A Tale Of Dreams

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Flying In Fairyland

Over the pond, they flew back toward the castle. Cameron suddenly noticed a cluster of huge trees. Typically, that wouldn’t have been unusual, but Cameron could see little windows glowing from their trunks. He hadn’t noticed this on the flight toward the Toadstool Village, but he had to admit that his eyes squeezed shut in fright. After all, he was new to flying.

“Queen Kaylyn!” Cameron exclaimed, “what are those trees over there why do they have windows?

The queen turned her head slightly and answered Cameron. “Those are fairy houses That is where I grew up. My Mother and father still live there. I told you that I was the queen of the fairies. There are hundreds of fairies there. We will go there now.

Cameron was surprised. He thought they were going back to the castle. The Queen whistled loudly to get Twinkies attention to let her know that they were changing their plans and going to Fairyland. Cameron was thrilled that they were going on another fun adventure.

Cheyenne swooped down and made a full circle around the forest so that Cameron could get a better look. The maneuver made Cameron dizzy, and when they landed, he was a bit shaky as he climbed down off Cheyenne’s back.

Twinkie had already landed and was sitting on a large branch of one of the trees looking a bit impatient.

“I thought you’d never get here,” Twinkie said with a smirk.

Cameron laughed, he thought twinkie seemed a bit grouchy. There was something quite amusing about a grumpy bug.

Cameron looked around, the trees were unusually tall and reached up into the night sky and up into the stars. The tree’s Canopy had shiny golden leaves that mirrored the millions of sparkly fireflies that hung in their branches.

The trunks of the trees were massive. They were as wide as a whale, at least that was what Cameron thought to himself. He couldn’t think of anything else that could be that big.

The Little windows were aglow with warm golden light dotting the entire length of the tree’s trunk as high as he could see. Little fairy houses in various colors were clustered up in the branches of the trees. Their massive branches spread out in all directions, connecting the adjoining trees.

Some of the limbs had little swings hanging on them where the fairy children played merrily. Fairies were everywhere! They flew gracefully, on silvery wings and swooshed from adjoining branches and swung from hanging vines.

“Oh, My!” Cameron had to rub his eyes. It was the brightest light he had seen since he arrived in Dreamland. A feeling of utter joy washed over Cameron as he took in the beautiful sight.

Queen Kaylyn loved this forest. She had many beautiful memories from her childhood there. She was born in the very tree that they were gazing upon. Two fairies flew down to the ground where the queen and Cameron were standing.

“Hello Mother and Father, it is good to see you. I have brought Cameron to visit with my fairy family.”

Queen Kaylyn’s parents looked noble. They were as tall as Cameron, and he was quite tall for a ten-year-old boy, he was at least four feet ten inches tall. Cameron had been a bit taller than the elves so that he had to stoop down to hug them. The fairies were taller like the King, and Queen and he was able to look directly into their aging eyes.

Cameron noticed that their skin looked wrinkled with time and their hair was white. The old man walked bent over a gnarly wooden cane, his crooked fingers gripping tight to the knob at the top of the walking cane. He wore A little brown satin suit with a red satin vest and a small green handkerchief poking out of his vest pocket. On his head sat A triangular green hat with a red feather poking out to the side.

The woman dressed in a long white gown with little pink rosettes along the bodice and sparkles of gold cascading to her feet clad in little golden shoes. Cameron thought that they must be quite old, they looked grand.

Queen Kaylyn introduced them, “Cameron, this is Duke Joseph, my father, and Duchess Annie, my Mother.”

“This is the boy I speak about from the world of the bright star.” The Queen said cheerily as she gestured toward Cameron. Cameron was not sure if he should bow or shake their hands, so to be polite, he did both with a flourish.

The queen, bursting with pride giggled out loud and reached over to hug her parents. Cameron blushed sheepishly, a bit embarrassed. The Duke and Duchess, sensing his discomfort, hugged Cameron tightly and kissed him on his cheek.

“You may call us Joseph and Anne, dear boy.” Cameron certainly felt special.

“Would you like to fly up to meet the other fairy children, Cameron?” asked Joseph.

“The children are quite anxious to play with you.” Said Duchess Annie.

Cameron peered up into the giant tree, and it made him dizzy just looking up to see the Fairy children waving at him happily. The fairy children were hanging from vines and swings. They perched like birds on branches, and they were so high up into the sky that from Cameron’s vantage point they looked no larger than Twinkie

“Oh No! I just can’t!” Cameron exclaimed. “I don’t have wings, and I am much too clumsy!” Cameron didn’t want to admit that he was a bit afraid of heights.

“Maybe we should call on the wizard” Duke Joseph exclaimed.

“Oh, yes!” the queen replied.

Cameron was shocked. “A wizard?” “What is a wizard?”

The queen explained to Cameron that in the forest lived a magical wizard that could grant wishes. She told him that if they called on the Wizard of The Forest That he could cast a temporary spell on Cameron to give him the gift of flight. Cameron was not too keen on this. It was all just too much for him, but he wanted to play on the swings and branches with the fairy children.

The Duke, seeing the look of fear on Cameron’s face explained. “Do not fear lad, the spell is only temporary. You will not sprout wings, but you will have the gift of flight. You will instinctively know how to fly when you receive the gift. You will never fall, and you will be able to play in the treetops with the other children.”

The Duke comforted the boy. Now He was ready to go to see the wizard. Cameron wondered what it would be like to meet the Wizard. Cameron would try to be brave, although he did feel a bit shaky and weak in the knees.

“Twinkie!” the queen called out.

“Yes, your Majesty.” Twinkie replied as she buzzed over quickly to answer the queen’s call.

“Twinkie, please lead us to see the wizard in the dark forest. We will need your light there. The forest is a very dark place.” The queen pleaded.

She knew that Twinkie would not want to do this. Twinkie had terrible memories of the dark forest. Twinkie paused a moment, and her little head hung down as she thought about the dreaded trip.

“Yes, your majesty” she murmured, she knew that she must help the queen. It had been Twinkies job to light the queen’s way ever since he and his family of fireflies had evacuated the dark forest a few years ago. She would do this for the queen and Cameron. She had to. The Duke and Duchess flew up to enter their treetop home to wait for their return. They knew it would be a long trip. They were too old to follow them.

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