A Tale Of Dreams

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The Secret Legend

It was time to go back to the castle. Queen Kaylyn rode on Cheyenne’s back while Cameron flew next to the queen. Cameron loved to fly. It felt exciting.

He knew that he had much to learn and had to admit that he didn’t understand why he was chosen to go to see Mother Nature. What did all this mean? He could feel the changes taking place in his body and mind ever since he received the gift from the wizard of the woods.

Queen Kaylyn was in deep thought as she flew alongside Cameron. She had been anxious to tell Cameron the secret, and now, as they flew back toward the castle, she found herself a bit nervous and so she went over the story in her mind. She hoped Cameron would understand that he was born to be in this very place at this very moment.

The castle shone brightly in the distance below as Twinkie led the way to the courtyard and landed on a nearby tree, lighting the area brightly for the Queen's descent. The queen dismissed Twinkie and took Cameron’s hand, leading him through the castle and into the main room.

The Queen sat on her throne and directed Cameron to take a seat on a nearby stool. Looking up at the queen intently, Cameron waited for the queen to begin telling him the secret that he had expected her to tell him. The queen paused for a moment, cleared her throat nervously and started.

“When I was just a girl of eighteen and in my senior year of school. I woke one morning after a bizarre dream. In my dream, there was a wizard in the dark forest near my house where I lived with my parents.

I couldn’t wait to get downstairs to tell my father of this dream. I got dressed quickly and flew downstairs and into the kitchen to find my mother at the stove, and my father was reading the Dreamland newspaper. My Mother was putting breakfast on the table. I sat down at the table and chirped out a cheerful good morning.

My father lowered his paper and smiled, “Good morning and happy birthday my dear.” He said.

“Mom put a plate of berries and cream and a glass of warm cider in front of me and sat down next to me to enjoy her breakfast. I was anxious to tell my father about my dream.”

“Father, I had a dream about a wizard in the dark forest. Father almost spit out his cider. I had not expected his reaction. He looked at mother, and as she gazed back at him, she murmured,”

“It is time, after all, it is her eighteenth birthday, and we have been expecting a sign from the wizard.”

” Mother and father took turns telling me the story of the wizard. I was to meet with him on my eighteenth birthday. They explained that the Wizard was very important to this world and that he was the center of their existence."

"The wizard told them when they were my age that they would marry and have a daughter that would one day be queen and rule Fairyland. I was to go that day, after school and fly into the thick forest to meet the wizard."

"I was to tell no one and ask no more questions. So, after school, I set off to the dark wood to find the Wizard. My parents only told me that I would know when I got there.” The Queen shook her head and continued as she gazed intently at Cameron.

“I flew for what seemed like an eternity until I saw a glowing light down in the center of a mass of dark trees. I could see the clearing where I was to land. When I arrived, I saw a glowing crescent-shaped tree with a face! I was nervous, but I was not afraid. "

"That is when I met Twinkie for the first time. In those days, the forest was full of fireflies. It was a time before the trolls started moving in closer when the air was still sweet and fresh.” The Queen smiled, recalling the moment.

“As I approached, the wizard smiled at me. He called out my name and asked me to sit a while. He explained that trolls were moving into the dark forest. They were coming from far away, from a place called Earth. They had invaded Earth from their planet, Candor. Candor’s king sent them there to earn gold for him by making and selling plastics from oil." The Queen continued.

"Candor had depleted their resources of oil and couldn’t make plastics anymore. They had been making plastics and selling their products to other planets for decades. Now they were building their factories on Earth and ruining the environment of other worlds in the universe."

"They had already started to cut down trees and build their homes and factories at the edge of the ocean here!” Cameron could see tears starting to swell in Queen Katlyn’s eyes.

The Queen cleared her throat and wiped a tear that rolled slowly down her right cheek. She continued, “Their mission was to take over our lands looking for oil from deep down in the ground to fuel their cars and machinery and make the plastics that littered the environment.”

“The trolls were running out of resources on Earth, and now they were using Dreamland. The trolls would build massive rigs in our clean waters to pump the oil up to the surface. If they could continue, there would be nothing left of the dark forest."

“Eventually, they will find me and kill me. the wizard told me with a low, sad tone to his booming voice."

“I could not hear any more of this, and I was so afraid that I flew further into the forest crying my eyes out. I could hardly see. I blindly landed in a thicket and laid there for what seemed to be hours until I heard a voice. I sat up and looked out from under the leaves and briars to see a handsome young man sitting on a beautiful unicorn.”

“Was it Cheyenne?” Cameron chirped.

“Yes, it was, Cameron.” The queen continued.

“He heard me crying and came to see if he could help somehow. He introduced himself as Prince James, and after dismounting his unicorn, he sat next to me. I was busy wiping tears from my eyes as he brushed my hair back from my face."

