A Tale Of Dreams

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Is Dreamland A Dream?

Cameron woke with a start. “Where am I?” Cameron was not in his bed, and he was not in his room. Where was his favorite stuffed dinosaur? As Cameron rubbed his sleepy eyes he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, it was dark, but all around him was a warm, comforting light, that somehow kept him from panicking.

There were fireflies, Millions of twinkling fireflies. Cameron couldn’t believe his eyes, and as he stood there in the darkness, he heard a tiny voice call out to him in the night, as he peered intently into the distance. Cameron could see a bright sparkling light moving closer and closer to him.

“Cameron, Cameron!”

The voice got closer and soon he could see a brightly shining orb. As the ball neared, Cameron wondered if this orb could be calling out his name. As the sphere came closer, Cameron watched as it morphed into a rather large firefly.

“Hello, Cameron,” the strange firefly said.

“Who are you?” Cameron replied, with a shrill squeak to his voice. After all, Cameron had never met a talking bug before.

“My name is Twinkie, I am the Queens guiding light, and I am at your service.” I have been sent by the queen to light your way.”

“My way to where?” Cameron asked, still with a bit of A squeak in his voice.

“To meet the Queen of Dreamland.” Twinkie replied, blinking her light.

Cameron had a strange excitement growing inside of him, he thought of the tales his Mother told him every night, about Dreamland and the Queen that lived there. Cameron shook his head vigorously, trying to wake himself up, still unsure if he was awake or asleep. Twinkie started to make a buzzing sound. She called out,

“Come on Cameron, let’s go! We must get to the castle tonight, and we have quite a way to go. The queen will be waiting for us just outside the castle gates.”

Cameron somewhat reluctantly followed Twinkies bright blinking light. He was nervous and was starting to wish he was back in his bed with his stuffed dinosaur. Cameron was a bit embarrassed that he still wore his pajamas with the funny feet. As Cameron followed the dimly lit path, he couldn’t help wondering about where he was going.

What was in store for him tonight, and why was he here? Cameron heard a loud croaking sound, and as he looked to the right of the path, he saw a small pond shimmering in the moonlight. He could barely make out the shape of an enormous frog.

The frog was sitting on a rather large lily pad. As he slowed to get a closer look, Twinkie turned around looking back to see why Cameron had slowed his pace. Up until now, Cameron had been following very closely behind Twinkie to make use of the bright light coming from her rear end.

“Oh, it’s okay, that’s just Freddie. He’s harmless. I suppose we may have startled him a bit.”

With that, Freddie disappeared with A huge splash into the dark pond leaving shimmering rings in the surface of the water.

“We must be on our way Cameron; the queen is waiting for us just over those hills ahead. She is very anxious to meet you.”

“Who is this Queen, and why does she want to meet me?” Cameron wondered, murmuring to himself.

As they continued up the dark tree-lined path leading to the castle, they came to a clearing.

There, sitting on top of a magnificent unicorn, sat a beautiful girl. She had long golden curls that fell across her shoulders and down over her dress. Her dress was a luminous golden color with tiny rosebuds along the bodice. She wore a crown atop her head that sparkled with small clusters of diamonds and rubies.

Cameron couldn’t help but stare. He had never seen such a beautiful lady. Cameron could barely keep his eyes off her. Just then, as he looked on in amazement, the most beautiful iridescent wings sprung up and stretched out on either side of her. She was a fairy! She was the most beautiful creature Cameron had ever seen. The lovely fairy giggle when she saw the look of adoration on Cameron’s face.

“I am Kaylyn, Queen of the fairies. Welcome to Dreamland. Come with me to my castle. It is close by, Cheyenne will take us there. Hop on Cameron, and we will ride together.”

“This is Cheyenne. She is a magical unicorn. She will take us on her back. Do not be afraid. She is gentle’ The Queen motioned to the shimmering white unicorn that stood faithfully by her side.

