn’t accept him?” Poor Dianna wailed loudly and rushed out of the parlor and up the stairs to her room. Everyone felt terrible for Dianna.

The Queen looked up to see the King rushing into the room, “What is wrong with Dianna? She almost knocked me over rushing past me in tears.” Grace explained everything that happened she felt terrible for assuming the worst and wished she had sent a messenger to the Queen.

“Well, there is nothing we can do now. The man is gone. We will have to be kind and patient with Dianna. Her heart will heal.” said the King.

“There is to be a great ball in the ballroom. You must all get dressed and come down in an hour. The people want to thank you for saving Dreamland. It will be a great celebration.” said the Queen. Everyone excused themselves to get ready.

The ballroom filled with fairies, elves, and pixies from the entire realm of Dreamland. Cameron escorted Grace down the long-curved staircase. Grace and Cameron looked beautiful together. Grace wore a soft yellow silk gown with gleaming gold accents. Her hair was pulled up with golden ribbons and flowers from her Mothers glorious garden. Cameron had picked them for her and presented them to her at her chamber door to escort her to the ball.

Grace thought Cameron was the most handsome man she had ever seen. Cameron had on an elegant tuxedo with one of her flowers pinned to his jacket. Grace looked up at him and took his hand. The music filled the room as everyone danced the night away. Everyone, was abuzz with relief and happiness as they enjoyed a wonderful time.

Cameron noticed that Harry and Charles dancing with a couple of fairy girls that he had never seen before. He wanted to meet them, so he excused himself and walked over to where they were standing, drinking punch.

“Harry, Charles.” Cameron nodded a greeting.

“Oh, hello Cameron, you remember Daisy and Violet I’m sure,” said Charles.

” Yes, I do. I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you in your beautiful gowns. So very nice to see you both.” Cameron bowed and smiled charmingly.

The fairy girls giggled shyly as they congratulated Cameron on a job well done. Grace strolled up to join the group.

“Hello, Violet and Daisy. It’s very nice to see you.” She said. The group chatted for a while. Grace couldn’t help wondering about Dianna. She thought maybe she should go up to check on her.

“Excuse me, Cameron. I want to go upstairs to check on Dianna,” said Grace. She walked up the stairs and made her way down the long corridor to the East wing of the castle.

When Grace got to the door, she rapped slightly and opened the door to peer inside. She could see Dianna in her bed. Grace walked over to the side of her bed and sat down beside her. She spoke softly and stroked her brow.

“I’m so sorry that you’re so sad It’s all my fault. I should have sent that note to Mother and Father. We shouldn’t have assumed,” said Grace meekly.

Dianna sat up and hugged Grace. “No, it’s not your fault. You couldn’t have known. I was shocked by Mothers acceptance of a human in my life. It’s too late now, and I will have to accept it.” cried Dianna.

“The ball is lovely. Won’t you come down to join us?” Asked Grace. Grace helped Dianna dry her eyes and get dressed in a beautiful flowing ball gown. Dianna looked fabulous in crimson with her dark brown hair and olive complexion. Dianna looked more like the King. She was a beauty.

Dianna and Grace descended the stairs. All eyes were on the two beautiful fairies as they gracefully entered the ballroom. The ball went on for hours. Dianna was looking happy as she danced with many handsome fairy men that lined up to spin her gracefully around the ballroom.

The King had cornered Cameron in the ballroom and gave Cameron a small box without uttering a word. Cameron looked inquisitively at King James as he slowly opened the box. Cameron’s’ eyes opened wide when he saw the contents of the beautiful golden box.

“A ring! It’s exquisite! But how…” The King interrupted Cameron’s stuttering.

“This was my Grandmothers wedding ring. It was my Mothers ring, and now it is for you to present to Grace. The Queen and I agreed that it would go to the first of our girls to marry. I want you to give it to her tonight, and I hope you will allow me to announce your engagement.” asked the King.

The king was looking intently at Cameron as he was still staring at the enormous diamond and emerald ring in a most magnificent setting. Cameron nodded his head in agreement, not able to speak. He bowed to the King and thanked him.

“Yes, please announce our engagement, and I will present her this ring that pales in comparison to her beauty,” Cameron answered. The King smiled brightly and set off to stop the music.

Cameron went to find Grace. Now that Dianna was here everything was perfect, and he was glad that Grace had encouraged Dianna to attend the ball. Cameron felt like the luckiest man in all of Dreamland.

Everyone cheered, and the royal horns wailed with a majestic fanfare. It was now official. The date set for two months from this night. Grace and Cameron would marry in April. The Queen and Penny were already chattering wildly about the festivities.

The crowd was buzzing with excitement. The wedding would take place in the Royal church, with the reception held in the Queen’s lovely garden. There was much to do and not enough time to get it all done, but if anyone could pull it off, it was the Queen. She would have the entire kingdom hustling.

