A Tale Of Dreams

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Wizard of The Woods

Twinkie buzzed forward, lighting the night sky toward the darkest part of the forest where the wizard lived. It had been a long time since twinkie had traveled this far into the woods. Not many ventured this far, it was a bit scary, and the wizard was very reclusive.

Twinkie hoped the Wizard would be in a good mood. He tended to be a bit grumpy since the trolls invaded his forest Twinkie thought she could understand why the wizard would feel grumpy. Being a forest wizard must be hard. They can never leave the woods because they have roots that tie them to the ground. They are hundreds of years old, and their only mission in life is to keep the trees of the forest safe from trolls.

Trolls are terrible creatures that stomp around and chop on trees to make firewood for their factories. They start fires that spread, setting the trees aflame and choking out the plants and animals of the forest. They kill the woodland animals just for fun and pollute the water with waste from their factories. Their factories billow with acrid smoke that makes the forest dark and chases all the fireflies away.

Twinkie hoped they wouldn’t run across any of these terrible trolls. She knew that they were trouble They only take and never give. They fight among themselves for the greed of the gold that they earn from their factories that produce plastic parts for a world far away. A planet called Earth where the giant star called the sun makes bright light called daylight.

Twinkie and all her firefly friends and family had to move to Toadstool Village because they couldn’t live in the polluted deep forest anymore. There was a time before the trolls moved in from a faraway land that the thick forest had been beautiful and all the birds and animals that lived there were at peace.

Now it was a wasteland. The only thing left there were trees and ugly troll houses, lined up in tight rows ruining the landscape and piling up with garbage.

Queen Kaylyn felt a bit worried, bringing Cameron this far into the forest was a bit of a risk. She was glad that the wizard was still outside of the troll’s ugly terrain. The Queen hated taking Cameron into this horrid land because there was always a chance that they could have an encounter with A stray troll or two.

The Queen knew they needed to get to the wizard quickly and get back out as soon as they could. The Queen wanted him to be able to meet and play with the fairy children. She knew that the wizard would grant his wish of flight because the wizard knew that Cameron was the chosen one that would one day save Dreamland from the terrible trolls. Cameron would need the gift of flight to accomplish this mighty task when he became an adult.

The Queen flew close behind her faithful Twinkie. She knew that Twinkie was nervous and didn’t like going so far into the forest. The queen just wanted to get this done quickly and get back to her fairy family. Twinkie looked back at the queen and shouted, “we are close, Your Majesty.” Cameron could barely see. It was strangely quiet, and he noticed there were no fireflies in the trees. The only light was from Twinkies bright tail light. Everything below was utterly dark.

The smell of acrid smoke and garbage was in the air, making Cameron’s nose crinkle up. Cameron was getting scared and just wanted to turn around and go back even though he very much wanted to fly with the fairy children. Cameron wondered how they would ever find the wizard. Just then, Cameron saw a creepy green glow emanating from the ground below. Twinkie shouted, “we are here, Queen Kaylyn!” Cheyenne followed Twinkie and descended into the glowing forest where the wizard stood.

Queen Kaylyn landed in a small clearing of the forest. Dark trees were circling them from all sides and in the middle of the clearing, glowing with an eerie green light stood a tree with an old man’s face. The wizard tree stood in a crescent moon-like shape. His red eyes peered out at them with a menacing stare. His nose was long and bumpy. His mouth set in a most unpleasant grimace.

“What do you want and why are you here?” bellowed the wizard.

The queen could feel Cameron’s hand gripping her hand tightly. His little hand trembled in her grasp. The queen spoke bravely.

“Don’t you remember me, dear wizard? I have brought Cameron. From the world of the bright star called the sun. He is the boy that we have been waiting for, and we need your help.”

The Wizards face changed to a look of astonishment as His big eyes, which were once a menacing red changed to a beautiful yellow.