Cameron was a bit nervous as he climbed up on Cheyenne’s back and nestled up firmly to Queen Kalyn’s soft iridescent wings. Queen Kaylyn turned her head and reminded Cameron to hold on tight. Suddenly, with a graceful leap, Cheyenne was flying through the fresh night air, frightening poor Cameron as he squeezed his eyes shut, and clutched tightly to the queen’s delicate wings.

Twinkie was leading the way with her bright light. Cameron could not believe that he was riding a magical unicorn with the beautiful fairy queen at the reins, her long beautiful golden hair tickling his face as they rode through the star-studded sky.

Cameron had his eyes shut tightly. He had never flown anywhere before, a matter of fact, he had never even been on a horse before. The Queen giggled as she saw Cameron’s squished up face.

“Open your eyes, Cameron, there is much to see, I will never let anything happen to you. You are safe.” The Queen shouted as she turned her head, looking back at a nervous Cameron.

Cameron slowly opened his eyes and looked down carefully. He instinctively held tighter to The Queen’s wings. Once he finally relaxed, he was in awe of the view. It was magnificent. It was dark, so it seemed as if he were flying in space. The scenery below him was dark with sparkling fireflies giving the illusion of being surrounded by stars.

Cheyenne flew swiftly. She headed up into the mountains, high in the sky above. Cameron saw, in the distance, A castle perched at the top of A purple mountain in the night sky. It was glorious. Cheyenne descended to the ground and landed gracefully on the marble pathway that led up to the castle gates. The shiny marble of the path reflected the millions of sparkling fireflies that filled the trees lighting the way. The darkness of the night was no match for their luminescent light. Everything sparkled like jewels.

The castle ahead reached to the stars in the night sky. It was made entirely of crystal and glass and shone brightly with the reflections of twinkling stars. It was as if the castle and the night sky were one. As they neared the castle, A massive golden gate opened, allowing them access to the lovely courtyard. Cameron gasped, his eyes widening, as he saw the magnificent flower gardens that surrounded him. Every colorful flower that he could ever imagine was in this garden, their colors glowing and lighting the night with their beauty.

As they dismounted the beautiful pure white unicorn that had gracefully flown them to the castle, Cameron was feeling a bit shaky from all the excitement. He thanked Cheyenne for getting them there safely, as he stroked her beautiful white mane. Cheyenne nuzzled his neck, sweetly. Cameron had made a friend.

Queen Kaylyn giggled as she handed Cheyenne’s reins over to a small, portly man. He looked a bit strange to Cameron with his pointed ears. His shirt was shiny green satin. He wore a little red vest and short brown pants. Cameron almost laughed out loud when he saw the little red shoes that he wore. They were curled up at the toes, with little gold bells on the tips so that when he walked, he jingled.

“Hello Cameron, welcome to Dreamland, I am Michael, I live over there, just past the pond in the garden. Look, you can see it just past the fountain.” The little elf said. Michael excused himself to take care of Cheyenne. She needed water and a dinner of golden hay. So, Michael led her quickly off to the stables.

As Cameron looked past the fountain and across the pond, he spotted the biggest toadstools he had ever seen. He remembered his Mother had told about Toadstool Village in her stories.

He loved the tiny windows, and doors, and their small chimney was poking out of their brightly colored tops. Cameron saw that many little people were scurrying around. Men, women, and children. The children played together, swinging from flowers, and climbing on rocks. The women were busily attending the gardens, as the men dug with little shovels, planting seeds in the ground.

It seemed rather strange to Cameron that here, in this land, everyone was awake at night. While in his world, everyone would be sleeping. The night here was different from which he became accustomed. Here, the night glowed with the twinkling lights of fireflies, and colorful light from glowing flowers that provided a dim light for the residents of this land.

Twinkie!” Cameron shouted, pointing in the direction of the huge clusters of toadstools. “Who are those people over there?”

Twinkie, a bit out of breath from the long flight to the castle rested on a nearby tree. She gave Cameron a blink, “That is my home. I live in the garden at the center of town. The elves there have been preparing for your arrival. The queen will take you there soon, but first, the queen requests your presence in the castle.”