"He was so sweet and gentle, and I believe I fell in love with him at that moment. I told him about what the wizard had said to me and how upset I was to hear such terrible news. He told me a story of when he had met the wizard when he was a mere lad. He found The Wizard on one of his many adventures into the forest.” The Queen paused to take a sip of water and continued her story.

“His father, upon discovering that he had ventured too far into the dark wood forbade him to go back to see the wizard. Prince James kept his promise. The Prince had not seen the Wizard since he was about twelve years old. Prince James was an only child, his mother had died in childbirth, and the king was very protective of James. She explained.

"The prince promised to go back with me to see the wizard, even though he knew that his Father would not approve. He held my hand as we rode on Cheyenne’s back. I sat behind him, and my arms circled his waist. I was feeling much better and was very grateful that the Prince had found me.”

“When we got to the dark forest and saw the wizard, he smiled broadly at Prince James. He said it was good to see him again. After we sat and talked for a while. The Wizard told us that we would marry and bear four children. He also told us about your mother in a faraway land, where the evil trolls had taken over."

"The Wizard told us that the people on Earth were slowly getting taken over by evil trolls. Now they were here in our Dreamland.”

The queen held Cameron close and stroked his curly blonde hair, trying to calm him. She knew this was difficult, but he had to hear the truth. He had to prepare for what he must do.

“Cameron, we were told by the wizard that after we married, we would go to earth and we would meet a girl named Penny.”

“That’s my mother’s name!” exclaimed Cameron.

“yes, Cameron. Your mother was just a girl then. She was my age, and she was to be a part of this journey as well. The wizard gave each of us a cloak to wear to the new world, and he gave James a dark purple staff, the same staff that you now carry with you.” The queen continued.

“We were told to take Twinkie and that she would lead us to a portal deep in the forest. We were to use the staff to open the portal to Earth. He warned us to steer clear of the trolls that were coming from the ocean far away and making their camp on the shores. He told us to make sure not to enter into the area close to where the trolls slept so as not to be seen.” James and I looked at each other, trying to take in the urgency of the matter.

“The wizard asked us if we were in love, and when we both agreed that we were indeed in love, he married us there in the glowing light where Twinkie stood as witness." The Queen looked pensive as she remembered the vows they took that night.

"After our short ceremony and vows of love, we started our journey, Twinkie leading the way to your world. We flew through the night until we came to a place where there was a vast ocean. I had never seen it before, and I had never been so far away from home. We flew over the troll’s village on our way to the ocean and saw the devastating effects of their work there. We saw strange houses and camps. We saw weird machines and things that made us afraid."

"All the way, James held my hand, comforting me and assuring me that I was safe.” Queen Kaylyn’s face flushed with emotion as she thought about James.

“As we started to fly over the ocean, a huge hole opened up in the sky. It was like the stars separated and opened with a swirling whirlwind. James raised his staff and in we went, swirling downward."

"We landed on the ground in the world where the sun beamed down on us. My eyes were shut tight, keeping the bright light from burning my eyes. I held the cloak that the wizard had given me to shield me from the sun’s heat, even though I could feel the heat through the cloak. I could feel the heat on my face burning me.”

“Oh, yes,” Cameron said. “I have gotten many sunburns from the sun’s rays. They are powerful!”

“Cameron, please listen carefully. I want you to understand this.” The Queen said impatiently

“We sat there with our eyes shut, afraid to open them, though anxious to see this new world. It seemed as if we laid there for an eternity. I could hear James next to me breathing heavily."

"Finally, we sat up, held our breath, and opened our eyes slowly. I looked at James as we were both blinking our eyes and trying to adjust to the brightest light that we had ever seen. When we got to our feet and looked around, we were in amazement!"

"The green of the grass was so bright and vivid. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue with puffy white clouds. There were no stars in the sky. The birds and the flowers and everything we saw was a wonder. As we looked further away and down the hill from where we stood. I saw people. There were adults and children everywhere. There were strange machines taking people down the streets quickly passing by.”

“Cars, they are cars,” Cameron squealed.

“Yes, Cameron, I know that now, but it was all new to us then. We had never seen anything like it. We travel by flight and unicorns.” The Queen explained

“We wanted to fly, but then we noticed that we had no wings. I had forgotten the wizard told us that we would not have our wings in the daylight, only at night. James held my hand, and as we started to walk forward, we noticed that we were both dressed like the people of your world, we guessed that the wizard wanted us to blend in with the people of Earth. We walked along the streets of Earth. We walked until we found your land, Cameron.”

“Meadowbrook?” he asked excitedly.

“Yes Cameron, that is right. We knew we were in the right place as the wizard had instructed us to find this place and to look for a girl my age named Penny.”

“What? that’s my mom’s name!” Cameron was shocked.

“Yes, Cameron. I met your mom years ago. Let me continue please.”

Cameron was trembling, was this the secret that the queen had been keeping since his arrival?