“Well then,” The wizard exclaimed. “This is the boy from Earth? Queenie, I am sorry. You caught me during my nap, and I did not recognize you at first. Please forgive me. I am getting quite old and feeble. I have been waiting for this boy for ten long years. He will be our savior. What can I do for you?”

“We are here to ask you for the gift of flight for Cameron. He must have this gift so that he can continue on his journey to save Fairyland.”

“What?!” Cameron yelled, a bit louder than he expected. “What do you mean? I thought I was getting the gift of flight so that I could play with the fairy children!”

The queen squeezed Cameron’s hand tightly and whispered into Cameron’s ear.

“Do not fear dear Cameron. “You will understand all of this after our talk later at the castle. I will need you to have faith in me. I am, and always will be by your side.” The Queen explained gently.

Cameron took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. He just learned that there was much more to this story than he could ever have imagined.

The wizard told the queen that the trolls were getting closer and closer and that all his guard trees were getting chopped down so that the trolls could get to him and chop him down too. If they were to get to him, the entire forest would die, including all the trees that housed the fairies in Fairy Land. If the trolls reached him, they would take his powers for their evil plans to take over Dreamland.

“Oh No!” the queen exclaimed. “This must be stopped!

This world could not survive such an attack. The Queen hoped that the trolls would not get to the wizard before Cameron returned to them when he became an adult.

The wizard was relieved that the boy had made it to Dreamland. He knew that Cameron did not understand how important he was to the survival of this land. He would grant the boys wish for flight and allow him to play with the fairy children, but first, he would speak with Cameron and make him understand the importance of this gift.

“Cameron, I am granting your wish for the gift of flight, and I want you to go to Fairyland and meet the children there. I need for you to love this land and the fairies here. Only then will you begin to know the secret and what you need to do to save us.” explained the Wizard.

“You will need the gift of flight to travel to see Mother Nature. She lives above the trees, upon the distant mountains of Floral Park. You will find her home in a field of wildflowers. Her home is next to a winding creek in a little cabin there. She will teach you to love nature, and you will learn how to take care of life.

You will understand how nature takes care of you. It will be a valuable lesson. She lives alone and has no neighbors. Mother Nature will be expecting you, and she will tell you what you must do to save our lands. I know you can do this. You were born to protect us. Now come closer to me so that I can give you this gift of flight.” The Wizard continued, motioning for Cameron to come near.

Cameron’s head was spinning. The Wizards words were too much for his young mind to handle. He let go of the queen’s hand and stepped forward timidly. He bowed his head and closed his eyes as he was instructed to do. Suddenly, he felt a warm tingling feeling course through his body. It made him tremble violently. He could feel his feet leave the ground and when he opened his eyes, he was face to face with the wizard.

The wizard smiled at Cameron and said to him. “With this gift, you will fly, you will be brave, and you will find your way to Floral Park to meet with Mother Nature. Go forth and take this magic staff with you. It will serve you well. Hold tight to this staff and never let it get into the wrong hands. The trolls are your enemy now. You will destroy their factories and run them back to their world.”

Cameron landed gently back on the ground and found the queen. Cameron felt bigger and somehow stronger. He was no longer afraid of anything. The staff he held in his right hand felt light and smooth. The staff was a shiny metal of some kind, it was a dark purple color, almost black and on the top, above the handle was what looked like a crystal-clear sphere that gleamed.

Cameron looked down. He was shocked to see that his dinosaur pajamas were gone, in their place was a fantastic suit that made him look like a mighty warrior. He had on a dark purple shirt and black pants. Cameron now wore a hard silver breastplate. His shoes were silver, and he noticed little silver wings on the sides of each shoe. Cameron felt great. He was no longer afraid. He knew what he must do.

“Whooo Hoooo!!” Cameron could fly! He zipped through the air spinning and diving, flipping and flying as fast as he could go. Twinkie was finding it hard to stay ahead of him. The queen giggled. They were having more fun than ever, and she loved seeing Cameron so excited. He had no fear. At this rate of speed, they would make it back to Fairy Land in an hour.