Cameron was curious, and he could hardly wait to play with the elves. There was so much that he wanted to explore. Cameron wondered why he felt so wide awake. He surely couldn’t be asleep. Cameron hoped that his Mother would not find him gone from his bed.

Cameron was in awe of his surroundings. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever seen such splendor. The castle was magical with crystal chandeliers hanging from the tall ceilings above. The floors were polished marble. The most beautiful green silk rugs made them look inviting.

The giant floor to ceiling windows hung with shiny satin drapes in the most beautiful shimmering golden color. The walls were made of crystal, so that the night sky showed through them, with twinkling stars and fireflies from the outside gardens shining through.

As Cameron continued through the foyer and into the main room, he saw a beautiful staircase. The staircase had broad marble steps and ornate golden railings running up either side. The stairs curved upward and looked as if they led into the night sky with the stars from the sky visible through the crystal ceiling above.

Cameron moved forward past the staircase, and through a door that led to the throne room, he saw Queen Kaylyn sitting on a lovely throne alongside an ornate fireplace, glowing with warm light. On the other side of the fire, next to her was a massive golden throne with a thick red crushed velvet cushion trimmed in golden cording. It was ornately carved with golden cherubs and encrusted with brightly colored jewels. It looked fit for a king but sat empty.

The queen looked beautiful sitting there, with the light from the fire illuminating her golden hair and iridescent wings. She had changed into a long flowing emerald gown with pearls dotting the neckline and bodice. There was a soft white fur draped over her shoulders. Her hair was now pinned up in a bun with her golden curls trailing down her cheeks. Her crown gleamed in the light of the fire.

Cameron stood in the entrance to the lovely room, his mouth gaped open as he stared with wide-eyed wonder at the Queen on her jewel-encrusted throne. Cameron wondered to himself

“what could she possibly have to discuss with me?” Cameron wondered to himself.

Cameron approached the queen and bowed. He had never met a queen before, and he was a bit uncomfortable. He knew, from his mother’s stories that he should always bow to royalty.

Queen Kaylyn smiled as Cameron entered the room. She so loved this boy. He had no idea that she had watched over him all his life. The Queen remembered the night Cameron was born. She felt the deep love from the very moment she saw him in his crib in his world. It was A world far away from Dreamland. The Queen watched him grow, every year he was bigger and stronger, until becoming the handsome young man that stood before her now.

The Queen knew that on his tenth birthday, she would be able to bring him to her castle. He was ten years old tonight. It was time for her to let him know the secret that she had waited so long to tell him.

“Cameron, you must be hungry from your long journey, you must eat.” The Queen said.

Cameron thought for a moment. He didn’t know how long it had been since he last ate. Cameron had no sense of time here, but he could feel the rumbling in his tummy.

“Yes, I am hungry.” He said.

Queen Kaylyn reached up above her head and pulled on a long golden cord, which made a bell in another part of the castle ring loudly. Michael, the same little elf that had escorted Cheyenne to her dinner of golden hay came into the room and approached the Queen.

“Yes, your majesty,” he said with a bow.

“How may I serve you?” Michael asked bowing to his Queen.

The Queen smiled, she adored Michael. He had been her Royal servant for many years now. He and his lovely family lived in the Toadstool village across the pond.

“Cameron is hungry. Please have a meal prepared for him in the dining room.” The Queen asked sweetly.

The Queen’s smile was warm and loving as she looked at Cameron and said to him,

“I can assure you that I have had all of your favorite foods prepared for you by our royal chefs.” Cameron wondered how the Queen could know what his favorite foods were, but he was suddenly quite hungry indeed.

Cameron and the Queen entered the royal dining room. Cameron could smell the most delicious aromas coming from the kitchen. It made his mouth water. Cameron thought it was a familiar aroma, like hot dogs.

Cameron looked around in amazement at the crystal room that he had just entered. The room was huge. It took him a moment to take it all in. There was a beautiful Golden table in the center of the large room. It was A most prominent table. It had eight matching golden chairs with ruby colored velvet cushions.