“We were told to find Meadowbrook and wait until nightfall. We would be given our wings only at night when all the people went to sleep. The wizard would be watching over us with his magic, and we knew if we got into trouble, we could call on him.” The Queen continued.

“James and I spent the daylight just taking in all of the sights and sounds of your world. It was nice in Meadowbrook. We discovered a fantastic color and fascinating birds and animals. Slowly night began to fall, and with the darkening skies, we felt cooler and more at home when the stars came out. The night was more like our lands, and it felt comforting and safe. Everything was now quiet, and the people were going into their homes and getting ready for sleep.”

“Your mother was beautiful. She had long curly blonde hair and cute little speckles on her face.

“Freckles, they’re called freckles!” Cameron exclaimed.

“Yes, Cameron. Thank you.” The Queen laughed Cameron knew that the inhabitants of Dreamland had no freckles because there was no sunshine.

“She was my age and had just graduated from high school, just like I had. James and I had a message to bring to your mother from the wizard, but first, we were to win her trust. We were to reach out to her in her dreams after she fell to sleep. James and I flew up to sit on her windowsill every night for several nights." The Queen continued.

“During the days we visited the cities to see where the trolls were building their large smelly factories and polluting the rivers and the air.”

“They chopped down all the trees, and they poured concrete all over the beautiful green grass and flowers. They stole the animal’s homes and called it to progress as if it were something to make them proud!" The Queen clenched her fists in anger.

" After a few nights passed, the wizard told us that the first part of our journey had completed and that we were to bring Penny back with us. She was ready, and we had gotten to know each other well in Penny’s dreams. We lifted Penny up that last night, and we flew her, in her dreams back through the portal and up to the castle in Dreamland."

“Mother was here?” Cameron squealed.

“Yes Cameron, we had to show her what the trolls of her land were doing here. Penny had to know that she had a mission to change the future of Earth and Dreamland.” The Queen answered.

“When your Mother woke, she was a bit scared and confused at first. I’m sure she felt as startled as you did when you came to us. She recognized us from her dreams. We calmed her down and explained where she was, and why she was there."

"Penny stayed with us for some time, and she went with us to visit the fairies and the elves. She, just like you Cameron, fell in love with the land and all of its inhabitants.” The Queen gave Cameron a wink and a smile. Cameron was on the edge on his seat with excitement.

“Finally, we took her to see the wizard in the dark Forest. The Wizard was happy to see her, and we sat for a long time with the Wizard. The Wizard took a deep, ragged breath and explained to Penny that our land and hers were in danger. He told her that when she returned to Earth that she would fight against the trolls and their progress. She would teach her people to act against the horrid trolls."

" Most importantly, my dear Cameron, he told her of a male child that would be born to her. A boy that would one day, save Dreamland.”

“Me! Do you mean me?” Cameron shouted.

“yes, Cameron. You were meant to be here. The wizard made it clear that you were to arrive in Dreamland for one night on your tenth birthday, and then you would go home to continue your education. He said that as you grew and became a man that on your twentieth birthday, you would return to fight against the trolls here.” The Queen looked at Cameron intently searching his face for signs of understanding.

Cameron couldn’t believe it. All the stories that his mother had told him since he was a baby were true!

Queen Kaylyn reached out to stroke Cameron’s tear-stained face. He wasn’t sure how to feel about all of this.

“Cameron, my dear boy. You are so loved. I have loved you since the day you were born, and I have traveled many times to your world to watch you as you grew. Your Mother met your father here in Dreamland. They married, and soon you were born."

" Your mother and I have been dear friends. Your mother and I have been preparing for war on the trolls. Your mother has never been back here to dreamland, but I was instructed by the wizard to travel to Earth, to Meadowbrook and watch over you as you slept, preparing you, through your dreams for your future journey to our land.” Queen Kaylyn hugged Cameron lovingly.

“I loved listening to the stories your mother told you before bed. I missed her so much, but I could not let her know that I was there I knew someday your mother, and I would see one another again. I looked forward to your tenth birthday when you would come to me, and now you are ready to take the next steps into your manhood."

You will return home and there you will grow and get stronger. You will remember your journey here, but you will think it just a dream. Until your twentieth birthday when you will find your way back to us. Your mother and Father will teach you what you need to do to defeat the greedy trolls. They will be standing beside you."

"They have been fighting against the trolls for years now on Earth. You will learn a lot from them in the future.” Queen Kaylyn was now holding onto Cameron’s shoulders, gently looking into his eyes.

“Yes, Queen, I understand.” Whispered Cameron.

“Before you go back to Meadowbrook, you will need to go to see Mother Nature. She is the Mother of the lands in our universe. She is the Mother of all living things, and she is very wise. You will learn a lot from her, and she will give you her blessing. She will show you what needs to be done in your world and ours to save Nature. I will take you to see her and then you will go home.”

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