As the crowd dissipated throughout the final hours of the ball, and everything grew quiet. The King and Queen excused themselves and retired to their chambers. Penny and Hunter followed shortly after, leaving Cameron, the Prince and princesses huddled together laughing and chatting excitedly It had been a magical ball, and it was getting late. Cameron escorted Grace to her chambers and kissed her before allowing her to disappear behind her door. Grace felt excited. She wondered if she would ever sleep.

Grace walked over to the window and smiled as she looked at the sparkling lights of the stars and the fireflies. It was exhilarating to see after all this time of darkness. Now all her dreams were about to come true. Time flew by. Everyone in the palace kept busy getting the last of the details finished. It would be a grand wedding. Tomorrow was the big day. Everyone was frantically scurrying around.

The queen and Penny were frazzled. They were busy making sure that everything got done to their satisfaction. The baker was putting the final touches on an eight-tiered white cake with pink roses and colorful purple pansies placed delicately around and on the cake. The florist had her team decorating the church. The dressmaker had delivered the brides gown along with the bride’s maids dresses for Graces sisters.

The dresses were perfect. Graces dress was a satin white strapless gown that fit snugly to her tiny waist and bellowed out in a sea of lace and bows. She would wear a Trane that stretched out behind her and a pearl-studded gold crown. The bride’s maids would wear a pink chiffon strapless gown that hugged their waist and gracefully draped down to the floor. They would all wear flower garlands in their hair.

The garden lay set with tables and chairs draped in golden silk. There was a centerpiece of candles and pink roses and purple pansies to match the massive cake. There was a substantial golden fountain in the middle of the garden lit with sparkling lights. The trees that surrounded the garden lit with millions of fireflies. The flowers in the Queen’s garden were more beautiful than ever. Everything went smoothly and, the Queen was happy.

The bride looked stunning as she strolled toward her groom. There was a full orchestra playing the wedding march. Cameron couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was glowing. As Grace strolled down the aisle with the King on her arm, she looked around at all the smiling faces. Everyone in the Kingdom was there to see her wedding. The entire land had been celebrating with fireworks sparkling in the night sky and majestic horns blowing. There was a massive crowd outside the church wishing the couple well.

Everyone wanted to be a part of this day. Everyone loved their young heroes and accepted Cameron into the kingdom with a grand ceremony. Cameron blushed as the King presented his daughter for marriage to him. Cameron kissed her dainty gloved hand sweetly. Penny and Hunter held one another’s hands. Tears of joy welling up in their eyes. The King sat next to the trembling Queen and took her hand in his. As the music subsided and the murmuring crowd settled down, the priest spoke.

As the couple exchanged their vows of love, the Priest announced them, man and wife. Cameron kissed Grace and looked into her eyes.

“I love you, Mrs. James,” he said. There was a massive cheer as the couple walked quickly down the aisle and out to the roaring crowd standing outside the gates of the church. The happy couple entered the Glorious Kings carriage pulled by the beautiful Cheyenne.

After a ride along the marble road, waving to their excited fans, the carriage pulled up to the large garden gate that draped in flowers and satin ribbons the guards opened the gates ceremoniously.

The carriage entered the garden, and as the Prince and princess exited the carriage, there was a fanfare of royal horns announcing their arrival. Cameron and Grace strolled hand in hand to their table at the head of the room where the royal family sat.

The Royal family looked beautiful. Princess Dianna was very happy for Grace. She hoped to one day find someone to make her as joyful as Grace. Dianna often thought of Arthur, and she vowed never to forget the short time they had together.

“Excuse me, everyone. Please. Quiet!” Cameron was standing on top of the stage where the orchestra had been playing music. Everyone stopped talking, and the room got suddenly very quiet.

Grace was puzzled.” What was Cameron doing?” She wondered.

“I want to thank you all for being here on this special day. I want everyone to be happy on my wedding day.” Cameron continued

“There is one among us that is not happy, and I’m not sure if she will ever be happy again.” Cameron was looking toward Dianna with tears in his eyes.

Everyone started looking around the room, with a low murmur heard throughout the garden.

“What I want to tell you is that I recently went on a long journey. A journey unknown to my bride.” Cameron continued as he looked toward his lovely bride.

Grace’s mouth was gaped open in disbelief. What was he saying?

“I traveled to see the Wizard of the dark forest to beg him for a favor. I told him that it would mean the world to me. He granted my wish.

My wish was to travel, for the final time to Earth. My former home, to find Chief Arthur Richards.” Cameron said, his voice cracking with emotion.

The room got still and quiet as Grace looked at Dianna. Dianna’s eyes were streaming tears, and her hands covered her mouth. She stood up and searched the room. Then, she saw him.

“Arthur!” Dianna screamed as she ran to him. They embraced and kissed each other passionately. Neither of them could believe it was true.

“Dianna, I will never leave you again. I knew I had made a mistake as soon as that portal closed behind me.” Arthur cried full of emotion.

“When Cameron found me, I was a mess. I didn’t want to live without you. I thought I would never see you again, my love.” Arthur was holding Dianna tightly his hands running through her hair. Kissing away her tears. Grace ran to Cameron and held him tight. She was so proud of Cameron. The King and Queen approached Dianna and Arthur. “Welcome home Arthur.”


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