On top of the table sat a set of crystal candelabras, holding matching ruby colored candles. The flickering light from the ruby colored candles cast ribbons of rainbow-colored lights onto the walls through the candelabras hanging crystal prisms. There were crystal glasses and plates on the table that caught the reflections of candlelight and the stars that shone through the crystal walls.

It was so beautiful that Cameron almost forgot his hunger. The queen took her seat at the end of the massive table. She motioned for Cameron to sit on her right side. Cameron wondered why they needed such a large table for just the two of them as he sat on the rather large chair.

After they were seated, A double door on the other side of the room opened and in walked two stately men. They each took their place on either side of the door. They were tall and thin, each of them had a long white beard, and were dressed in a dark green velvet shirt with puffy sleeves, trimmed in golden cording. Their pants were black, they puffed out from the waist, and cinched just below the knee. Across their chest, they wore a ruby satin sash. On their heads, sat A funny hat, perched sideways on their heads with a large peacock feather that stood out to one side.

Each of them carried a long golden horn, and as they entered the room, they brought their horns to their lips and played a fanfare of music that hurt Cameron’s ears. As they played, in strolled a rather majestic man.

The king was astonishingly handsome. He wore a long golden robe with a golden crown on his head. He had long white hair and a neatly trimmed beard. His golden wings folded along his sides. Cameron gasped loudly. He felt somewhat weak in the knees.

The king looked at him with sparkling green eyes. “Cameron, I presume. Dear boy it is my pleasure to meet you finally. I am King James.”

His voice was booming, with his presence felt throughout the room. The king sat at the other end of the table opposite the queen. He clapped his hands loudly and the doors to the great hall opened and in walked a line of fairy children dressed in their most beautiful clothing, their little shimmering wings a dazzling white. Cameron felt a little silly because he was still wearing his dinosaur pajamas with the funny feet, but no one seemed to notice.

The fairy children came to the table and bowed low to their king and queen before taking the remaining seats at the table. There were five of them. Three beautiful girls and two handsome boys. The children all nodded at Cameron, the girls giggling nervously, their large eyes twinkling with friendliness.

Cameron said “hello” and asked them their names. The youngest of the girls spoke first.

My name is Princess Grace, and these are my sisters, Princess Diana, and Princess Anne.”

Cameron smiled. He thought they were so lovely and graceful. Grace continued to introduce her brothers Prince Charles and Prince Harry.

Just then through the door leading to the kitchen came Michael with a fantastic array of food. Michael set the tray on the table in front of the king.

There on the silver and crystal platters were Cameron’s favorite foods, just as the Queen had promised. There were hot dogs and French fries covered in catsup. Cookies and cakes were piled high on pretty plates. There were even chocolate milkshakes with whipped cream and bright red cherries on top.

It was like a dream, but he was sure he was awake, he had to be because the food tasted delicious! None of the fairies had ever seen, much less eaten food like this, and they wondered where this food had come from, though they dare not ask. The fairy children knew never to ask Queen Mother of the other world where she traveled many times. It was a secret.

Mother told them that the time would come someday, and they would learn of their Mothers trips to the other world. Mother called it the world of the bright star. The children hoped that the king and queen would provide them with more of this excellent food in times to come. They had never eaten hot dogs and French fries before. They knew now why it was Cameron’s favorite food because now it was theirs too.

Cameron held his round swollen belly and groaned. He was sure that he had never been so full. After they had all finished the feast that was before them, they all retired to the music room where the children sang lovely songs while Queen Kaylyn played on a beautiful golden harp encrusted with diamonds and emeralds.

The king sat on his throne, his foot tapping in time to the lively music. The children sang beautifully together. They had the voices of angels, and their harmony was right on key. Cameron had enjoyed meeting the king and his children. The queen had not mentioned that she had children, so it was a pleasant surprise to meet them.

Cameron was sitting in a chair watching the fairy children. He was very impressed with their talent. Grace, the youngest child went to the piano to play. She sat on the little stool in front of the beautiful, shiny white keyboard. She could barely reach the pedals on the floor with her tiny feet. She sat up straight with her little sparkly wings spread out delicately behind her.