Twinkie was just ready to get there. She was tired. It was a chore trying to light the way and keep up with this crazy boy flying at warp speed. There below they spotted the enormous trees of Fairy Land. Cameron and the queen landed on the branch of her parent’s yellow door. Twinkie headed back home to Toadstool Village to take a nap. She was exhausted.

Cameron rapped on the door. The Duke opened the door and grinning widely, invited them inside. Cameron thought the inside of their home was charming.

It was colorful and bright. There were two little chairs made from the bark of their tree with bright yellow cushions. On the walls hung the family portraits. There were wedding portraits of the Duke and Duchess. Cameron could see the Dark Forest from long ago in the background. It looked incredible with all the shimmering light from the fireflies that used to inhabit the forest. Cameron hoped that one day he could heal that forest and bring back the life that it used to have in better times.

There were baby pictures of the queen, her little chubby face and tiny little wings poking out of a little yellow sundress were adorable. There, over the fireplace hung a massive portrait of the queen. She looked younger in the picture. She wore a cap and gown.

In the kitchen where they sat at the table, Cameron noticed that the curtains over the basin looked like the petals of flowers carefully sewn together to form a cascade of color over the window panes. The bowl under the window was a hollowed-out tree trunk. Cute white cupboards hung along either side of the basin painted brightly with yellow daisies, the walls a bright lime green.

There were flowers on the tables everywhere in various bright colors. The room was so brightly sweet that it made Cameron’s heart flutter. He couldn’t help but feel exuberant in these cheerful surroundings.

As they all sat around the table and sipped tea and honey with biscuits and jam, the queen told her parents about their visit with the wizard. The Duke and Duchess were astonished by their story and quite worried about their possible fate.

“Oh My, we must stop these trolls.” Duchess Annie exclaimed.

“Don’t worry. I will help you. I am here to send those trolls back to their lands. I will destroy those polluting factories, and I will restore the deep forest. I am going to find Mother nature. She will help us,” Cameron replied.

Cameron was ready to go outside now to meet the fairy children. The wizard had told him that he should love these fairy people and he was prepared to play on the swings.

Cameron opened the door to the little treetop house and bravely walked out onto the edge of the branches. The children were waving and calling out his name.

“Come to play with us, Cameron!” The fairies called out cheerfully.

Five children were waiting for him to get near. Cameron said hello and asked them their names. There were four girls and three boys. The eldest girl spoke up happily. She looked to be about Cameron’s age.

” I am Violet. These are my sisters, Daisy and Rosie.” Cameron thought they were the cutest fairies he had ever seen. Violet had black hair with a circle of colorful flowers holding up a bun. She had on a little green dress that had pink ruffled flower petals hanging down from the bodice just above her little-dimpled knees. Her tiny shoes were a shiny dark pink color that pointed at the toes.

All the girls dressed the same way but in different colors. Rosie was purple, and Daisy was a bright yellow. They all had dark hair and graceful white iridescent wings that sparkled like the bright stars.

The boys were excited to meet another boy. “We are Scout and Scooter. We are happy that you are here to play with us.

“I think your clothes are awesome!” yelled Scooter.

“Can we hold your sword?” Asked Scout

“it’s not a sword, it’s a staff, given to me by the wizard and I am not to let anyone else hold it. It is magic, but I don’t know why,” explained Cameron.

“Let’s go play!” squealed Rosie, the youngest of the group.

Cameron ran with his new friends to the edge of the branches where the swings and vines hung. Jumping off the limb where they were perched, the children flew and swung down in a broad arc and off the vines landing onto the swings below.

Each swing hung with vines of colorful flowers. The children swung high into the night sky, toes pointed and reached for the stars above. The air felt great hitting Cameron’s face, ruffling his golden curls.

The dark purple staff hung from his side inside a sheath on his hip. His silver winged shoes pointed up and up, higher and higher into the night sky until he thought he might take off like a rocket into space. He had never swung so high or so fast.

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