Grace brought her small fingers to the black and white keys. The music that came from the beautiful grand piano made Cameron’s skin prickle with goosebumps. The sound was magical, and he had never heard such beautiful music.

Cameron felt something he had never felt before in his young life. He thought it might be love. Grace was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Cameron’s face flushed with emotion.

The queen noticed Cameron’s obvious discomfort and his blushing face. She could see in his gaze that he had a crush on Grace. She thought it was cute because they were so young, but she knew that it was also meant to be. The queen giggled and reached over to hold Cameron’s hand.

Grace was a talented child. She was given the gift of music by the wizard in the dark forest when she was born. She could play any instrument, and when she sang, it enchanted anyone within earshot.

All the children were given unique gifts at birth. Princess Anne was given the gift of joy and was always happy. She made everyone she touched feel gloriously happy. Princess Diana was given the gift of unusual sight and could see things before they happened. Diana loved animals and was able to communicate with them through her thoughts. Prince Harry, gifted with bravery, Was afraid of nothing. His brother, Prince Charles was given the gift of healing. He could heal anyone with just a touch of his hand, and he would never be sick or hurt.

Queen Kaylyn had become very close with the wizard since she was a teenager, still in school. The Wizard became a significant part of her life. He was the heart of all that lived in Dreamland. She would always protect him. After Princes Grace finished playing the piano, everyone stood and applauded her. It was a wonderful time. Grace made everyone happy.

Cameron hoped the music would never end. Queen Kaylen called all her little fairy children over to her side and kissed them all good night. Cameron hugged each of them and thanked them for the beautiful night of music.

The girls giggled and ran to King James and took his hand. The boys were right behind them and off to bed, they went. The king often tucked the children into their beds and told them stories of far-away lands. The queen was usually by his side, but he knew that she needed to spend time with Cameron on this night.

The queen was in deep thought. She had much to discuss with Cameron and was not sure where to start. Cameron wondered why Queen Kaylyn was so kind to him, and he could not imagine how she and everyone else he had met seemed to know who he was. Especially since Cameron was sure that he had never been to this mysterious land before.

The Queen was anxious to have a long-awaited talk with Cameron, but she could see that he was fidgety, and she thought she knew why. Twinkie had told her before the Queen entered the castle earlier that night that Cameron wanted to go across the pond to Toadstool Village to meet the elves there. She could wait for that talk.

“Let’s go!” The Queen said as she rose quickly from the chair she sat on. Cameron rose and followed the Queen from the music room and out into the grand foyer to the enormous double doors that led to the stairs and down to the gorgeous gardens below.

“Where are we going?” Cameron asked.

“We are going across the pond to see the elves.” the queen answered.

“Oh boy!” Cameron shouted excitedly.

Cameron bounded down the massive steps and into the courtyard garden. He could hardly wait. They strolled quickly through the courtyard and out through the opened castle gates, then followed the marble path that led to the pond.

The pond shimmered in the moonlight. Lily pads with pink and dimly lit lotus flowers dotted the water and made a pink glow over the surface of the lake. Giant dragonflies in purples and blues flitted past and frogs jumped from lily pad to lily pad. It was a magical sight.

Cameron asked, “how will we get across the pond to toadstool village?”

Queen Kaylyn looked at the boy, and with a wink, she called out into the night with a lovely tune. Just a couple of minutes later, Cameron could see Cheyenne flying toward them.

The Queen gracefully mounted the beautiful unicorn and reached down to pull Cameron up. “climb on her back, dear boy!”

Cameron held on tight as they started their journey toward Toadstool Village. Cameron took delight in the scenery below. The water sparkled like diamonds. Cameron saw mysterious glowing fish jumping out of the water, chasing the dragonflies. Graceful swans were floating on the surface of the water looking up at them as they flew.

The swans honked out, wishing them well on their journey. The air was fresh and crisp over the water, and Cameron loved the way it felt hitting his face and ruffling hair.

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